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    The Calm didn't last that long as expected. Everyone was excited for an Eternal Calm, but Sin came back unexpectedly. Why did Sin come back? Yuna and her guardians defeated it two years ago, and now it is back with no explanation. The reason why people knew that Sin was back because it attacked Kilika, and the village was just restored. Now it was rubble again, which was unfortunate. No summoners were around to send the dead, and now summoners were starting to make a come back.

    Aria had been learning the ways of the summoner ever since Yuna came back from her pilgrimage. Everyone thought that she didn't need to, but they were glad that she did. She was one of the few hopes of Spira now. Currently now she was praying in the temple of Besaid to retrieve her first aeon. It has been a hard trial. She spent two days so far, waiting for her prayers to be answered by the Fayth. They needed to accept her, and they were being hard on her these past couple of days.

    Lulu was in the village, speaking with Wakka outside of the temple. They weren't Aria's guardians, they did not wish to be guardians any longer because they said that after helping Yuna, that was it. Though they still worried since they haven't heard from Aria in two days. They wanted to just break in, but they knew that they couldn't.

    Hopefully she will be out soon, and hopefully she will be the summoner. They wanted to hear the words, "I have become a summoner." Spira was going to rejoice knowing that they were going to have another savior. They needed another hope.
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    Zack watched as Wakka and Lulu spoke to each other about what was obviously Aria. He knew they were worries, and so was he. She is his childhood friend. He didn't want to see anything happen to her either. Not that he would let anyone know that. He always had a cold personality, and wasn't really friendly towards strangers. Being a foreigner to Besaid, he didn't have many friends.
    "If I recall," he said calmly as he approached the two with a content look on his face. "Yuna took a long time to prey to the fayth as well. You shouldn't be so worried." Many people didn't like it, but he wasn't very keen on formalities, and tended to leave the 'Lady' out of saying 'Lady Yuna.'
    Zack looked the two up and down as he crosses his arms, then allowed his eyes to slowly shift to the temple. "What's the worst that could happen?"x
  3. Lulu looked to Zack as he approached, and hearing what he had to say. He was right. Nothing bad was going to happen her. Then she recalled that he was her guardian. She knew nothing of him, but Aria trusted him, which was what mattered. The black mage looked at Wakka, and when she was going to speak, the doors of the temple opened. A small smile spread across her lips, seeing Aria walking out.

    Aria walked out to the three, giving them a smile. "I have received my first aeon," she told them, and then looked at Zack. "We can start our pilgrimage now and be the hope that Spira needs once again."

    "It's not an easy journey, so be careful, ya?" Wakka said, looking at the two of them. She didn't have the guardians that Yuna did, but she was going to do well by herself and with Zack. From what he recalled, they were long time friends, so they were going to be behind each other all the way.
  4. A feeling of relief washes over Zack as Aria approached them. "Then we leave as soon as possible." his tone was low, but he had a slight smile across his lips. Being a well seasoned swordsman, he couldn't help feel excited for the journey and fights ahead. That is, until it reaches it's end. In the back of his mind, he couldn't help but wonder what the end would be like, now that everything has changed.
    "Wakka, Lulu," he looked to the two, confidence showing in his eyes "Don't worry, I'll keep her safe."
  5. "You better!" Wakka told Zack, and grinned at him. "See you both when you get back, ya?"

    Lulu smiled at the two. "I have faith that you two will return again," she told them.

    Aria smiled, then looked at the two people that were there. "Thank you so much for everything," she said, bowing to them. She owed them everything, especially they warned her about the trials and told her about the fayth. They were both extremely helpful. The summoner did the prayer movement, and spoke, "Praise be to Yevon." After that, she gave a smile then looked at Zack. "I am ready to leave. We should head to the boat before it leaves."

    With that said, she said her goodbye to the two and started walking, knowing that Zack would follow. Their journey was going to be long, but she knew it was going to be worth it in the end. Defeating Sin was her top priority, that was it. If she had to die doing so, then she would. That had to be the mindset of every summoner. Lady Yuna was lucky to survive, but the Eternal Calm did not last long.
  6. The word Yevon rang through Zack's mind like a gun shot. In his eyes, Yevon was a joke. But then again, so was the Youth League. Where he was from, no one was restricted to just one believe or another. It was all odd to him, and he didn't like it.
    With a nod, he placed his hand on the hilt of his large sword and followed his friend. He wouldn't miss this place. His only attachment here was Aria, and he was going with her.
    "The boat will be heading for Kilika fisrt." he said quietly, walking beside Aria. "But with the recent incident, is it really a good idea to head there?"
  7. Aria looked at Zack, giving him a nod before looking ahead as she walked. "Yes, we should go," she told him, not frightened at the fact that Sin was just there recently. There was a possibility that Sin has already left Kilika alone. "I am going to follow in Lady Yuna's footsteps and perform a sending. It's unfortunate that they have to suffer through it again." Loved ones lost, it was a tragic experience, especially in Sin's wrath. That is why Aria was ready to go through this pilgrimage and end Sin once and for all.
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