The Pearl sands. (Open.)

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    Ra, The Spider Queen.

    The oceans waves pushed and receded, like rolling silk they fluidly transitioned from one to the other. Like a woven spell the vast body of water enthralled her. It’s clear cerulean beauty a guise for the mystery that lurked deep within its fathomless depths. Golden eyes did narrow as the sun reflected and refracted against her fair complexion. Warmth coursed throughout her slender frame as the clouds which once blanketed the skies parted.

    The air rich with the aroma of sea salt, which filled her lungs with each breath she took. For a moment she lost herself to the call of the sea gulls and soothing orchestra of the crashing waves. Being pulled back into reality by the frigid touch of the oceans waters brushing up against her legs. Her toes digging into the pebble pearl white sand as if to anchor themselves. The familiar feeling of sea weeds wrapping around her ankles, awakening ancient memories from a state of torpor. Memories of her beautiful and blessed childhood; an era before the storm of chaos.

    A time before she traversed down the spiral, venturing into a domain meant not for any mortal. But none of that mattered right now, the only of import was this moment… Her snow white and jet black hair would dance in the gentle breeze. A welcome relief that she could liken to the touch of an old friend.

    At first one might see this beauty and assume her to be some harmless woman. But in truth though she wore a mortal coil, her soul was in complete contrast to that of her flesh. And though she may seem to be a darken rose, soft to the eyes. Her thorns were capable of stripping flesh from bone. For just like the ocean, her depths were fathomless, her reach vast and beautiful but also home to mysteries both horrific and gentle.

    For in her blood flowed an insipid poison, a bane to those mortals who tread boldly against the ebbing and flowing of her designs. Those deep golden irises of hers seemed to be set ablaze, as they reflected the light of the sun. Almost glistening as the arches of her luscious lips contorted, birthing a subtle grin. It was the dawn of another day with possibilities unbridled.

    Casually this strange woman would step back, increasing the gap between her and the ocean. An act of cowardice she had no shame in displaying, for like many she feared and respected the sea. Even now as she stepped back, Ra could imagine the waves laughing at her. Unlike most such thoughts failed to birth anger or a sense of inferiority. For this young lady understood her place within this world, that despite her power she was still but a tiny porcelain sea shell. Beings tossed about from one beach to the next. With little to no control over the events which unfolded around her. Perhaps this is why she often ventured to the shore?

    As the distance grew between herself and the shore, the young lady would reach into her pocket, pulling out a brass watch with an intricate design etched on it.

    Tick….Tock…Tick…Tock the clock did sound. An old gift from a friend, one of the few people who treated her as normal. Even now she recalled his cheesy line as they drifted farther and farther from one another. That somehow this clock was magically synced with his heart beat, as long as it kept on ticking it meant that he was alive and well. A terrible lie, but one she would shamefully admit was sweet. Abruptly she found herself halting on the beach.

    Exhaling heavily as a chilly sea breeze migrated from the shore to land. As from the foliage just along the shores edge, a rustling sound disrupted the normal clamor. Out from their guise several giant arachnids crept forth. Three in total which made their way to their queen’s side. Letting out n almost mechanical shrill which seemed feral and unsettling to most. Rather served as a fluent and rich dialect to her ears. Her scouts as often brought her ill news. This time once more void of exceptions.

    With a wave of the wrist this strange woman would dismiss them. A puzzled look now creeping on her picturesque face as her spiders scurried off. Disappearing into the brush with as much haste as they crept onto the scene. It would seem that once more a few strangers tugged at her web as they moved about.

    Though their intents albeit insidious or benevolent in nature remained obscured in countless variables. For not all who pursued the “legend” of the spider queen proved a threat. Such a shame that her time at the beach would most likely be cut short. Still the question that lingered on her mind was whether or not they were heading toward her home or toward her current location? For she seldom lurked in the shadows, many of the locals knew her face but not her name.