The Panda Arrives...AGAIN!


Kit the Otaku

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Hey, guys- Nino finally got me off my butt and made me join Iwaku- so hello, and NOW I can finally read what she's writing about all the time! I've read some of the things she's writen, and it's great that I have full access of the action! Go, me! Now- I'm going to sleep. 6 in the morning...
Sexual harassment... panda.
Hey, Babe! It's about time! <3 Welcome to the wonderful world of Iwaku! Now, all I have to do is get you to at least RP...*plots!*
Now dianas going to make Nino a staffie so that she can dish the dirt in the staff section I just know it. Anyway welcome and If you have any questions that Nino can't answer I'm here. Nice to finally meet you.
Hello! Pleasure to meet you (you're surrounded by lazy people now xD).
I'm Kitti, and you should step right in and join some roleplays! We have some interesting ones just starting - mine, "Summer's Dream" first and foremost. Haha.
But if that's not your bag, TK has a vampire roleplay going, "Melagrana Di Castello". Diana has werewolves... "Moon, Blood, and Wolf's Bane". ..
If fantasy overall isn't your thing, there are more realistic roleplays still open too :D
Welcome to Iwaku! Glad Nino's grabbed ya! Like Kitti said, lots of great RP's, I also have a few starting, Tokyo Dark Nights or if you like spin-offs I have a Harvest Moon game too!
Hello! ^_^
There's also some trippy Sci-Fi stuff going around! =P
I hope I get to RP with you, as well! ^_^
I dunno who any of you people are, why are you all mods now? D:<

Welcome Otaku being. You shall be Chaos' rival, now. Good day.


Yeah, I'm a lazy part of the staff.....

Contact me if you need something....


Alright, you shall be my friend... >>;

*gives cupcake*
Welcome to the iwaku and stuff!
Yeah... That's all I got..

Can’t sneak away from this illusive shadow, no matter where you run I will always be there

Anyway welcome to the Iwaku if you have any questions just ask and we can help you
*walks off into the shadows*