The Old Brooks' Place

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    The town of Mayberry has been a rather peaceful town, not much interesting happens here, but, like every town, it has it's fair share of stories. The most prominent, is the Old Brooks' Place, a house in a small lower middle class district. The house has been empty for the better part of fifty years, and there are twice as many stories for each year the house has been abandoned about why it is. What it all boils down to, is that it is the scene of a decades old tragedy shrouded in mystery. It has become something of a tradition to send the new kids in the town into the house, where they often report to seeing strange things, and many of which never return.

    It is now early fall, the leaves are just beginning to change color, and the the temperatures were only just beginning to drop. The local high school received it's latest student a couple weeks ago, a young woman whom was none too thrilled with the new town, but couldn't help but be fascinated by the house, even as she only drove by it. It wasn't long before her peers got to her, and began planning for their latest visit to the Brooks' Place. It is now Friday evening, only a few short hours until our young heroine is scheduled to meet up with her new friends at the scene.

    The sun is beginning to fall below the horizon, and the temperatures with it, bringing a slight chill in the air with the occasional wind gust that seems to blow straight through any coat one would wear. What does this particularly chilly night have in store for her? For her friends? What secrets of the Old Brooks' Place will be uncovered? The better question is, should they ever be uncovered?

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  2. Name: Enrica Dovane
    Age: 17
    Gender: Female
    Phobia: Scotophobia, Fear of Darkness

    Enrica is a proud and knowledgeable young woman. She a realist and doesn't believe in anything she doesn't see, hear, touch and/or smell. She is always skeptical about anything and would always ALWAYS tries to find a logical answer to everything that is unexplainable. She never likes to admit defeat so easily.

    Short Bio:
    She is the new girl in town who wasn't trilled to be here in the first place. She and her family had moved into town due to her fathers work. She hates being in the dark. The reason for it was when she was young, she got lost playing in the woods and had to stay for the night. Ever since then she hated being in the dark alone.

    Looks: [See picture on the right.]
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