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The Piano Man

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Lost, Jan 10, 2015.

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  1. {I saw this idea somewhere online and added a few tweaks to it.}

    Paris is the city of love, a perfect place to fall head over heels for that special someone. There is a small but hip bar near the campus of the art school. This bar is popular among the students due to its location and the atmosphere that it provides. Very friendly but very crowded, especially on weekends. If they are lucky enough they will be serenaded by local singers or the occasional band. But if you're really lucky a certain mysterious piano player will grace them all with his presence and play a set. No one knows his name or his story. He likes it that way for various reasons. When he plays, the stage is set so no one can catch a clear glimpse of his face except for two bright blue irises catching the light every now and then. He is known as the piano man.

    {Alright, so that was fun. I am looking for either a male or a female, does not matter, to play the other role of a student. I was thinking that the student could be from another country, possibly the US or the UK. Not being fluent in French myself my character will also be a transplant from one of those countries as well. If this interests you please PM me. I prefer someone who can post between 2 or more good paragraphs per post. I am not expecting a novel although I will match your writing. I know that not every post needs to be super long but it's nice to have something to red every now and then. Thanks for reading this, in fact. I appreciate it.}

    Just an extra thought. If need be, I can also play as the Piano Woman. If you're wanting an FF pairing that is, or MF where I am the female. :) SO MANY CHOICES IT IS CRAZY.

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