The Phrase that Pays!

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    Good morning/evening/afternoon, Iwakulings! Today I will be introducing a new series that I plan on updating every so often called--you guessed it--"The Phrase that Pays!" This series of assistance will go right down into the nitty-gritty with plot and writing assistance in regards to roleplaying and beyond, starting with some simple phrases that I'll make up of my own will in hopes that it will inspire some of you lovely people to create something magical. I am currently pursuing my master's in creative writing, so Iwaku has given me the gift of sharing the things I learn with a community of those with like-minded interests. Depending on how many people actually LIKE this idea, the more I'll update with new phrases and so on. Cool stuff, right? It's cool. Love me. please

    Alas, I digress. The point of "The Phrase that Pays" is to exchange ideas for potential roleplays or novels that any and all can use to their heart's desire (provided credit is given where credit is due, of course) and in the end, we all win. Whether the ideas made here provide monetary value or the personal pleasure of writing for shits and giggles, either way, it's PAY. DAY. Cheesy, yeah. Just go with it.

    ANYWAY. Let me get to the actual friggin' point here. Below are a list of ten phases that you MUST include in your writing snippet that you will submit below. You do not need to include all of them, only one (though you get approximately 1,000.7 bonus points if you manage to include them all). You will post whatever comes to your mind, be it a paragraph, a chapter, a plot idea, a funny story--whatever you want, so long as everyone benefits! Make sure to include the phrase at the top of your post so I know which one you chose before I read it. I will be looking over the submissions and adding commentary. HAVE FUN, YOUNG ONES. AND OLD ONES. AND NEW ONES AND TWO ONES AND RED ONES AND BLUE ONES.

    "Stop the bus!"

    "I think love is a rather atypical, boring and overanalyzed piece of pointless emotion."

    "Only the king can help us now, yet alas, the king is dead."

    "Mom, dad...the doctor said it's terminal."

    "I found her diary, and within I was drawn to her world."

    "I'm not going to come to your wedding."

    "The Dome is closing, we don't have much time!"

    "One more word, and Brenda gets a smackwich!"

    " has...teeth...?"

    "Kid's cartoons make me feel weird."

    Let's see where this goes, shall we?

  2. "Kid's cartoons make me feel weird." and this is going to be a slightly insane but funny story XD


    "Honey, can't you come hold the baby for a bit? My arms are tired rocking him!" The sound of a desperate husband's voice rang out in the small living room, just as the man's wife came inside, bags under her eyes and her stomach slightly round with yet another baby to follow the first. She looked murderous though, and quickly the man realized he'd made a bad decision.

    "No, honey, I am busy growing another small human in my body per your request a few months ago. And I cannot handle another one of those shows that's meant to be for small children such as our own. I see you can't either." The woman's voice was terrifyingly calm as she addressed her slightly scared spouse, and a gesture to the television showed her that rather than some baby focused program, a home renovation show flittered across the smooth and solid surface.

    "It's okay mommy. Kid's cartoons make me feel weird." After the comment made by an younger voice, both parents froze up, looking at the youth rested in the man's lap. The child was obviously oblivious though, unaware that such a complete sentence from their lips was an odd and even startling thing. The parents sure did though, and the mother pounced on this pause as her chance to get away and let her husband wonder when the baby had gained such speaking skills.

    "... I'm gonna go sleep again and be sure I am not just hearing things."
  3. The Queen's Agony races through the clouded sky, Tarin pushing the starship to its limits. We're late, and being late means being doomed to a night on the planet's harsh surface. The great dome city of Helios is barely visible on the horizon, and yet even from the distance I can see our time running out.

    "The dome is closing, we don't have much time!" I shout into my earpiece, and despite my previous belief the ship lurches forward a little faster. The roar of the rear thruster is deafening now, and even from my vantage point at the underbelly of the ship I can't make out the ground as we fly past it, the endless sea of dust and sand whizzing by beneath us.

    A few seconds pass, and then a minute. The dome is halfway closed, and though we're certainly closer there's no way we're close enough. We won't make it to the city in time, and that's what I'm about to tell Tarin when Kara's voice pipes up in my ear.

    "Three Vipers from behind, matching our speed!" Her voice comes loud and clear, amplified by the acoustics of the Comm. Bay, announcing the three Federation ships behind us. They hadn't appeared on radar yet, so I can only assume she picked up on their chatter.

    Unfortunately, that means landing outside the city won't be an option either; the Federation wants us captured more than they care about the entirety of this planet being neutral soil.

    And of course that's not the only thing we have to worry about, because as the sun sets the wind picks up, and already the ship's course is becoming more and more erratic as the wind pushes it around.

    Today is not my day.
  4. Let's try all 10! We'll see how strange this story becomes! :)

    It's nearly dark as Jake runs down the road. He sees the bus pulling away from the stop and yells out, "Stop the bus!" Alas, no one hears his plea. A friend, Tommy, pulls up and offers him a ride. "Hurry! The Dome is closing, we don't have much time!"

    "Alright, Jake, chill. We'll get there," Tommy reassures.

    "Sorry. I'm in a bit of a panic. Do you think she'll stay with me?"

    "Of course. She loves you. Heck, you'll probably get married," he pauses. "I'm not going to come to your wedding. I think love is a rather atypical, boring and overanalyzed piece of pointless emotion."

    "Yeah. Whatever. I bet you'll find someone someday." Jake looks out the window at the traffic flying by.

    "Maybe. But she'll have to be really special. After all, it'd take a special person to put up with my family."

    "You mean Joey and Claire? Your brother and sister? Why? They're funny."

    "No. You have no idea," Tommy starts, "Today, Joey comes home from his doctor's appointment and says, 'Mom, Dad... the doctor says it's terminal.' He went to get his athletes foot looked at for crying out loud! Then he continues, 'The doctor pulled his hand back from it in pain. It bit him.' And mom goes, ' has...teeth...?' She totally bought into it!"

    Jake began to laugh, "Dude that's hilarious!"

    "No way. Then there's Claire who is always watching cartoons. I don't know, kid's cartoons make me feel weird. They have terrible plot scenes and there's always that one scene that says 'Only the king can help us now, yet alas, the king is dead.' But somehow, they all make it to the next episode. So then when I tell her this she says, 'One more word, and Brenda gets a smackwich!' What the hell is a smackwhich and who the hell is Brenda?! It freaks me out man!" Jake continues to laugh hysterically as they pull up to the Dome, where his girlfriend stands inside. "So what made you decide to run after her? Usually after a fight like this, you give her a few days to calm down."

    "Well," Jake began, "I found her diary, and within I was drawn to her world. I know I loved her before, but seeing her words and her feelings about me and what our future could be together... It just made me love her so much more. She sees things differently than other people. She sees things in a more beautiful way. I could never let someone as special and as amazing as her go. Not even for one day."

    "Well, good luck man. I wish you the best."

    "Thanks! I'll call you later!" Jake got out of the car and walked inside to claim his future.