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The Panda Arrives...AGAIN!

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Kit the Otaku, Jun 24, 2010.

  1. Hey, guys- Nino finally got me off my butt and made me join Iwaku- so hello, and NOW I can finally read what she's writing about all the time! I've read some of the things she's writen, and it's great that I have full access of the action! Go, me! Now- I'm going to sleep. 6 in the morning...
  2. Sexual harassment... panda.
  3. Behold! Our current roster of players and their avatars!

    • Damagi
      Level 18
      Played by Ms. Ezra​

    • W3ndy_Wrekker
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      Level 15

    • Kiara
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      Level 7

    • Herak Lion of Olympus
      Played by Gands
      Level 18

    • Iria
      Played by Camleen
      Level 15
  4. "That's not an answer."
  5. Melody shakes her head slowly.
  6. "What shoul I do?"
  7. “It’s hurting my ears.” Anya grow.
  8. Just read Sev's profile... he wears pants in public. Though Temk might have trouble with his casual attitude towards clothing when he's in a place he considers "home".
  9. Anya disappears into the kitchen quietly, letting him rest.
  10. Lucius closed his eyes and fell asleep.
  11. "What are you watching?"
  12. yup ^^

    Full yuri, one herm, both herm?
  13. [​IMG]


    Crew serial: No.251c-8
    Position: Ship Weapon Operator
    Species: Martian Human based Cyborg

    >Legal name: Miguel Chicote
    >Alias: Keter-5
    >Birth Date: 2590
    >Crew Position: Ship Weapon Operator

    >Age: 138
    >Species: Martian Human based Cyborg
    >Gender: Male.
    >Allegiance(s): GTG / Kaijen-Quim Robotics/ United Martian Defense Fleet
    >Last Known Residence: Orbital station M2tV-12 "Galis" above Lomonosov Crater Colony.

    ⊸ ABOUT

    -Visual Identification
    >Height: 1.6m
    >Weight: 86kg
    >Build: Quim Ind. "Pathfinder" cybernetic naval chassis.
    >Lens Color: Black
    >Chassis Color: Red, Tan detailing.
    >Sexuality/Preference: None, Asexual
    >Enemies: Gura Dea faction.
    >Keter-5 enjoys space walks, and is readily available for conversation on several subjects including space travel, latest engineering software releases, and cybernetics. With little to do to keep himself preoccupied besides diagnostics, he has taken it upon himself to tinker with different components of the ships and crews weapons when given enough free time
    -However, Keter-5 dislikes most anything to do with what he considers "Organic Affairs." Cosmetic care, Hygene, etc.
    >Personality: A lot can be assumed when anyone first sees Keter-5, but at the very least most find he's pragmatic and dedicated. Of course he's also serious, dutiful and secretly emotional, but in a way they're lesser traits and maintained by behaviors of being crude as well. His biting sarcasm is what has been well known about him. There's no sugar coating the effects caused by his uncaring nature, which is unfortunate in and of itself.
    There's plenty people hate about Keter-5, but the fact he's insensitive is mostly the catalyst. Fair is fair though, Keter-5 is still a complex being with a good side. He's ambitious and adaptable among true friends, it's not like we're dealing with pure evil here.
    ► Weapons:
    Kaijen-Quim Robotics standard issue Kervejik Particle Dillanger, A combat cybernetic attachment for combat/espionage in mind, though weaker than mainstream plasma and ion weaponry, the concealment is near perfect for the non cyborg savvy.
    Gagdos Arms, a Naki based Company, Kitresh Solid Energy Boarding Scattergun, excels in crew to crew close quarters combat, made for ship corridors. Firing energy enveloped scattered slugs it is well rounded against organic, robotic and lightly shielded enemies from close to half medium range, though damage output drops off significantly around 80 yards (240ft) due to spread.
    ► Combat Attire: Although Keter-5 comes with a hardened Ortydymite service chassis, He can also transfer his brain from the standard service chassis into the Kaijen-Quim H.O.C.C Heavy Ordinance Combat Chassis built for prolonged and dangerous combat situations. The process of transferring anyones mind from one chassis to the next is time consuming in order to ensure no problems or rejection happen to the user.
    ► Accessories/Miscellaneous: Though Keter-5 tries to distance himself from his past, he still keeps a single holo chip in his quarters that he is able to plug into and review the videos left within of his family, otherwise his quarters are sparse.
    -Fighting Style
    ➣ [Aasimov does not apply]:
    All Martians enlisted with the UMDF were trained in the martial art Telahl a well rounded martial art that focuses on undermining the users opponent by taking advantage of every opening in your opponent's defense. The primary focus lies on both knee strikes, grapples and it often relies on the agility and stamina of the defender.
    The biggest strength of Telahl is being able to fully utilize your body's full arsenal of potential weapons. By profiting from the blocks of your challenger your opponent can become overconfident and leave an opening, further giving you leverage to work with.
    On the other hand the biggest weakness of Telahl is that many moves are predictable to a knowledgeable opponent. If you face an opponent who knows your tricks your strengths quickly become far less viable.
    ➣ [Weapon of Choice]: If his standard Pathfinder chassis is equipped, then his standard Ortydymite plated fists is what he is striking enemies with.
    The H.O.C.C chassis is equipped with a specialized plating developed for Orsen warhammers, Gahzgehauk ore (translated: Bastard stone).
    ➣ [Special Abilities/Affinities]:
    {Air not required*}- As a true cyborg, Keter-5 can survive for a limited time outside in the vacuum of space for a collected 5 minutes before total brain death due to lack of oxygen.
    {Mind unto Matter}- Due to his cybernetics, massive portions of his body can be destroyed before termination of functions. However, if the brain casing and life support module are damaged major issues can occur including cortex corruption, rejection of replacement chassis, and death.
    {Do you bleed?}- No matter how advanced systems are, the arms race against armored components is alive and well in this day and age. Armor piercing, E.M.P and Ion ammunition damages Keter-5's augmentations more than any other due to the complexity of the mechanisms and computing equipment compared to more mainline products.