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As the Red Latern lunged for Saboru, it would certainly seem as if the Red Lanterns assult would land... until it met a watery barrier that surrounded a certain Harbinger. The barrier would give in almost as soon as the blow landed however, enabling Kyle to continue forward.

It was a shame that was what Childe wanted.

"You're wide..." In an instant, the watery spear the Harbinger was holding elongated, slashing forward with a deadly counter-attack intent on cutting the Red Lantern in half.




@ThePotatoGod @Ori

"Didn't I introduce myself? I'm Nahida, the Archon of Wisdom." It was clear that Nahida wasn't focused on replying to Jax however- she looked enamored by the card she was holding. It almost reminded her of the card game that was popular of Teyvant.... storing the card for now, the duo continued onward, encountering a curious shop.

Reading the sign, the Archon turned over the prospect in her mind. Beings like the ones they had just encountered couldn't have possibly put this up... meaning that this was genuine offer, or a trap. Despite her child-like appearance, she didn't naively trust the sign before her...

"Jax, this cart is most likely a trap... but let's spring it anyways. Can you grab five of those golden cards for me?" She pointed to the upper-left corner. Perhaps these cards had something to do with saving the creatures she had found...?

Once Jax had deposited the cards to her, she continued her instructions. "I'm going to back up towards the east now- once I'm there, take your item, and run back towards me."

Mentally however, she conveyed an additional request.

As soon as you take your item, quickly acquire those multi-colored balls and run over- I'll protect you.

Taking his hand, she inhaled deeply before slowly breathing out. The circus man would feel... stronger, as if he had somehow learnt some ancient secret of the body. A slight green glow would surround him.

<<Jax has been granted a small portion of the Dendro Archons Power in the form of a physical buff! This effect lasts for three GM posts.>>

All that was left to do was to enact the plan. Retreating backwards towards the East, Nahida gave a thumbs up once she was confident she was far enough from any possible explosion.

Now to see what would happen.​

  • As soon as the freaky thing started throwing flaming hands at everyone, Misaka began sparking away at the hands flying towards her. Just firing away one after another, trying to keep herself from getting singed!

    The tides began to turn around soon and rather quickly, as the monster was beginning to get overwhelmed with everyone's attacks. Cracks formed on its skull, and despite its attempts to power through the group, was no doubt on the verge of being beaten!
    Then, it just turned into a block of ice..?

    "That was pretty weird.. Is it uh.. over?" She asked. Was he even going to move now? Unfortunately, the skull seemed still alive, even completely encased.

    They could just leave now. Nobody was really hurt, aside from the guy who was shape-shifting into creatures. He had lost his tail, but he should be fine-!!

    It's a frog! Misaka's eyes shot up as she took a closer look at it, only to get disappointed as she realized it was just a look-alike. In her dismay, she heard a voice talking to her, a little walking, living battery that was asking her to hit it with her electricity. When did they..? Oh yeah, the shapeshifter guy!

    "Huh? Well, I guess I can. It better be a good idea though, since you have to be some sort of masochist to get struck by me." Curious to see his idea, Misaka held her hand out and started hitting the battery with some of her sparks. "Just let me know when to stop. I might just end up popping you!"

    Misaka - #54ACD2

    @ThePotatoGod as Ben Tennyson(Pink)
    @Crow as Ben Tennyson(Green)
    @LuckycoolHawk9 as Ben Tennyson(Grass)
    @NyxieRina as Flora Escarlate
    @Kirie98 as Misaka Mikoto
    @Ori as Teruzi

  • Well, drats.

    Oh, this chaotic party that he found himself in. Looks like they ended up scaring off the people in this small, tiny village. Notably, the denizens fled to the large tree that towered over their little village. While the devil spun and the other laughed at him, he walked up to that tree the duo were investigating.

    "Hello? I apologize for what that mean devil did to you guys, but the rest of us won't hurt you. I promise on that." His eyes looked around at the other party members. If they try something violent without his approval, he's going to act on them. These fairies, wisps, or whatever they could be live here. They're the group's best shot at sorting out where they are, and how they can get out.

    "if you'd like, I can perform a cool Magic trick for you all. I just want to ask some questions. We're lost here, and we're looking for a way out."

    Rudeus - #E25041

    @ThePotatoGod as Aijo
    @Gotham Knight Todd as Josuke Higashikata
    @Foxes81_of_Anime as Jin
    @Ori as Blitzo
    @Topless as Shujinko and Resujou Kanou
    @Kirie98 as Rudeus Greyrat
    @shinku as Burt Vaughn, 'The White Devil'

  • It seemed that there was a terrible foe on the otherside of the forest. Jeanne caught up to the sight of the now-joined parties fighting a man in red. There was nothing good emanating from him. All around him, the glass forest burned into cinders. A burning, hot feeling radiated from him. Pure rage. Sheer hatred turned into raw burning energy. It almost felt more terrifying than any presence a Berserker servant could output.

    Yet, that wouldn't deter her. Already, so many of those traveling with them were facing off against the raging man. That warrior of water especially so, as he charged forward to confront him directly. Jeanne moved in the rear, ready to act incase the man inflicted with blind rage decided to launch an attack at anyone. She'll have to be ready to intercept.

    Jeanne - #F7DA64

    @ThePotatoGod as Ruby Rose
    @Midle1998 as Jaune Arc
    @SorryTM as Tartaglia
    @NyxieRina as Poco
    @Kirie98 as Jeanne D'Arc
    @Topless as Yuri Yaoi
    @FactionParadox as Saburo Katagiri
    @Crow as Nobeta
    @Sun_Lord as Kyle Rayner
    @dark as Leonidas

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Jax watched a scene of himself on tv where he passively did what he was told. "Wait who changed my show? What's going on here, is that me?"

He got up from his living room chair and found himself still in the corridor with the little girl. He stomped over to his doppelganger and pushed it over, revealing it to be a statue made of fruit which toppled into a fruit pile on the floor, and the head rolled off, a watermelon with a face drawn in marker.

"Come oooon, don't be so paranoid! Why would this vending machine be trapped? Besides, you didn't really answer my question so-" as he grabbed his choice of items, the regular bombs, a hail of rocks fell from the ceiling nearby and rolled over him, causing him to be carried away like Zooble that one time.

"Oh $#!@ IT WAS ACTUALLY TRAPPED!" He yelped, rolling away.


  • Jax managed to grab only the Bombs. Although unlike Jax's cartoonish events, all that really did was close off the box where the bombs were, preventing any more to be taken. Though it soon opened up again after Jax fled the scene, refilling in an instead. It's some kind of automated self-service stall.

    Guess if Nahida wanted to experiment, she'd have to do it herself.

    • Aijo Kiirome
      Interaction: @Kirie98

      As Rudeus greeted and approached the massive tree, the young mageling would discover that it, too, had a camouflage door engraved onto its bark. It looks as though it functions as one, too. Rudeus would hear some murmurings from within the bark. Hundreds, no, maybe millions of distinct voices can be heard from inside, discussing amongst one another. They sound wary of Rudeus.

      "We're afraid we cannot do that." A rather royal sounding voice spoke through the cracks of the door, "To do so is to set loose a monster upon our lands. We would much rather not risk letting it out." It said, voicing the fairies' own concerns over to Rudeus, as if considering it.

    • Interaction: @Goonfire

      Ada attempts to grapple over the barricades, but the forest itself indirectly says no; the trees suddenly rise in height in a blink of an eye, causing the hook to get tangled amongst the branches of the trees. It's as if the forest itself is aware of anyone trying to break the rules of the maze.

      You could always pull it back to break the branches indirectly.

  • --Ben Tennyson || Vaporeon--
    Interaction: @NyxieRina @Crow @Goonfire @Kirie98 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Ori

    Veso activated what appears to be a blue forcefield over everyone, protecting them from the now ice monster's own attacks. Maybe everyone didn't notice, but someone else was with them stowing the now proverbial flames of this fight. Another bizarre looking paper airplane drifted down at the panicking Vaporeon, wondering if she still has to fight. Though before Ben could decide, the plane poked the Vaporeon's back, and turned her into a silhouette of light, changing her from a fish like entity, to a more fluffy one.

    Merpour evolved into Flareon!?

    Suddenly, the light dissipated and revealed an orange furred anthropomorphic canine similar to Vaporeon, but this time, with a golden mane that resembled flames. Its large fish tail turned into a large furred one.

    "Woah, what just…?" The Vaporeon now Flareon was understandably confused, looking at itself followed by Ben scratching his head. This inversion phenomenon was similar to how the Fire Arms turned into an Ice cube–could this mean the same thing, however?

    "If I'm right about this, then this saves me the trouble of switching you to Heatblast." Ben grinned, seeing as the now Flareon began to emit an aura of flame, clenching its fists in intense excitement as she managed to tap onto her new fire powers. "Melt the ice, Merpour!"

    "Fla!" Flareon let out a cry as she began to rush towards the somewhat immoble ice cube'd skull. Circling the creature as her body spewed out a string of flame, encasing the cube in a Fire Spin. It began melting as more and more people began to crack down on the cubes, tendrils of water began to form, rising from the ground in a frenzy, most of which targeting the attackers!

    It also swatted away a certain black ball from the cube.

    Enemies Left: 1

    - -
    - -

    - -
    HP: [X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X][X]


    BURST State
    -Exclusive to Tough and [?????] Encounters. The Enemy/s within the encounter will enter a second phase after their HP is fully depleted. This will enhance the enemy's moveset and increase their parameters. They do not have a set HP value. For some, this serves as their dying breath. In others, this just means they're getting serious. From then on, it's up to the GM how long the fight will go on as the RPG mechanics are forced out the window and it becomes a REAL fight.

    Purification Status Effect
    -For Tough Encounters, Purification can only be inflicted while they're in the BURST phase of the encounter. They can be purified if the Purification attack/item is used on the Enemy for 5 consecutive posts.

    -Inverts affinities and properties down to the minute detail.

  • --Hayato Ichimonji--
    Interaction: @Mr_Meekins @noob13241

    Ken moves west more, with The Hand's bullets shooting ahead of him right as he attempts to continue westward, preventing Ken from moving on for a moment. Looking behind him, Ken would notice The Hand slowly catching up to him

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The demon, seemingly getting bored of Blitz's antics, walked over to Rudeus and hummed, stretching. "Sooo...what'cha doin'?" the young demon asked boredly before their pointed ears pricked up in surprise. "Wait, did the tree just speak...? Monster? Whaaaat?" they asked in confusion, their tail slapping the ground in a mixture of anger and confusion.

"Whaddya mean?" they asked.
"If it's a monster, I bet'cha Curse-y Mouth here could run away from it," they casually pointed over their shoulder at Blitz.


The man did another satisfied fist pump. "Heck yeah!"

He watched from the sidelines as the Vaporeon-now-turned-Flareon hit the monster before seeing the water tendrils approaching everyone.

"Damn it!" he cursed under his breath before trying to fly his hoverboard out of the way--if one of those things caught him, he was dead.

He bit his tongue to stifle a scream--that would alert the others...and threw one more paper plane at Ben. Although, this one was much slower than the others- allowing him to dodge it if he wanted.


After this, he clutched his head in pain and was forced to float down, hiding wherever he could. The man shook with pain as he groaned.

  • The barrier put up well against the Red Lantern's attacks, considering his perpetual state of anger rendering his alignment on the negative scale. But then there is the problem; fire and hear are everywhere and another group of people had just arrived to witness the battle and some of them went in between the other group and Kyle. "Ah, no, no, no, you people should stand back!" Yuri pleaded as they move their fingers to cast another spell.

    Whatever it is they have planned, they'd better use it as soon as possible.


  • When the siblings approached the tree, they heard it talk. Retsujo, bored out of her mind, started to knock the tree like a door. "Hello? Is anybody in there? Come out with your hands up." She spoke, much to Shujinko 's dismay.


  • He listened intently, hearing all the voices coming from within the tree. There were thousands of them. all living within this great tree, more than the small little village outside indicated. Just how many were here? He noted a door that was well concealed, but decided not to try and open it, lest he incur some kind of curse.

    "Hey, cut it out." Rudeus holds his wand out in front of Retsujo, preventing the girl from knocking further. "They're already very frightened by our presence. Let's not give them any more trouble while we're here." It's going to be difficult keeping a chaotic party like this in line if they're going to independently cause some sort of trouble now and then.

    He wanted to know what monster the fairies (which is the name he's going to give them. They're balls of floating light that remind him of such) were speaking of. "Is it the thing causing those horrible roars earlier? What if we go ahead and take care of this monster for you?"

    Rudeus - #E25041

    @ThePotatoGod as Aijo
    @Gotham Knight Todd as Josuke Higashikata
    @Foxes81_of_Anime as Jin
    @Ori as Blitzo
    @Topless as Shujinko and Resujou Kanou
    @Kirie98 as Rudeus Greyrat
    @shinku as Burt Vaughn, 'The White Devil'


  • "Poppin' is exactly what I need to do! Eeheeheeheehee!!!"

    Buzzshock's body would distort, twisting about and expanding to a great size before his thin outer layer exploded like a balloon and disintegrated into ions, all the while many a Buzzshock the same size as the original would burst forward right at the Manaspawn - some of them striking the Manaspawn's water tentacles as their electricity surged through them, and others missing.

    "Thanks for the assist, Sparky, but now..."

    The remaining Buzzshocks would start to hover around in a circle at great speeds above the Manaspawn as lightningbolts repeatedly struck it.

    @ThePotatoGod @NyxieRina @Crow @Goonfire @Kirie98 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Ori

  • Ada stared at the trees above in disbelief for a moment. "Trees that grow to spite me? That's a new trick," she then remarked dryly, just before retracting her grappling hook the rest of the way. The branch broke off under the tension, hitting the ground on the other side of the barrier.

    "Time to play by the rules," Ada sighed, turning her rifle butt to smash the brittle blockade. Looking back to the other one, separating her from the rest of the party, the spy paused. Who knew what could happen now? The place was out of the ordinary—perhaps not out of her depth, but she chose to instead destroy the other barricade and rejoin her party to report her findings.

    "This is an interesting place," Ada commented once she found Aijo and Ben. "Suspicious barricades, magic trees... All we need is a fire-breathing dragon."

    @ThePotatoGod @LuckycoolHawk9

Kirby would not be paying attention to anything that had happened with the Batarangs and would turn to see that the dog friend was running from something. " Doggo friend is in trouble," he replied to the group and would run towards the danger. It seemed that the adorable perchance for running towards the danger. He would throw his new toy over the dog's head and would throw the batarang at whatever was chasing the Doggo. "What did doggo find?" Kirby asked, not sure what else to ask. The whole Rex encounter was definitely not even a little on the puffball's mind.

@ThePotatoGod @noob13241 @Kirby is leaving you all because he sees a friend in danger

Ben, the Prometheus

Ben would listen to the group of fairies and was starting to suspect something. " Okay, I think we will leave you to rebuild your village, fairies," he replied, knowing that they were not going to get anywhere at the moment with them. There was some sort of beast that the fairies were scared of, and he had a sneaking suspicison he knew where it was. "It's good to know that the trees are blocking certain paths from us going through. We need to head back the way we came. I'm pretty positive I know where we have to go," he replied, heading back towards the intersection they had first came from ( where the wall had need to be broken) and would head south down it once he arrived there.... if the maze allowed him to do that.


Benji was noticing that he was not getting very far with his alien but when he tried to change, the Omnitrix wouldn't allow him to change. " I guess you are the best alien for the job here," he replied, using the laser eyes more on the monster, seeing if that would be the best bet for now. He was honestly surprised that the alien form hadn't timed out yet and he wondered how time would work in here. He took a deep breath, hoping that they would be able to beat this monster soon.

@ThePotatoGod @NyxieRina @Crow @Goonfire @Ori @Fight

Interaction: @Crow @Goonfire @Kirie98 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Ori @ThePotatoGod

Unfortunately for the trainer, it seemed like things were not going her way. Both Cayenne's Will-O-Wisp and her Pokeball failed to hit the creature, even with its terrible coordination and large size.

Though she was distracted by something else for the moment. One of the Bens (The green not Benji one) seemed to turn into a Cylizar before shifting into something she didnt recognize. Then the weirdly sexy Vaporeon turned into a Flareon. What was up with that? For people who claimed to have no knowledge of Pokemon, there was a lot of Pokemon popping up that wasn't hers.

"I'll have to talk with them later." She shook her head and refocused on the battle. "We'll have to be more direct Cayenne! Flamethrower!" She commanded her starter as she got another Ultra Ball in her hand. Cayanne opened her mouth and spewed a torrent of flames unlike the mysterious wispy ones from before, while Flora threw the ball, this time making sure that she had the creature's skull in the line of fire.

    • Aijo Kiirome
      Interaction: @Kirie98 @Foxes81_of_Anime @Topless @LuckycoolHawk9 @Gotham Knight Todd @Ori @shinku

      Rudeus would hear the fairies commune with one another for a bit before answering the reincarnated mage.

      "We believe that to be the case", the leading Fairy responded, "We recognize the roar of the Manaspawn trying to reclaim its Master's power, which we hid in hopes of keeping his destructive wrath away from our civilization. We managed to seal the Manaspawn away, too, but we fear it might've broken out." She explained, "It's trying to reclaim the key to what you Outsiders may call the Exit–a stairwell to the next floor, where we had sealed its Master." The door opened slightly, interest piqued at the notion of Rudeus offering to defeat the monster for them. "Can you, really?" she asked, "You'd do that for us, Outsider?" She asked, curious if they'd even try to help. "You would dare brave the Master of this Forest for us?" She asked, revealing quite the crucial piece of information while she's at it;

      This Place has a Master, one who's likely to have brought them here in the first place.

    • Interaction: @LuckycoolHawk9

      The DemiGod would continue south to find something interesting. It leads to a dead end; one that's similar to the barricades set up around the village. It's almost as if they were trying to stall whatever's after them for as long as they can nigh indefinitely. Which isn't saying much considering their defenses; or lack thereof.

  • --Ben Tennyson || Flareon--
    Interaction: @NyxieRina @Crow @Goonfire @Kirie98 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Ori

    Hearing the rustling of paper nearby, Ben was alerted to the sound of a Paper Airplane flying toward him. A brow raised as to where and how it was even flung. He attempted to swat away the plane with his cane, thinking it was some kind of trick. Though a hit is a hit, in one way or another, which caused his cane to transmogrify from a simple walking stick to a full on sword; though not the kind he'd expect from the Avalon, no, it's something different. Instead of a silver broadsword, it's some golden bow, wrapped in magenta cloth from one wound up string to another. The string itself appeared to be holographic, made of pink light–akin to that of Rook's ProtoTool when he uses it as a laser bow.

    "I can work with this. Thanks, mystery plane dude!" Ben whistled a bit before taking aim, pulling the light string back as a golden arrow formed around his pointer finger which held the bow steady and true. He aimed with his thumb, making sure that it lines up directly onto the sharp point of the iced opponent's frosty shell. "Go!" He glared right as he let go of the string, snapping into place with a gunshot like bang as the arrow flew out of its mechanical bow. The arrow was a spiral of pink and gold, two forces of nature and magic entertwined launched at the breaking point of the icy shell, weakened by the continous attempts of thawing by both the Flareon and the Crocodile Singer thing, bathing the creature in flames of varying strengths. The Singer spewing literal fire beats while the Flareon wrote Kanji on thin air using nothing but its purning paws. Soon, with but a single shot landing, part of the ice shell shattered thanks to both fire pokemons weakening the shell exposing the cracks of the skull for everyone to strike!

    Benji's Laser Eyes didn't hit the shell nor the now exposed skull; instead, it hit the Ultraball that Floran sent out, launching and pressing it against the skull's cracks in nigh rapid succession–essentially forcing a capture as the ball opened up, bathing the creature in a red light as it lost its mass and was forced onto the ball.

    With a silent thud, it landed on the charred and wet grass. An odd, tense feeling filling the battlefield as the ball began to wobble.




    With each shake signaling a moment where the creature could break free. For Flora, she noticed how long it's taking–it had taken three shakes, and yet, it continues to shake.




    Three more times, it shook, aligning itself perfectly center as it shook like a quivering egg, ready to burst. Suddenly, a snap. A clicking of a camera echoed as a faint jingle can be heard from the ball. For Flora, it's one she hears loud and clear–a sign of victory. Whatever this thing was, it's finally captured.

    Enemy Purification. No major wounds sustained. Party lives to see another day.

    Enemy Purification. No major wounds sustained. Party lives to see another day.



  • --Hayato Ichimonji--
    Interaction: @Mr_Meekins @noob13241 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Goonfire

    Breaking down the southern barricade, Ada would move south until she found what seems to be stone bricks lining the ground like an incomplete road. The forest receding, pushed aside to make some kind of road. Though some translucent glass trees still acted as walls in a not so green forest maze.

    Still, it's a sign that she's going the right way, somehow. There's also a branching path westward a few steps back, but this slightly brick lined path seems rather important.

    What a find.

    Though if she had stayed a bit long and peered down the furthest path, it would seem that a lone dog eared child had wandered into this place as well, now faced with a choice to either move to the east, which curves northward, deeper into the glass forest, or westward, towards the unknown with assailants right behind him.

    This includes a terrifying pink blob of god knows what. It's shaped like a ball, yet it's holding a knife shaped like a bat. Surely, this is meant to threaten the child! Trailing further behind the pink blob was an unsightly duo; a cloacked mysterioso and a coated lunatic in a bug helmet!

  • Interaction: @Signupname

    What happened to the Inquisitor was unlike anything he had seen. No, it's more like his Emperor had turned against him when his brillian light, one that shone with a myriad of colors can be seen cascading through the cosmos, wiping out everyone and everything, even the glory of man had not been spared.

    When he had awakened, the man found himself in some uncharted planet. One that can be found only in fantasies; a forest of glass and obsidian. A farm of crystal wheat that covered the horizon like corn crops. Is this where his faith leads him?

    To the Inquisitor, there's a path that cuts through the crop of crystal wheats, and another that follows the wall of trees that appear to have been melded together like molten metal, except it's crystalline and reminiscent of translucent glass.

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Ben Tennyson - defeated Manaspawn!

All the surviving Buzzshocks were forcefully melded together as a flash of light transformed them back into Ben Tennyson.

"That was something," Ben said as he raised a palm, "high fi-"

He raised two palms.

"High ten!"

@NyxieRina @Crow @Goonfire @Kirie98 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Ori @ThePotatoGod
Trainer Flora

Interaction: @Crow @Goonfire @Kirie98 @LuckycoolHawk9 @Ori @ThePotatoGod

Even with all the attacks flying by, Flora kept a close eye on the changed Manaspawn. It was weak, but there could be another last hurrah coming soon. Like when she fought Ogerpon, pushing herself past her limits and using all her masks up before she finally admitted defeat and allowed herself to be captured.

Suddenly, the whole creature seized up as its body turned to data and went inside the ball. Her breath hitched and her grip tightened around Meatball's handlebars. It could be caught. It went in. But will it stay in?

Time seemed to slow down around her as she watched the ball intensely, seeing it rock back and forth as the creature fought against the Ultraball. Even Cayenne and Meatball were silent as they watched a familiar scene play out, waiting for the sign of capture.

After what felt like an eternity (but was probably less than a minute) the ball stilled. Then it clicked.


"YES!!!" Flora couldn't help but shout as she raised a fist to the sky. "I caught it!" She then scrambled off of Meatball's back and ran to the now-filled Ultra Ball, too excited to see her new capture to even tell him to move.

"Grawr." [Looks like we have a new teammate.] Meatball said, fondly shaking his head as his trainer hurriedly went to pick it up.

"Leedge," [Indeed.] Cayanne agreed. "Skeleh..." [But I am confused... I didn't hear much from inside my ball.]

"Agi," [Ah, well-] Meatball tried to explain what had happened, once again becoming the exposition dragon for his teammate.

Meanwhile, Flora managed to reach the ball's resting place. She picked the ball up gently, while simultaneously getting her Rotom Phone out to check the Pokedex.

"Hmm... Analysis failed." As scary as the sign of the glitched-out thing on her screen was, it wasn't something she was too worried about. That appeared a lot during her journey, mostly while cataloging the Paradox Pokemon, Ogerpon, and Terapagos. But those were usually resolved by taking said Pokemon to Jacq and getting it registered properly in the dex. Heck, maybe it registered as a Pokemon from another region, as the same thing happened before when she caught an out-of-region Charmander.

But sitting there and speculating wasn't going to change things. She already had it in a ball, all she had to do was to see it.

"Come on out," She said gently as she triggered the Ultra Ball to send out her newly caught Pokemon. She had no idea what she'd have, and from the beam of light came out...
Interaction: @Signupname

What happened to the Inquisitor was unlike anything he had seen. No, it's more like his Emperor had turned against him when this brilliant light, one that shone with a myriad of colors can be seen cascading through the cosmos, wiping out everyone and everything, even the glory of man had not been spared.

When he had awakened, the man found himself in some uncharted planet. One that can be found only in fantasies; a forest of glass and obsidian. A farm of crystal wheat that covered the horizon like corn crops. Is this where his faith leads him?

To the Inquisitor, there's a path that cuts through the crop of crystal wheats, and another that follows the wall of trees that appear to have been melded together like molten metal, except it's crystalline and reminiscent of translucent glass.


He opens his eyes.

An unfamiliar chill rush through him. He remember what is to him mere moments before. A raid of a cultist lair ran to fiercer resistance. His retinue falls , one after another. The final plunge of his blade against the Apostate. That damnable searing light of color - foul deed of the warp he was certain.

And then silence.

The Inquisitor stands up, awake by the humming noise and the fluttering wing of the cherub flocks, noises that pierce through the quiet of where he is. Straighten up his clothes, he use his psychic sense to scan the close surrounding as he looked around.


Nothing but fields of crystalline 'vegetations', stretched to infinity. No way out except for two paths ahead of him.

And the wings of the cherub flock remains fluttering.

He frowns.

Crystals are often the motifs of the accursed Changer, the most dangerous of the Foul Powers. And the events leading to why he's here doesn't convinced otherwise.

But why does he not sense any sign of Empyrean corruption among these ?

He silently shakes his head. There are no way to be completely certain when the accursed lord of Sorcery is involved.

And so , making the sign of the Aquilla, he pressed on forward.

On the path cutting through the field
  • Ken would continue his run without hesitation or thought. Neither could catch the child in years so this moment would be no different.
    Regardless, his ears catch sounds of those following and small things.

    Sounds of things flying through the air, but not heading at him. That thought would be all that's needed to ignore whatever happened.
    For a second he thought he heard something moving down the path northeast, which means more things that way...
    And then somebody asked about what he found (he thinks so at least? Dog is what some people call him, so that's probably right).

    So he answers with one word as he continues west. "Scarf!"
    Child yells to Kirb: @Mr_Meekins @ThePotatoGod @LuckycoolHawk9 @Goonfire
  • Well, she thought she had found them again. This stretch of eroded road was unfamiliar—that was for sure. As she emerged, she caught a glimpse of a small figure—a child—fleeing to the west. Heavy footsteps approached, from two men and a pink ball giving chase. Ada stepped out right behind the latter two and drew her pistol. "That's far enough, boys!" she ordered them. "Put your hands where I can see them." She doubted she could keep up with the pink one, but distracting these two jokers was surely a boon to that kid.

    Keeping the gun trained on their backs, Ada proceeded to question them. "So? What's so important about that kid?"

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  • Veso staggered back, clearly exhausted and a bit singed. "Nice work... Whew! I need to find a combat proxy soon. That was way too close," he lamented breathlessly. He tensed up and clutched his Plinx as Flora immediately tried to let it out again. "Are you sure we shouldn't give it a moment to settle down?" he questioned, suddenly doubting the trainer's sanity.


  • After leaving him to be supercharged, Misaka watched as he began to erratically bounce around, zapping and shocking at the ice-shell of the creature. Man, he really was giving it hell now, was he? She kept up a charge, although allowed the others to start whaling down against the monster, until a lucky strike launched one of those balls from the monster trainer directly into the skull of the creature, sucking it in, and wobbling harmlessly on the ground.

    Sparks continued to fly off around Misaka's head as she watched it carefully, until it started to settle more, making a faint jingling noise once it stopped.

    "..Is that it? I guess we did it, huh?" She relaxed herself. It was a bit of a frantic fight, but looks like nobody got too badly bruised or scorched during it. If anything, they overpowered the monster rather quickly.

    "I guess your little plan wasn't too bad after all." She grinned, giving the battery-now boy a deserved high-five. As for a high ten.. that felt a little odd for her.

    Misaka - #54ACD2

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    @Ori as Teruzi

  • Rudeus listened intently. He now learned a few things. First, the roar belonged to a monster called the Manaspawn. Second, it had a Master, sealed somewhere within this place. Specifically, a stairwell that leads to the next floor.

    "There are multiple layers to this world?" He asks. That could prove difficult to the goal of getting out of here easily. Well, looks like it's going to be quite the difficult run. Looking at his party, he wasn't too sure if they were capable of the job. Depending on the threat level of the monster, it could either be easy or difficult.
    Looking back at the door, noting that the fairies were now slightly open towards them, he scratched the back of his head.

    "I think we can do it. We'll go ahead and deal with the Manaspawn. If we do that, you'll help show us the way out, right?"

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    @Kirie98 as Rudeus Greyrat
    @shinku as Burt Vaughn, 'The White Devil'


  • "Manaspawn huh? Sounds like a phantasmal beast to me." Shujinko spoke as he and Retsujo listened to what the fairies had to say. "I'm curious; what does this Manaspawn look like? As well as it's master. Honestly I don't give two craps about this place, but if it means getting us out of here, we might as well have no choice." Shujinko asked and then he leaned into the slightly opened door to whisper "Be quick though. My sister's getting real bored and might throw a hissy fit if she doesn't get her action fix. She could obliterate this entire floor at a moment notice."

    "Shujinko, what are you whispering about?" Retsujo asked. "I asked about what the Manaspawn and it's master looked like." He answered, but she doesn't buy it. "B.S., I know you're saying something about me. My divination does not lie." She said. "Right, you're also a fortune teller, so what? It doesn't matter. We have something to deal with our hands." Shujinko replied. "How about we just find this Manaspawn and master so we can get out of here. And oh, find Yuri also. I missed them so much." Retsujo said.

    "I agree. I don't even like this place anyway. Makes me sick."

    @Gotham Knight Todd