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  1. Thinking of a Vampire diaries/ originals role play

    I have a plot in mind and I could use some help as to refining it but what I'm thinking of is that the Mikaelson family were not the only original family, how that is possible another powerful witch that rivaled the power of Esther Mikaelson was chosen to end her life for creating vampires she was also tasked with finding out how she created the spell to undo it. This resulted in a great battle with Esther as the woman was able to get into Esther's mind and learn her secrets almost instantaneously but Esther used dark magic to spread a sort or magic like cancer into her body. This Cancer would kill every member of her bloodline one by one after taking the life of the previous one to fall to the curse. Not wanting her own family to die and descendants to die she turned them into original vampires but they were not like the Mikaelson vampires they were slightly unique. Both Families powerful but they were not identical just because they were vampires.

    I would like to see who is interested before I create a storyline to follow but I do want some Cannon characters to be involved, possibly as temporary NPC's meaning everyone can use them or maybe they can be claimed I'm undecided at the moment in terms of that.

    I have not decided how many members of this original family there will be but depending on how many are interested I will come up with a number first

    Some things that make this new family Unique is
    1. To keep the family together once a year one of them becomes human again for a day, it goes in a certain order but when their human sir bonds don't matter if they are killed as a human then the vampires they sired still live. They cannot be turned into a vampire again during these days. This is kept secret as they wouldn't want their enemies to know this.

    2.Sun light does not harm them

    3. They get the speed stamina and strength and other vampire strengths along with the bloodlust but can control blood in the bodies of others. Such as can cause a human to hemorrhage or stop their heart similar to witches when they use magic but not as powerful.

    Also I am open to any other ideas of how to make them unique and not just strengths maybe weaknesses as well

    Some rules I know so far is
    ~No heretics
    ~2 character limit
    ~Hybrids are allowed but depending on how many people might be interested I will probably limit the amount
    ~Characters must be accepted by me
    ~Be mature anyone who watches the show knows there's sex and violence but I don't want smut, if characters are involved sexually do like the show does show how it starts off then fade to black please. Same for the violence don't have someone who every post just kills and kills

    Human one day a year (for the originals only)
    cursed objects do have some power over them even if they can't kill them
    Sired vampires are weak to sunlight

    Open to other ideas in all aspects hopefully some are interested
  2. Well, I am interested. I had my own RP based on The Originals and the Vampire Diaries, however it was mostly the former. Set in New Orleans and such. Unfortunately the roleplay died out.

    Anyhow, I am interested in this. I can try and see if anything pops up in regards of ideas and such. But, I will be keeping an eye on this.

    I can also say that I prefer a complete AU based RP no matter what setting is used. But thats just my personal taste.
  3. Holy crap I am in yes and yes love Vampire diaries never saw originals though
  4. I thought about that but a lot of people like cannon characters like Damon or kol or klaus I prefer the former as well do you have a link to your old originals thread
  5. Great do you prefer an alternate universe or one tied in with the show
  6. alternate definitely
  7. Really great well we can make it alternate then let me know if you have any ideas
  8. will do
  9. bump hopefully two or 3 more people are interested
  10. Interested in the RP, i like the idea of it connected to the actual universe, but i think it would be better with an au with oc's, just because i don't think you'll get much interest with not everyone has watched all of the vampire diaries and the originals. Just my opinion though.

    I'll join anyway!
  11. Yea I will make it an AU
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  12. I'm interested in joining this. The concept of it is pretty great from what I read. ​
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