The Other Side Of Insanity

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  1. 'Come on, just go in already.'

    'No.. I don't want to.' Your voice quivers as the unmistakable hint of fear is brought to your eyes. She rolls her eyes in response and shoves you into the bathroom, switching off the light and closing the door. Frantically you twist the handle but she must be holding it from the outside. 'Let me out!' You cry, banging on the door and you hear her muffled laughter through the door.

    'Don't be such a baby! Just say it and we'll let you out.' You sigh, reluctantly admitting defeat. Fine, if it will get them to let you out, you'll do it. You walk to the mirror, rest your hands on the porcelain basin and take a deep breath.

    'Bloody Mary...'

    The mirror warps as you say her name and a shadow flits behind you. You spin around, eyes darting around as you grow accustomed to the gloom. There's nothing there and you force yourself to still your beating heart. Its just the shadows from outside the window or something. Another deep breath to help cement your courage.

    'Bloody Mary...' No, something definitely moved that time. You spin around and let you gaze flit around the room. 'Guys, let me out please...' They don't answer. They probably left. You try the handle but the door still wont budge. They must've locked it from the outside. Your palms start to sweat and your throat feels dry. If you say it, they'll unlock it. They'll let you out. This is so wrong. You shouldn't be playing at this. Bad things happen to girls that play at games like this. What if you just say you did it? You hear a click outside and freeze. Is something coming in?

    You wait a minute and nothing happens, so you tenaciously turn the handle. The door swings open, revealing the empty hallway. 'Guys? This isn't funny.' Where are they? Was this their plan all along? With your heart in your throat you begin to look for them. You start on the upstairs floor, because that's where you are now. You search the bedrooms, with no sign of anyone.

    Well fine, they want to play like that, you'll just go home. You're sick of them, always teasing you, mocking you, pushing you to do things you don't want to. As you walk into the living room to get your bag, you stop in your tracks. There's a metallic scent on the air. What is that? There's something else, a kind of sickening stench that makes you feel queasy. 'Guys?' Now the fear's back, and you walk into the sun room. You stop dead, eyes wide with horror at the sight before your eyes. All four of them are lying in various parts of the room, their insides torn out, bodies ripped open. Blood soaks the carpet, sprayed up on the walls and curtains. Their eyes are still open, gazing blindly at the ceiling. You can't stop the bile rising up your throat and you're sick on the carpet. Your legs collapse under you, and the last thing you remember before the police turn up is her dad coming home and calling them.


    They were fifteen when it happened. But they weren't the first. There's something following you, something you can't explain. And it's killing people in your life. Not just strangers in the street, but people you know personally. They are all killed in different ways, none ever the same. But they're all connected, by you. You've been relocated hundreds of times, changed your name, your history, even your face, but they still find you. You don't know why they're after you, or what they have to gain from it, but you have stopped waiting for the police to come and ask questions. You're running.

    Sleep is rare and far between. When you do sleep, you dream of a barren landscape, of a desolate world, the violet sky lit with flashes of scarlet flame every so often, the blackened ground cracked, and what buildings you can actually see are in a miserable state. You can hear horrible cries in the distance, like someone is being tortured. But something always wakes you before you can explore. You wake up sweating and your heart racing. Sometimes you'll hear a name when you wake, but you can never quite make it out.

    Something weird has happened. You expect to wake up from the dream. But you don't. You just keep seeing the desolate plains and smell the horrid air. It smells like charred flesh, mixed with mildew. You stand up slowly, brushing grey powder off your clothes. You look to be standing in what was once a great field. From the dead plant heads on the ground, you'd guess sunflowers. Your steps make crunching sounds as you follow a worn path, the dirt now cracked and dry, and further down the path, the skeleton of a creature the likes of which you've never seen before lays near the edge. A shudder makes its way down your spine as you skirt passed it, continuing your wander until you reach the ruins of what was surely once a grand city. Now it is nothing but shambles. A cracking sensation under your foot makes you look down. You pick the two halves of wood up, brushing dust from its surface. In faded letters it reads 'Aramontis'. Huh? That's a weird name for a city. But then again this is a dream, so of course it's going to be weird.

    You think you can see someone moving and you chase after them, winding through the rubble to finally grab a hold of their shirt. 'Hey, who are you?' The girl blinks back in surprise, looking mortified before yanking her tattered clothes from your grasp. 'I'm just like you.' What? What does she mean by that? You want to ask her, but she's taken off again and you've no choice but to follow her.

    She takes you to a coal shaft, and jumps down it. You hesitate but follow after her, and find yourself in a basement. But you're not alone The girl is there, as are many others, male and female alike, grimy faced, gaunt, and terrified. Then you realise the truth. They really ARE all like you.

    They have all had a series of misfortune following them, and somehow, all ended up here. From what they have told you, this land is ruled by a trio of violent beings, so powerful is their bloodlust that they scattered throughout various realms to sate it. They latch onto a soul and massacre those around that person, gaining power from the turmoil caused. When the time is right, they send the soul to a sort of limbo, that is, the world you are in now.

    'So you are all like me?' You ask, and they nod. 'Well then. We need a plan.'


    Plot to be continued, any input is appreciated. If you're interested let me know!
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