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  1. Lily Maleto was hard at work in The Garden, an herbal shop that sat between the rich part of town and the poor part of town. She was an average height girl, with long wavy hair that she usually kept up in a messy bun while she worked. The sleeves of her dark blue shirt were pushed up to her elbows as she was grinding herbs in a motor and pestle. A purple apron was smudge with dust from grinding and stains from making creams and oils.

    The store itself was small, but fit its purpose. It didn't get too many customers but it was enough to stay afloat. Teas, spices, herbs, creams oils were organized and lined the shelves top to bottom, a tall wooden ladder rolled against the wall to reach the more expensive stuff. Most likely if someone needed something, Lily had what they needed.

    It was almost sundown, the sun casting a lovely glow over the streets. It had been an easy day for her and it was only a few more hours until she closed the shop up for the night. Tucking a loose strand of hair behind her ear she looked out the front window, watching a few people pass by hoping one would come inside to beat her boredom.
  2. Aiden walked steadily through the city as the sun went down. His dark black hair fell over half of his face, covering one of his deep purple eyes. His all white pullover hoodie and black Jeans protecting him from the chilly winds of the afternoon.
    Aiden was mostly a quiet person who kept to himself and didn't have many acquaintances, but it didn't really seem to effect him all that much.
    He walked into a small herbal shop and walked over to the shelf stocked with oils. He pulled down a medium sized jar of purple oil and walked over to the counter to pay the woman at the register
  3. Lily smiled at someone walked in, he didn't look like one of her regulars so it was good thing knowing the word of her shop was spreading. "Hey! Welcome to The Garden!" She watched him make his way right to the oils, it was obvious he knew what he needed. "Not many buy it." she mentions ringing him up, "Its a bit pricey... The flower for it is hard to come by.... I haven't seen you around. Are you new to the area?"

    Bright blue eyes looked him over for a moment before giving him a kind smile, "Could I get anything else for you? Or get you a bag or gift box for the oil?" Setting the jar back down she gave him the total. She was fishing for a bit of conversation, blame it on the boring day, and was hoping she wasn't beginning to annoy her new costumer.
  4. ”No, that's alright but thank you” he said and fished his wallet from his pocket taking out two fifty dollar bills. ”You can keep the change” he said before picking up the jar and walking out of the stoor.

    He had seen the woman from the store before, but he had never really met her. She lived near his apartment building, and he'd see her wandering about sometimes. He didn't know her name, or anything ells about her other than where she worked
  5. Blinking she couldn't believe what he handed to her, "What? But... Wait!" by the time she got out the door she didn't see where he went down the street. Staring at the fifties in her hand she wasn't sure what his deal was and went back inside. Her had went on just as boring and dull as it started and she couldn't wait to get home. Hanging up her apron she grabbed her dark green hoodie and pulled it close against the cold night air, winter was coming quickly.

    Pulling her hood up, hoisting the strap of her bag over her shoulder, and tucking her hand deep into her pockets she walked home. It wasn't far from work, and even with then cold air, she took her time. Pale lips pursed together as she began to whistle a random tune.
  6. Aiden went home and set the oil on a table. He went to gather other materials then because to add herbs and oils together in a jar. Once this was done he poured the liquid into a cup and drank it.

    Later that night he decided to go out for a late night walk, not many people were out at this time but there were the few night strollers that he would occasionally come across
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