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  1. If the sky turns black, it won't matter.
    We were built so strong, we won't shatter.
    In a shit town like this one, you can't help but grow up tough. The weak don't last long here and everyone walks around with some kind of chip on their shoulder. Maybe that's why the local high school is jam packed full of delinquents and idiots. Maybe that's why Gushiken Tech doesn't have a functioning gang of delinquents headed by a banchou.
    Hell, maybe that's why so many people have ended up dead around here lately...
    And although a lot of the things we see and hear about just don't seem quite right, we turn a blind eye because it isn't any of our business. At least not until Fate makes it our business.
    We're slackers. We're miscreants. But the blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb, so should something happen to one of our friends, you can bet your ass that we're not just gonna stand around and let someone else handle things. We're gonna do what it takes to make things right and we'll do it our way.
    This is the way of a fighter. This is the path we walk.

    The Path of Kings2.jpg

    Welcome to the nameless town where this roleplay is going to take place! This will be a delinquent / magical girl(boy) roleplay with elements of action, conspiracy, fantasy, romance, comedy, drama, and dismay. If you have any town name suggestions, feel free to suggest away. Unfortunately, this is also a private roleplay so it is closed to applications.


    The School

    Gushiken Tech, often shortened to G-Tech, is a co-ed technical secondary school for low-scoring and problem students. It is located in the heart of the nameless town and is fenced in.

    There are two buildings that belong to G-Tech. The newer, furbished building is where classes are held, as well as clubs, the nurse's station, and offices. The older building, which is falling apart, is the old school house that is no longer in use and pending demolition. Delinquent often hang out here both during school hours and after.

    Both buildings sport graffiti. The lawn is mostly sand and dead grass and there is often garbage seen in and around the school. The race track out back is the only part of the school grounds that still sees daily usage.


    The classrooms have the bare minimum. Since G-Tech is not a high-scoring school, the government doesn't give much funding to it. Chalkboards and wooden desks fill the classrooms. The tiled floor of the hallways are cracking, the walls and ceilings have seen years upon years of moisture and smoke damage. But despite all of this, the school remains open.

    There is a gym on the first floor as well as change rooms equipped with showers and lockers.

    The Clubs

    Each student is required to join a club before the first month of school passes. No exceptions. Most clubs are sports oriented, especially those relating to Judo, Karate, etc. There ARE the very rare few artistic clubs but there are no intellectual based clubs considering the student population.

    The Teachers

    Teaching at G-Tech is not exactly a dream job. Teachers are here only because the are desperate to hold a job and/or make money. As a result, they don't have a particularly good relationship with their students. The average G-Tech teacher is perfectly fine with letting his or her students goof off all day and fail tests, etc.

    The Students

    Delinquents. Miscreants. There are several little gangs of fighters in G-Tech but only two rise above the rest. These two gangs often butt heads seeing as both are aiming for their leader to become G-Tech's banchou. It's a power struggle, so fights often break out in the school, on the grounds, and off the property.

    The Host Club

    A favorite hang out spot outside of school. It's a dimly lit club in the basement of a back alley shop in the red light district. Get that fake ID ready.

    The Gravel Pit

    Abandoned several years ago, the gravel pit is where the rumbles happen. There are large mounds of gravel and dirt and a few abandoned motorcycles that the local bosozoku gang uses for parts.

    The Arcade

    Another favorite place. Students who skip classes usually end up here at some point of the day. Games of all shapes and sizes and year of release can be found here - from pinball to Playstation to purikura booths and crane games.

    The Park

    Popular spot for children and elderly people during the day. At night, couples come here to make out 'in public' and there is almost always a different creepy drunk salaryman sleeping on a bench or lecturing passersby.

    If you would like to add to the locations, please give a small description at the bottom of your character sheet.

    The Story So Far

    The nameless town that G-Tech (a co-ed school for delinquents and low-scoring students) belongs to is a tough place to live in. The school is a battleground for gangs of delinquents aiming to take possession of the whole area and reign supreme. Lately there has been an unusually high death count for the town and some students have even gone missing!

    Your character will be a member of one of the top two delinquent gangs in G-Tech: Sadaka Fist and Yuushin Boys. He or she will eventually develop magical powers and find themselves dragged into a battle of light and dark! If you would like your delinquent to already be aware of their powers, please keep in mind that this world is ignorant to the existence of magic and therefore, your character will have to keep his or her powers a secret until they are exposed.

    I was fiddling with the idea of doing little side stories that tie into the plot, so if you would like to add anything to the plot, please PM me with your ideas. :)

    Sign-up Sheet

    Gang: (Sadaka Fist or Yuushin Boys)
    Weapon: (if any)

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  2. Cast List

    Yuushin Boys

    Hidenori Nakano (leader) - played by Dawn
    Takumi Tanaka - played by Shiny
    Chiko Suda - played by Vay
    Taiki Tsukino - played by Tribs

    Sadaka Fist

    Kuro Kenzue (leader) - played by Vay
    Hotaru Otsuka - played by Dawn
    Momoka Hideaki - played by Shiny
    Daiki Himura - played by Tribs
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  3. Chapters Completed

    1: Ball up that fist, son.

    Current Chapter

    2: Clubs? The only good clubs are ones with nails in them.

    Chapters Left

    3: When's the last time we saw that idiot?
    4: Hey, I really don't want you to take your clothes off.
    5: If I didn't know any better...
    6: The principal collects what?!
    7: Fuck the system!
    8: Our town, our way.
    9: This is the motherfuckin' boss fight in every anime ever. And I am Goku.
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  4. Delinquent
    Name: Nakano, Hidenori
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Gang: Yuushin Boys - leader
    Weapon: None
    Hobbies: Spending time with friends, reading manga, chain smoking, fighting, karaoke. Oh and he secretly loves to write poetry and stories.
    Dislikes: People all up in his face, being compared to a girl or called "pretty" and "cute", sour food (like candies), spiders, people who go back on their promises, being told what to do, stepping in dog shit.
    Club: Boxing
    Personality: To most, he acts aloof and he'll do it while striking a cool stance involving his hands lazily tucked into his pockets and a sound of disinterest. He's intimidating to the weaker students and known for having a short fuse.
    To his nakama, he is almost a completely different person. Sure, he can still perfectly execute a look that clearly says "I'm going to kill you" but for the most part he's just a nosy person who teases with a grin and cherishes those that are important to him. He has a lot of secrets, even some he keeps from his nakama, like the details of his part-time job or the fact that he's actually really book smart.
    He's big on loyalty; betrayal is the worst crime you could commit against him.
    History: A very important promise was made between father and son. Well, it's unfortunate that the father isn't around anymore. The mother, if she can even be called that, is nothing but a hindrance and a daily reminder of a less than favorable situation...
    Pops left nearly two years ago and Ma is off her rocker. He does what he can to provide for both of them, even stooping so low as to take a very embarrassing job if it'll mean paying the bills and having food on the table.
    Two years ago, he transferred to G-Tech because his grades dropped and he was always getting into fights at school. The kids at his old school just couldn't seem to get it that he didn't like being compared to a girl and he sure as hell didn't like being called "pretty". When he arrived at G-Tech, it wasn't long before his gang formed naturally around him, not that he'd been wanting one in the first place. At first he just wanted to be left alone, but he grew fond of his friends and eventually they started calling each other "nakama" and rising in the ranks.

    Theme: Manipulation (through words)
    Strengths: Weak-minded foes. Quick on his feet but his real physical power is the strength of his punch. Quick with words and improvisation. Charisma.
    Weaknesses: Not being able to speak. A stronger will/heart than his. Saying the wrong word/phrase. Betrayal. Spiders. His temper.
    Appearance: Sparring gloves, taped hands and wrists

    Name: Otsuka, Hotaru
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Gang: Sadaka Fist
    Weapon: The metal wrench she keeps in her purse.
    Hobbies: Motorcycles, video games, boys, fighting, drinking, partying, spicy food.
    Dislikes: Her parents, herself, boys, superficial girls, drinking, homework, her ass being grabbed while she's working.
    Club: Mixed Martial Arts, Machine Shop
    Personality: Loud, obnoxious, childish, perverted, bad grades, wildchild, troublemaker, violent.
    She's on a path to self destruction and argues with her parents; this girl doesn't see eye to eye with them. She's got a lot of anger issues that she just hasn't worked through because she's secretly so very unsure of her own worth. So because she's angry a lot and kind of an idiot, she does things that she knows will just pull her deeper into a really shitty way of living, but she doesn't care. Masochistic in a way, she thinks she needs to be punished because she can't get her shit together.
    But for all of her faults, she's a shoulder to cry on when push comes to shove and she highly values her friends for sticking with her. She has a very gentle side and it's at rare moments that a kind heart shows its face when it's needed the most.
    History: On the receiving end of some bullying in elementary school, Hotaru's self-esteem was thoroughly trashed. So by the time she hit high school, she was already a loose cannon and a troublemaker. Anyone else would describe her home life as privileged but she hardly gets along with her parents for reasons that are solely her own fault.
    At age seven she started the first in a line of martial arts classes.
    Age eight marked the beginning of her time being a victim of bullying.
    At age twelve, she was expelled from her school for beating up said bullies and putting two in the hospital.
    At age thirteen, she was arrested for shoplifting.
    At age fourteen, she started drinking and partying in the red light district.
    At age fifteen, she got a job as a hostess in a host club to support her wild lifestyle.

    Theme: Magnetism
    Strengths: Capable of adapting to almost any situation or fighting style. Drawing things to her, manipulating the magnetism of objects and people.
    Weaknesses: Barriers / force fields, intangible objects, her disregard for personal safety.
    Appearance: Doesn't change!
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  5. Name: Momoka Hideaki
    Age: 16
    Gender: Female
    Gang: Sadaka Fist
    Weapon: Two small collapsible batons. Pink, of course.
    Hobbies: Writing BL fiction.
    Dislikes: Bullying, bitter drinks.
    Club: Kendo
    Personality: A timid girl during her childhood, but that girl is no more. Despite her petite appearance, Momoka is not one to mess with anymore. More often than not, she's energetic, with a generally fun-having attitude about most things. Sometimes, she can be a little nosy, this is because she 's always looking for inspiration for the stories she writes. She's also, at times, just plain reckless and too 'happy-go-lucky' to even realize it.
    Momoka was born into a wealthy family. Her politician parents were the type who cared more about their reputations than the personal wills of their two daughters. Momoka's older sister caught on, becoming an overachieving model student. But Momoko, not so much. This is because she had a distraction in a passion for BL games and fiction. But being invested in her hobby wasn't easy while living her sister's shadow, trying to please her parents by living up to impossible expectations, and on top of all that, quietly enduring years of bullying at the hands of other students. Maybe all of this is why she snapped, throwing a desk through a window in response to some girls' teasing. Obviously, this didn't look good for her parents and their reputations, and their response was, well, getting her out of the picture. At 12 years old, Momoka was transferred to a school for delinquents and sent to live with her Aunt, a small bar owner.

    Theme: Inner Strength
    Strengths: Super strength, when she focuses her yet to be discovered magic. Her 'never give up' attitude.
    Weaknesses: The seemingly random time limit of her powers, and her reckless actions.
    Appearance: Whatever bombastically cute outfit she happens to be wearing.


    Name: Takumi Tanaka
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Gang: Yuushin Boys
    Weapon: His fists!
    Hobbies: Taking care of/playing with cats.
    Dislikes: Loud people/places, spicy foods.
    Club: Judo
    Personality: Takumi's mind is in the clouds most of the time. He can easily drift off into his own thoughts when something or someone fails to interest him. Although, even when paying attention he might wear the expression of someone appearing just plain bored. He may seem lazy, frequently ditching class to sleep on the roof, but this is because he works late. Despite not being so social, he's very loyal to his friends.
    History: At the age of four, Takumi lost his parents in a car accident. Afterwards, he was taken in by his grandparents on his father's side, who ran a small animal shelter and hospital out of their home.

    Theme: Wildcat
    Strengths: Increased agility, a keen sense of smell and night vision.
    Weaknesses: Strong smells and loud sounds.
    Appearance: Black cat ears and a tail.
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  6. WIP

    Kuro Kenzue
    Age: 17
    Gender: Male
    Gang: Sadaka Fist leader
    Weapon: none.
    Hobbies: Breaking things!
    Dislikes: Unwanted company, night time, sleep.

    Kuro hates people hanging around him, a strange position for a banchou but hey if they want to hang around him he may as well use them to make sure no one else does. This stems from the constant feeling of being hunted, and he knows it's not just paranoia. He knows there is something... different... about him and that that is what whatever is after him wants.



    Kuro was born in a small village in the mountains of the center of the country, few know about it, fewer still visit. There are rumors in the surrounding area and it appears on very few maps. The inhabitants are xenophobic and insular, preferring to keep to themselves and treating visitors with aloofness or outright hostility. Only government workers are tolerated and they generally like in a small suburb outside of the town proper.

    Otherworldly horrors.
    Strengths: Versatile and deadly in the right hands with the ability to summon living weapons from eldrich places.
    Weaknesses: Whenever Kuro assumes this form it drawn the eyes of ancient beings who search for him. Using their power brings them closer and makes Kuro feel them with more clarity that normal making it a dangerous power to use.



    Suda Chiko
    Age: 18
    Gender: Female (goes as male)
    Gang: Yuushin Boys
    Weapon: None.
    Hobbies: Writing online slash fiction.
    Dislikes: Losing, it's the worst thing in the world, and there is always a way to win.
    Club: Writing club... there are not many members.
    Personality: Suda loves to win, fights, athletic competitions you name it and when they were young they were always getting in trouble, or at least their brother was since he was always taking the wrap for them, until he was transferred to the school for troublemakers... and it was all Suda's fault. After that Suda tried to be good and studious and everything their parents wanted to be as a promise to her twin.
    History: Born mere moments after her brother Suda has never wanted to play second fiddle for anyone. While Kiyoto, her brother was relatively strait laced she fell into patterns of bad behavior soon after starting school, but at it is the job of big brothers to protect little sisters Kiyoto was always ready to step in and take the blame, which as the twins were starting high school earned him a one way ticket to Gushiken Tech. Before he left however he made Suda promise to behave a promise she kept... until Kiyoto's mysterious death at the school.

    Now she has forced her way into Gushiken Tech, dressed as a guy and looking enough like Kiyoto to make people think they've seen a ghost. Her quest is simple: break heads until she finds out who killed Kiyoto, then break their head right open. She owes her brother that much... it's her faulr he was sent to Gushiken Tech, and her fault he had died there.

    6 months since Suda Kiyoto's death.

    3 months since Suda Chiko arrived at Gushiken Tech.

    2 1/2 months since Suda Chiko joined the Yuushin Boys.

    Strengths: Versatile and the senshin makes it difficult to be harmed with physical weapons.
    Weaknesses: Very few actual abilities beyond being able to talk to the dead and relies on them to interact with the physical world, at least for now. That and her body is a useless sack of meat that needs to be kept safe.
    Appearance: Exactly the same as normal except with pale shimmering blue skin, being translucent, and clothes falling strait though her body.

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  7. So far so good. I'm going to try to have the IC up soon. For now, let's get our sheets finished and if there is anything at all that someone wants to include in the plot, you can post here or if you'd rather it be a secret, you can PM me or drop me a message on Skype.
  8. What I have so far!

    Name: Daiki
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Gang: Sadaka Fist
    Hobbies: Gardening. Taking long walks. Reading books about gardens. Exploring places he shouldn't be.
    Dislikes: Sitting through class. Being inside for any length. People who mess with the Garden Club's plants. Nato.
    Club: Gardening Club! Though the Kendo Club would probably like to have him.

    Personality: Daiki is first and foremost a very easy going young man. He's good natured with a quick smile and a loud laugh. He's very possessive and protective of the people in his personal circle. A touchy feely young man, Daiki is very particular about who he touches but everyone has to be touched. At least just once. Daiki seems like a pushover and is to a certain extent but when something important comes up, you definitely want Daiki on your side.

    Appearance: Dark brown hair hangs to his shoulders unless pulled back into a loose ponytail or held back by clips and whatever else Daiki has chosen to put in his hair that day Daiki’s skin is tan throughout the spring and summer from his constant state of ‘must be outside all the time’. He sports a lanky and slender build with elegant strong hands and long legs. Sometimes serious (but never for long) chocolate eyes top off the pretty boy look.

    History: Daiki’s parents were having problems conceiving and prayed to their local gods for help and made all the offerings they could think of. Nine months later, Daiki was born. He had a very loved childhood, full of fun and wonder with loving parents that doted on him constantly. They still do. Daiki’s parents moved from the country to the city for a job opportunity when Daiki was eleven. The city isn’t the same as the countryside but Daiki and his family settled in. The entire family has a green thumb but Daiki can bring what seems like a dead plant back to life with a little TLC.

    High school for Daiki has been mostly uneventful though another move has him starting a brand new high school, Daiki is a little worried and lonely but he hopes to fit in soon. After enjoying his last school but with the move and his very low test scores, only G-tech would take him in. He’s joined the horticulture club and he’s helping with the school gardens. Daiki feels the school has an evil spirit or twenty lurking around it and keeping his plants alive has never been harder. He’s taken to burying lucky stones with his plants to give them a better fighting chance…

    Theme: Nature/Plants/Growing things
    Strengths: Hitting things with his holy sword. Turning the vegetation against bad people.
    Weaknesses: Fire!
    Appearance: His hair turns green and he gets a fancy outfit!

    Name: Tsukino. Taiki
    Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Gang: Yuushin Boys – Only loosely affiliated.
    Weapon: None
    Slacking off. Climbing trees. His cellphone.
    Dislikes: His peers. People telling him how to act and what to do. Being near his brother. Being too far away from his brother. People who chew with their mouths open.
    Club: Culinary Club
    Personality: Standoffish and needy, paranoid and assertive. Taiki likes being right, even when he’s not right. He can be utterly determined and absolutely stubborn about just about anything, just to be contrary. Following around his Brother has made nearly fearless and pain doesn’t mean too much to him. He’s used to it. The only person he follows readily is his Brother, he can’t help himself.
    Appearance: Short raven hair, gently curling around his ears with soft bangs almost obscuring deep azure eyes. Taiki is of medium to slightly below the average height for a Japanese boy of his age with a typically slender build.
    History: Started out as a Villain urged on by his older brother who brought him along for the ride. He had enough respect and love for his brother that he’d do anything that he was told, despite knowing it was very wrong. In doing his brother’s bidding, he eventually got tangled up in groups of heroes and got injured. His brother didn’t seem to care, too wrapped up in his dreams of destroying everything. Another injury and then another, the brother never caring and him collecting scars like cards. Each one a failure Each failure brought punishment.
    Eventually his brother was defeated and so was he. He decided to change his life around but has ended up in a special school that takes in delinquents when no one else wants them.


    Theme: Lightning/Electricty
    Strengths: Sneak attacks and conductive items.
    Weaknesses: Earth. Being choked/strangled.
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  9. Hey guys, just let me know if you need more in the IC to go off of.
  10. Time to grab someone from the rival gang and fight! :D Let's see how much of a beef the two gangs have with each other. >:)
  11. Should I post or should Shiny post next?
  12. I should post next, I think. Meant to this weekend but terrible allergies were kicking my butt. :P
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  13. I've been lax with GMing too because of the holidays and being sick. Sorry about that, guys :/
  14. Is okay! I'm just super excited to post! :D I love my silly '-aiki' boys!
  15. I've been calling Vay's girl-trap and her brother by the wrong names because I'm an idiot. >_> I'll use them correctly from now on. Chiko is the family name. Chiko. *facepalms*
  16. Soooo. Dollmakers. Yeah. Just gonna leave this riiiiiight here because I'm a dork and Taiki is weird.

    taikibutt2.png taikigirlbutt.png Taikibutt1.png

    The first one is clearly Taiki out doing errands or whatever in his casual clothes and being spotted by some of the people from school. He's embarrassed to be wearing 'cute' clothing! Second is girl!Taiki because I'm a bad bad man and Taiki is cute when genderswapped. Third is... I don't know, older!Taiki?
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  17. I propose a karaoke battle between the two gangs.


    ps: I cant remember who suggested karaoke in the first place but I love you <3
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