The Pirate and Assassins

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  1. In the world pirates rule the seas taking what they want and living life on the open seas. The governments of the lands are just as bad in constant political battles and scandles.

    My main character
    Airya Edwards is a trained assassin taken from her village at a young age and trained to kill by contract. Her leaders believe they are keeping the peace but is that true? Airya has had enough but what can she do when your not aloud to leave this life not alive at least. And the leaders refuse to let such a well trained assassin go free when they see so much more money in her future for their cause.

    Airya runs in the night leaving behind all she had including her trust in the man who was raised with her and partner. She makes way onto a ship as a stow away and takes to the sea hiding from her past.

    She finds her self on a ship part of a crew on the hunt for a magical treasure that her own people have hidden away. But, with out the map it is near impossible. This stone map has been broken up into pieces and only top assassins have the pieces including her and her past partner.

    With a total of 8 pieces she sets out with her new crew to get the other 7. But who can she keep her past a secret while her face and name is the target of all these assassins. And can she forget the man only man she ever trusted and learn to trust a new one as here partner hunts her down. Is he hunting her to take her back or to help her escape from the cage they where both thrown in as children.

    The other two roles that can be filled if you wish to play both that is fine as well.

    I have two open roles the first mate of the pirate ship she joins and her old partner. I'm leaving them open for customization. If you wish to play only one role I will play the other but I'm really looking for someone who can handle more than one role since most of the Rp will be on a ship with a crew and with in cities so small roles will be need to be done.

    I also left the story open with many turns that can unfold as we progress. It's an open world.

    I'm looking for someone who wants a serious long term Rp and can play male characters.
  2. I'm interested
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.