The Phantom Enters At Midnight

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You are in an abandoned opera house.
It is night time.
You have no idea how or why you came here.
The only thing you now is that, every hour on the hour, someone will vanish into the Phantoms Lair.
One the hour, every hour, someone dies
This isn't a horror interest check; it's more of a mystery-thriller kind of idea. Someone in the hotel is the Phantom's beckoner, a man or woman who chooses who the Phantom takes next, and it's your job to trap/kill the phantom and his beckoner. The only issue is, they don't exactly want to die. The duo will stop ant anything to stop you and your associates from ruining their fun

Yes, this is silightly based around the Phantom of the Opera, however, it is public domain, thus, it is my own twist on the tale, thus, no prior knowledge shall be required. If you want to express your interest, just comment below
This is part of a series of intest checks I am creating; only one game (the one that is shown the most interest) shall be created
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