The Order and The Mysticism

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  1. He hated them. He hated every single one of them. Pathetic little plague carrying scum of the Earth. If Aedian had his way, he'd exterminate each and every one of those little freaks. The man took a long finger and pointed it at the glass tank.

    " The brown one will do, " He said.

    The nice lady at the pet store reached into the tank and pulled out the mouse. It was large, and plump. It'd be a good meal for his friend. The lady put the mouse in a container, and walked it to the front of the store with the 'pet'. He paid for it, and as he did, the lady tried preforming a ritual that he hadn't quite mastered yet. Small talk.

    " Is it a gift? "
    " It? "
    " The mouse! "
    " Oh, " He said, pulling out his PetCo giftcard. " Uh, yeah. "
    " It's for your daughter, isn't it? "
    " My friend. "
    " Aw, adorable! " She squealed, almost like the panicked mouse in the brown box. " Do you need a cage for it? "
    " It? " Aedian wasn't really following along. He just wanted to leave, really. " Oh-Oh, yeah, uh, no. He intends to-- " He was cut short by the lady.
    " I bet he has a tank of his own. "
    " Actually he-- "
    " What do you think he'll name it? "
    " I don't think it'd be wise to name something you're about to eat. "

    Well, that shut the lady right up. Her blood ran cold, and so did her fumbling hands. She paid the man, and he thanked her kindly. As Aedian walked out the door, he sighed and looked at the sky. Today was going to be a long day.

    The man began to walk, pulling a cigarette from his pocket. He didn't carry a light, but he had a few tricks up his sleeve. He looked left, right, and left again. No one would see him. He muttered to his hands, with the cigarette still in his mouth, "O flammae, spiritum hujus mihi ignis," And as he said that, a flame sparked from the palm of his hand. He placed his cigarette on top, puffed, and closed his hand.

    Oh, bad idea. Once he did that, he could feel the result of the burns afterward. Well, that was equal exchange for you. He kept walking, one hand holding the meal, the other holding the cigarette. His name was Aedian ‘Salem’ Anderson, and his name was as ironic as it could get. The year was 2034, and it was the dawn of The New World Order.

    Christianity and it's roots were
    classified as one of the only religions alive, now. With that, came tight rules. Rules that Aedian didn't like. He was in the closet, surely for more than one thing. Being born into an odd generation, he got into a lot of things that would piss people off. He walked over towards a flower shop, with a house underneath it-- a stairway that led onto the ground floor, like in Little Shop of Horrors. He ducked as he entered, and he fumbled with the keys to his home.

    His house was one from an old movie-- hanging plants, odd things lost to the earth, and even more. It gave off this aura that you weren't suppose to be there, and really, you weren't.

    Aedian grabbed some medical tape, and wrapped it around the palm of his hand. Once it was wrapped, he grabbed his cigarette and sprinkled ash onto a corner of a room. Just to suppress the evil spirits. He opened the box that held the mouse when he was done, and he took out his cigarette.

    Aedian pressed his fingers to his lips, and gave a shrill whistle. "Basileus, dinner." Basileus was his familiar spirit-- he brought him good that he used for spells and potions for casting. A birdcage in the corner of the room swayed, and the shadow from underneath formed into that of a large bird of prey-- a crow, the size of a small dog. Others would have probably fainted, but Aeidan simply sat down. Basileus hobbled over towards the table, and jumped on top. He looked over the box with confusion, and began pecking at the mouse. As his beak went down, thee mouse ran to the corner of the box. It was a game of bird-and-mouse for about fifteen minuets.

    Aeidan watched his friend preform that for a while, before he looked at the clock. He sighed, put out his cigarette, and climbed up the stares to start the work day. He grabbed an apron, and stood at the front desk of the flower shop. The shop, "Fichue Fleur," was open for business. Aedian yawned, and plucked the petals off of a flower for fun as he waited for a customer to show up.
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  2. It was a freezing Sunday morning, the crisp scent of dull winter autumn tickling the brunette's nose. Children happily walked by with their parents while business men chatted lightly with their friends, talking about how they needed to buy flowers and such for their loving wife; as Valentines was coming up. And that is what Stanley needed to do now, buy flowers. Bouquet of pink, flashy; bright flowers. And maybe a $1 teddy bear plush doll to boot. Chicks dig that kind of stuff.

    Unlike the business men who he heard conversed earlier; it wasn't for his wife (He was still in highschool for Pete Sake!), but for his bitchy girlfriend, Maddison Flincher. Unlike the blonde cheerleader who is heads over heel (though he's not sure anymore) with the seventeen year old boy, Stanley...was well, he felt otherwise. If he could, the teenager would've already cut the ties between them but everyone in his football team was dating. And not just to anybody; but to cheerleaders. So it was a rule that was left unsaid; if you wanna be respected by your fellow teammates, then you gotta date drop-dead; sexy cheerleaders. This rule also applied to the Team Captain. Which was Stanley Parker.

    "Found one.." He grumbled under his breath, fixing his eyes on a nearby floral shop. Stanley was a little nit-picky where to shop (because this particular store looks a bit fishy) but for now; he was desperate for some sweet-lovin' flowers and roses. Shoving his hands in his pocket, the broad junior paced himself to the specific destination; shortly entering through the entrance.

    The bell above the door jingled, as the wind breezed in. There came Stanley Parker; making a flashy entrance though he didn't meant for that to happen. Maybe it was the way how he walked, showing how confident he is. Or maybe it was his outfit; he did picked out the latest trend after all. According to the blushing women from the streets he attracted, Stanley was doing a good job. Scoping around the whole shop, his eyes fell upon a bored cash register. Hmm. Ignoring the ginger's presence, he sauntered around, looking for the prettiest and the most expensive flowers.

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  3. Aedian, as he stood there unmoving, used one hand under the desk. Aedian never threw away flowers, and that was his policy. It was just too expensive to restock on dead flowers. He just worked with the demons to bring them back to life, but at a cost. To revive a living plant, that took lots of water. It made Aedian sick, sure, and it made him dehydrated, but he saved a ton. After he saved two or three flowers from their demise, he grabbed a gallon of tea and chugged it like it was going to save his life. He then took the flowers, and put them in a bouquet on the desk, selling them for $0.25 each.

    He did so with roses, chrysanthemums, pansies, and crocuses. Red, blue, green, pink, yellow. He had them all-- even the rarer purples and blacks. He thrived, and so did the flowers. After about three or four rounds of reviving flowers, he was exhausted. He stood there, his chin in his hand and his arm on the table, waiting for some customer. There was one in there, a teenager that looked a little too arrogant for his tastes, but he didn't judge. He was judging, but silently. He judged him like that, until he heard a cooing sound. Aedian froze, eyes shooting up and eyebrows knitting together.

    Shit. Shit. He forgot to put his friend in the cage. He looked over to the side, seeing the dark shadow figure peck at his leg. Aedian kicked slightly, only watching as the whispy shadow ruffled his feathers. " Shoo, " He used a hand. " Scat, scat, " He whispered anxiously. He grabbed the broom, and brushed at the bird, but the bird just took form of a different shadow-- this one, the shadow of a plant, hanging above the register. Oh, this was bad for business. Aedian swatted at the bird, but it again, switched places. This time, it knocked over a display.

    "Basileus," He whispered loudly, trying to grab the crow. He managed to grab it by it's large talon'd feet, but the bird squawked wildly. He tried to hide the bird from sight, because A) Large birds weren't allowed in the work place and B) Birds this large, that aren't naturally large, scare people and is bad for business. The bird pecked at his hands, and Aedian muffled a scream. He quickly ran out the door, and threw the bird out into traffic. But, it wouldn't hurt him none. He was just in time out. Aedian came back out, with the kid looking wildly at him. He gave him a look, and went back to his post.

    Once everything was resolved-- the bird was sitting outside the window, pecking silently to get in and all the flowers were put back on the display, Aedian rang up another customer. He did so boredly, like he was talking from a script.

    " Hello, how may I help you. "
    " That'll be $47.94. "
    " Paper or plastic. "
    " The bear is an extra $5. "
    " That'll be $53.20. "
    " Paper or plastic. "
    " Is this a gift. "
    " Red or pink. "
    " A card is an extra $3."
    " That'll be $56.80. "
    " Thank you, come again. "

    He watched them leave, and after they did, the teenager came up.

    " Hello, how may I help you. " He began, in a droll voice.
  4. "Hello, how may I help you?" A voice asked in a droll voice from the counter, not sounding too interested of what he was actually doing. It took a moment for Stanley to answer because he was too absorbed in looking at the flowers, or at least; absorbed in his daily plans. Being the team captain of the football team was a busy duty, after all. "Practice tomorrow in 6AM at the stadium.." He thought in the back of his head, groaning silently from having to wake up at the crack of drawn.

    Stanley finally turned to face what he assumed was the cash register speaking, rubbing the back of his neck before saying anything. "Um," The brunette glanced at the bucket full of vivid pansies, "Flowers," He said, stupidly. The jock rolled his eyes and pursed his lips, hating the fact how socially retarded he sounded like. It's a Sunday morning. Everyone functions weirdly at ungodly hours. "I need flowers--pretty flowers," Stanley slowly walked forward, picking up where he left off, "For my girlfriend," He finished. Stanley then decided to throw in his 'signature' smile, a gesture that everyone swoons over. That includes guys. Which is creepy. He tried hard not to grimace.

    Rubbing his eyes, Stanley tried hard to stay awake while he waited for the older man's answer.​
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  5. " Flowers. " Aedian mocked. " Pretty flowers. " He copied the smile that the younger fellow gave to him. He couldn't get it down at all, but he copied it to make sure the kid knew how much of an ass he looked like. " Pretty flowers for your girlfriend. " He continued, like he was surprised. " And you came to a flower shop? Wow, pretty flowers for a girl and you just decided that a flower shop, called 'Damn Flower' in obvious French was the way to go. Wow-- no, seriously, I'm impressed. " Aedian wasn't impressed.

    " Come back here, kid, " He started. He had the kid follow him to a rack of dead flowers-- things that were once beautiful and expensive, but now dead and lifeless. Aedian sighed. He knew that this was going to be a long day. " We have your Brunnera Macrophylla, Butterfly Bush Buddleja, Cabbage Rose, Camassia, Camomile Asters, Marsh Marigolds. Whatever you can think of. Just, pick whatever, give me fifteen minuets, and I'll make an arrangement. "

    Aedian couldn't believe how stupid this kid was. Did people think that was attractive? They didn't know what a real man looked like. Not that Aedian was one at all, oh no, but that kid certainly wasn't one.

  6. "Flowers." The older man mocked. Stanley rose a brow. "Pretty flowers." After he was finished (For now, unfortunately), the ginger copied his smile from earlier. He crossed his arms, obviously unamused. Okay, what was this guy's problem? It was like as if a person stuck their foot up in his goddamn ass. The stranger continued, rambling on and on; much to Stanley's disliking. "Pretty flowers for your girlfriend. " He continued, like he was surprised. "And you came to a flower shop? Wow, pretty flowers for a girl and you just decided that a flower shop, called 'Damn Flower'in obvious French was the way to go. Wow-- no, seriously, I'm impressed."

    One more word and Stanley was this close to punch his face.

    He sighed. "Come back here, kid, " The stranger started, trotting of lifelessly to the back of the room. Stanley took a deep breath and exhaled, trying to calm himself. Following along, the ginger began to list unfamiliar flowers, "We have your Brunnera Macrophylla, Butterfly Bush Buddleja, Cabbage Rose, Camassia, Camomile Asters, Marsh Marigolds. Whatever you can think of. Just, pick whatever, give me fifteen minuets, and I'll make an arrangement." They stopped in front of a bucket of dead flowers. Stanley wasn't sure if he was joking or not.

    "....Uh," Stanley glanced at the bucket of dull, crinkled flowers, then gazed back at the florist, " I'm kind of looking for flowers that are alive?" Was this guy an idiot? Do your job properly.

  7. Aedian wasn't having any of it. " Kid, I'm not trying to O.D today. Pick some flowers. I'll handle the rest. Capishe? " This kid was a knuckle head. He sighed, and rubbed his eyes. " Look, we keep live flowers in the greenery. I display the dead flowers because most people don't come for petty Valentine gifts. Camassia is a good spice, Marsh Marigolds are good for animals. " Did he really have to go through the process? God, the next thing he'll think is that pumpkins grow year round. He obviously didn't know anything about flowers.

    Aedian saw his Familiar Spirit in the window, and sighed. He closed the blinds, but the damn bird simply kept pecking at the window, creating an obnoxious tapping sound. Aedian sighed, and opened the blinds. Slowly, so the other couldn't see what he was up to. He whispered to the bird, " Go downstairs, I'll handle you later. " With that, he opened the window just a crack, letting the shadow run through the room and down the steps. In that moment, it seemed like all the shadows focused on one spot in the room, but slowly left. It'd freak out the boy, sure, but he could care less.

    " Did you pick your damn flowers yet? " He asked, taking a jug of water and downing most of it. This was going to be hard, if he wanted to regenerate an entire bouquet of dead flowers. He had to get ready for it.
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