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  1. In the year 2050 scientists finally found a to create the perfect humans, and one day the next soldiers for the human race, but that is phase 3. Phase 1 takes 10 years for the genes to alter properly which does cause the boys to hit puberty around 10 the time they will be arriving at the lab. You are a part of this project wether you are the one who's genes have been altered and are considered a perfect one or you were the one doing the altering and are a scientist.

    Perfect One Info.
    when you were a baby your parents gave you up to have your genes altered in order to become "perfect" you live in a section of a lab that is set up like a house. The main side effect of the gene altering is an increase in testosterone which causes you to hug puberty at 10. You also have your partner who rarely leaves your side and is also your roommate you two have been together since shortly after your birth and you two are most likely best friends. Each day you must meet with the scientist who altered your genes for a check up along with your partner to see if one of you is progressing faster or slower than the other, the rest of the day you are able to do what you want.

    Scientist Info.
    you are the genius who figured out how to alter genes and creat the perfect humans, good for you! Your job isn't over though changing the genes Phase 1 was easy now with Phase 2 you must keep an eye on the boys and make sure nothing goes wrong, you meet with the children daily and give them full physicals that most people get yearly, but due to this being an experiment you must do them daily, you also work with the other scientists and see who is progressing faster and who is progressing slower.

    Spots (first come first served)
    18 year old male (1)
    16 year old male (2)
    14 year old male (2)
    12 year old male (2)
    10 year old male (1) new arrivals
    Scientists male (2)

    Character Sheet
    Physical Description:
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