'The Peacekeepers'

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  1. Name: Vera Belova
    Gender: Female
    Born: September 16, 1994
    From: Moscow, Russia
    Power: Can control all elements of the Earth
    Description: Shoulder length black hair and blue eyes
    Bio: Her parents let go of her when she was only 4 years old because they found out that she was a super human. All super human's are either hated or scared by normal people. Vera was taken in by a super human named Max Tucker who can time travel. They first met when her parents turned her into the peacekeepers, which then was sent to a private grovernment prison called 'level-201' located somewhere underground. At first he only intended on traveling back in time to prevent himself from getting caught but he felt sorry for the little girl and helped her escape too. Ever since then, they've been either running away from the government or in hiding.

    "I hate these peacekeepers, i just hate them so much!. They think that they're keeping peace by capturing all super human's, and they think that all super humans are bad, but not all of us are that bad. They just start chasing me for no reason. i've never done anything to break the law" Vera said to herself while running away from what she calls 'those people'.....'Well know that I think about it, all the worlds most wanted crinimal's are super human' She thought. The government want's us all captured because they think that we will soon cause trouble, but i think that they're afraid of how powerful we are if we all stand up toghter. Vera has been running for awhile know and she was starting to get a bit tired of being chased. Of course she could of used her powers to make it rain, but there wasn't a cloud in the sky and it would be kinda odd if it started raining all of a sudden. Beside's Max told me not to use my power's, he said only if you really need to, because if i do the government would consider me a threat and send even more peacekeepers after me. Max always tells me how unique my power is compared to the other super humans he's met. He said that its rare to find someone who has more than one power, although i do consider myself to have one power which is to control all elements of the earth. Vera then decided to hide behind a stack of boxes she seen in an ally, she didn't know if it would work but she thought she'd give it a try. The peacekeeper then ran right past her, she couldn't believe it worked. "Man peacekeepers are so stupid sometimes" Vera said. She then decided to make her way back home that was hidden deep in the woods. Vera was already thinking of an excuse to tell Max when she got there because she knew she wasn't allowed to enter the city, but she wanted to have fun once and awhile that was the main reason why she went.
  2. Name: Jason Brody
    Gender: Male
    Born: August 12th, 1993
    From: Northern California
    Power: None (Bounty Hunter)
    Description: Short shaggy brown hair with a growing beard. Brown eyes
    Bio: Jason was born and raised in California in a wealthy family. He became an athlete in college, and partook in many sports, and adventures. During a vacation with friends and family he was kidnapped by a gang of pirates. After escaping them by the skin of his teeth, a group of warriors saved him and trained him. Jason, already being an amazing athlete had an advantage and rose through the ranks becoming the top warrior of that tribe of warriors. After getting in contact with america and getting back, the government had heard his story, the struggle for survival, the natural talent of being a gun slinging, machete wielding warrior. They immediately trained him more to become a bounty hunter. Jason didn't agree with hunting down the supernatural, because he encountered one or two on that island, and they helped him on his journey, but it was what he had to do, and to this day he has been bounty hunting. He has caught three so far, but the very last one he had actually talked to, and let him go. He didn't have the heart to give him to the government.

    Jason was a peacekeeper. A peacekeeper that didn't agree with his job description at all. Especially after his last mission. He didn't think he'd ever have the heart again to take another mutant to to the government's slammer. Jason ate a burger on the top of a New York building. He shook his head. This job wasn't for him. He hated it just as much as he hated his time on that damn island. After finishing his burger he dived off of the building. His mask forming over his face and his jetpack forming on his back. The jets on them had turned on silently and launched him through the skies of the city of New York. He was going to drop back to his hotel to get his weapons. He flew straight through his open Mariott window. His mask had folded back up into his suit, same as his jetpack. He jumped on the bed and decided to take a quick nap before going to find his next mutant. Even through he really didn't want to.
  3. Name: Tamsin Willoughby
    Gender: Female
    Born: September 13th 1992
    From: Devon, England
    Power: Phoenix spirit - control of fire, healer
    Description: Green eyes, long red hair, average height and slightly thin build.
    Bio: Tamsin was born with the spirit of a phoenix sealed inside her. As a result she was a sickly child, who remained on the verge of death for sixteen years until finally she broke free of the curse - sort of. Although she separated with the phoenix, the act of doing this caused her to become fused with its power permanently. She has little control of this, but does her best not to cause anyone harm. The only time she has been out of control when was she was five, she may have burnt her school down, along with a few of the people inside. It was at this point that she fluttered from care home to care home, eventually running away at age 12. Tamsin lives to do only good, wishing to make amends for the deaths she has caused. She can often be found seeing to the homeless, as their stories of healing powers would never be believed anyway.

    "Bobby, you really need to take better care of yourself." The girl spoke, examining the putrid feet of the homeless man. Gangreen, yet again. She had seen this man several times now, and despite the supply of antibacterial wipes and clean socks, the man always ended up in the same state. A burning sensation hurtled through the dead tissue as the healing process begin, and Tamsin felt her energy being brutally sapped. "Please, do it for me. One day you really might lose your foot if I'm not around." As always, the man nodded and smiled, assuring the woman that he would indeed do as she asked. But of course, they both knew better.

    By the time the healing process was finished, Tamsin was all ready for a good kip. She had treated half a dozen of the homeless that gathered under this old railway bridge, and seeng as she had no real training, that amount of power usage came at a heavy price. It was for this reason that her body still bore the telltale signs of sickness. The girl was pale and almost emaciated, something that perhaps would have left her, had she taken the more selfish route in taking care of herself. But, that just was not her. Here in New York, where no one gave a crap about anyone else, Tamsin endeavoured to do some good for these people.

    She wouldn't even sleep near them, for fear that her discovery would land them in trouble too. So, off the fiery haired young woman headed, walking the streets until she could find a suitable nook to curl up in for the night.
  4. Name: Simon Lombardi
    Gender: Male
    Born: June 27 1991
    From: Florence, Italy
    Power: N/A
    Description: Tall lanky build, sandy brown hair cut short, dark brown eyes
    Bio: Having been born a member of a bounty hunter family he's been trained since he could read and write to be able to track and capture super humans at any cost. From birth he's been taught that they are the bad guys that need to be dealt with which only solidified when his father was killed by one in cold blood. With resolve he trained everyday trying to be the best he could be. Simon does his job very well which has gained the attention of multiple governments looking to hire him for his skill set.

    Simon sighed as he sat a top of a building watching the incompetent fool brave enough to call himself a hunter run past the girl. 'Jesus can't anyone do anything right around here?' he thought to himself. He climbed down the building swiftly once the girl started to move.'Now where are you going?' he wondered as he tailed her through the city. Stealth now was key because the girl was obviously craftier than he first imagined but it was also because she might have some... friends he needed to deal with as well.
    Careful not to get her attention he followed her out of the town life and into the forest with a small smirk. He could totally take her now but that would be to easy and Simon was up for some fun today and it would only grow if she was living with someone.
  5. Jason woke up yawning. He looked at the time and smiled. "Almost night." he said to himself. Night was his friend. He blended way better at night. He grabbed his bow and his electro-net gun and left his room. He walked down the hall with one duffle bag that had all of his stuff in it and slung it onto his back. He would no longer be needing that hotel. Jason walked out his suit disguising himself as a man with a black leather jacket that was worn over a grey hoodie, with black skinny jeans, and black Timberland boots. He walked out normally, not leading anyone onto any suspicion. He needed to find a mutants sent and follow it. So far he had gotten none, but even if he did, it would still take a lot of will power to follow it. He felt bad for the mutants, always having to live and fear, and hiding. Just like he did on that island. Until he got one. He closed his eyes took a deep breath and followed it. Already knowing he probably wasn't going to harm this one....
  6. The girl walked for a long while, making herself continue for at least an hour, meandering through side streets as she ensured there was a significant distance between her and those she had recently aided. It might not have been necessary to be this thorough, but Tamsin felt it better to err on the side of caution, given her status. She would not tolerate endangering those she hoped to help, and so on she walked. Tamsin was no good at being a fugitive, she was far too open and trusting. She had never used a fake name, never hidden her talent from someone she deemed untrustworthy. She always healed first, then judged. If indeed she judged at all. Of course, this strategy had led to a number of close shaves in which the girl had barely escaped with her freedom, but it was her nature, and could not be readily changed. Now, finding herself walking adjacent to a public park, Tamsin brought herself into the present again, carefully scaling the fence as she was certain this would be the best place to sleep. Although it wasn't foolproof, she was less likely to be caught sleeping rough here, and so off she went to find a nicely sheltered area within this place.
  7. When Vera finally reached her house, she realized that Max wasn't there. "He probably time travelled somewhere" she said to herself. She knew he would be back soon, he never goes long because he doesn't want to leave her alone for too long. She felt relieved that he wasn't there right now so he could lecture her about leaving the house without his permission. While she was waiting for him to get back, she remembered that he said he wanted to travel to the future today, his power's only allow him to go no more than 5 years into the future. Vera started packing because yesterday Max said that they we're going to leave this place and find more super humans. He never told her why, he said he would tell her if all went well with his time travelling today. Vera grew attached to their little hide-out in the woods, although they only have been living there for a couple months, she especially liked the view of the outdoors. She then decided to take one good look outside she saw someone heading this way, at first she thought it was Max, but when she took a better look it wasn't him. "Is it a peacekeeper? How did they find this place? Could they have followed me here?" She said worried they were going to take her away. She didn't want to use her power's against them, if she did peacekeepers would come all at once. Besides she didn't know how to use her powers well, everytime she used them it got out of control. She once caused a 8.0 magnitude earthquake, she hurt/killed a lot of people and she's afraid she will again if she use's her power's. Vera needed to run away from that place or atleast find a place to hide in the house until Max got back. There was a secret door behind her dresser that lead to a room under the floor, it's kinda like a panic room. She then moved her dresser and opened the door, locked herself inside, and huddled in a corner waiting for the intruder to leave when they got here. If they did find her she would have no choice but to use her power's.