The Peace Makers.

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  1. Things to know
    • This is an organized crime RP that can go just about anywhere. There will be a simple premise, which is the starter of course, then the rest will be completely decided by where your characters take it.
    • Character sheets aren't required as long as you describe your character decently in your first reply or somewhere in the RP, though if you think a character sheet will help introduce
      your character feel free to include one.
    • The first characters to join the roleplay should try and take the roles of the mentioned characters in the starter but any character that makes sense is allowed. If you do play as one of the six characters mentioned in the starters you should try to incorporate some sort of background as to what organization they come from and what they do. If all the characters mentioned in the starter are taken feel free to start taking the roles of any character that would make sense to be in this sort of RP, however you introduce them into the plot is up to you.
    • Any plot points or twists you'd like to add you may do freely and if you have any questions you can message me anytime.

    The Peace Makers.

    In modern times the world of crime is at it's peak and all operations are kept as secretive as possible. It's the only thing that separates professionals from amateurs; the ability to keep order. All major organizations try to keep some sort of democracy to avoid random violence and deaths. This involves certain people from every major group discussing, organizing, and planning what goes on in their operations. They can easily create or stop gang wars based on their decisions, can choose if someone lives or dies, and who's in or out of the trade.

    One person from each of the most six active groups in the crime world are part of these discussions, they are chosen not exactly based on how powerful they are but how cunning they are and how they benefit their group. They nicknamed these people who get together and have these meetings as "The Peace Makers" They completely represent wherever they're from and deal with serious business regularly.

    The meetings always feel very tense and the sense of anxiety is strong. Anything can happen at them and everyone who shows up know how many people are looking up to them to do the right things. The most recent meeting was happening now. There was important business to be discussed that could go anywhere from the members planning a robbery to them needing to address an ongoing war.

    The meeting was happening at a new spot today. It was at a lodge near a hunting site out north. It was a quaint little cabin like building, with plenty of big rooms for meetings and such to be held in if they were rented out for the right price. Some members would come all the way across the country just to get there but others were thankful for being able to live so close. This was a great spot for it to happen. It was private, secluded, and actually felt less threatening for once. It was early, 9:45 AM to be exact. The meeting started at 10:00 AM but showing up early was common. The parking lot was mostly empty except for a few employees who worked at the lounge. It wasn't a busy morning and the building seemed to be waiting solely for their meeting.
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  2. Sammy Zieloni had just arrived at the baron, deserted parking lot in his classic 1964 Pontiac GTO. Sammy flicked the cigarette he had just finished into the parking lot with little regard, but as he looked over to his side to discard the cigarette, he noticed how beautiful the surrounding area was. It was absolutely majestic, the surrounding forest was so dense that there were god rays absolutely covering the landscape everywhere you looked, and the road leading up to the parking lot was absolutely untouched, not a bump, or a crack in the clean, black asphalt. Sammy took a deep breathe, and turned his attention back to his car.

    Sammy looked to his dashboard, where his black trilby hat rested, with a white stripe around the base. It was his absolute favorite hat, he loved the color black. His car was black, his suit was black, even his tie was black. Sammy picked up the hat gently, and tightened it onto his completely bald head. Sammy turned his head to his rear view mirror, making sure that his face wasn't dirty, and his hat wasn't on backwards. Looking good was always very important to Sammy. Sammy moved his rear view mirror back to its original position, and took out a cigarette from his center console, lighting it, and putting the rest of the pack back. He then stepped out of his car, leaning his back against the door and puffing his cigarette, waiting for the other four to arrive.

    Sammy was the top boss of the Zieloni Crime Family, he owned multiple chop shops around the area which poured in thousands for him, and the rest of the family every week. He also owned a couple of casinos, one of them was in New York, and the other was in Las Vegas, where he had originally been born at. He was very well known around Las Vegas, that's where the Zieloni family had originally started at, Sammy's first business had been a gold and silver pawn shop in down town Las Vegas, but as he had grown, his crew did, and they began to expand all over the United States, hell, he even knew a few Yakuza guys out in China.
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