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  1. Yes, that's right. A general rule was formed not so long ago, named the No-No Topics. There are three:

    1. Politics
    2. Religion
    3. Music

    This is so because whenever broached these topics usually end up with verbal fighting. Sometimes fist-fighting. But, you guys seem intelligent and mature enough to handle any one of these.

    I would like to talk about the subject of religion. What are your views? And, why do you feel this way?
  2. Agnostic Buddhist. I was raised a Christian, but I was never one to follow something blindly. I'm a woman of science, and I am constantly searching for answers. All religions intrigue me, and I do not discriminate based upon beliefs. My form of Buddhism is about finding the answers in yourself, understanding the world and living in harmony with it. It is with Buddhism that I was able to finally shut my overactive mind up, I was able to meditate and relax for the first time in my life. Buddhists traditionally do not believe in god, nor do they think Buddha is god. Gautama himself said he was only sharing what he learned with everyone, and that anyone can become Buddha. We do not believe that we will be reincarnated as animals after we die- that was a huge myth. Buddhists believe that they can be "reborn" again and again, through the constant state of evolution and bettering oneself through a deeper understanding. One of the key traits of Buddhism is acceptance; learning to accept the world and to accept yourself. Removing wants and desires, therefore removing strife. If you're content with the world, then what is there to long for?

    This is a very western version of Buddhism. I know in countries like Nepal and India, Buddhism has actually been morphed with Hinduism and other such religions into idol worship, taking on a completely different meaning. I personally think Buddhism is whatever you want to make it. Religion should be a personal thing, and Buddhism lets you take it there.
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  3. My political views that is an easy one. There isn't a single political system that works. Name me one country that doesn't have homeless, drug addicts, and authority figures that haven't abused their powers at least once. And by what right do politicians wear suits, have huge paychecks, and personal drivers when their people suffer. By what right do they send others to die fighting their wars.

    Religion has no business existing at all. People have killed in a god's name far too often. Priests have raped too many altar boys. And the very notion God gives a damn what I eat or wear is laughable. I mean did I join a religion or a bunch of hipsters?

    Music is a subjective thing. It all depends on your tastes.
  4. Politics, bah, every politician is a crook in my opinion. "Vote for me, I'll do this." "Don't vote for me, this won't happen." It is all a crock to me, the division, the parties devoted to making things better. Yeah.

    Religion-I have no classification. I'm not a Christian, Catholic, Buddhist, any of that. I'm just me. I believe in what I believe in, my own personal beliefs, not trying to pass them onto anyone else nor have anyone try to do the same to me. We all may or may not believe in what we do.

    Music- I agree with Hisoka above, it all depends on your tastes. For me, I like anything with a beat that can make me think and write.
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  5. Im a non denominationalchristian . Its a mouthful. Im not strict on my religion, i attend a service for church once a month and i just try my best to pray. I am also a vegetarian which isnt exactly ok with my family lol

    Im really not into politicsbut i will say i dont agree with obama in any way other than gay marriage.

    I love music except for classical music or orchestra blegh
  6. 1. Almost everyone who wants to be a politician would (does) make terrible ones. The people who would be good politicians couldn't be paid enough to do it. I'm not really all that trusting of the system or the people in it. I'm a flaming liberal with social policy but financially fairly moderate; my personal beliefs are that rights and responsibilities ought to be equalized.

    2. I'm a Pastafarian minister. No, my religion is not a joke. Yes, it is funny. Yes, we can laugh at ourselves. No, I won't get offended if you laugh too. Yes, I will get offended if you accuse us of being fake, stupid, offensive, etc. Yes, I wear the colander on my head sometimes. Oh, and yes, I can marry people (when I turn 18). Legally.

    3. If it isn't loud enough for me to hear it, I don't give a damn what you listen to. I've realized that I'm not actually a huge fan of music, persay, I just really love lyrics. Poetry set to song. Whatever instruments or background noise you use, I'm actually just there for the words 95% of the time. I love words. I don't understand music. Sorry. :c
  7. I am a worm, released from the can. I am very delicious. Please keep your cool when you handle me.

    We need politics, and I think the people who think that politics is either completely stupid or just plain unnecessary are kind of ignorant of what politicizing has given us, and how the system, however seemingly flawed, has actually done more good than bad; without the system's existence, people would most likely take the laws into their own hands, which in many communities would mean self-destructive anarchy. Anyway, my personal beliefs on politics are ones which I would rather not classify according to a generalized system of belief, since I believe that Liberals and Conservatives nowadays (in pretty much any country, not just the Philippines (y home base) or the States (of Amurrica)) are (in general) as stubborn as mules when trying to uphold their beliefs, to the point of being destructive to both themselves and their nations; however, in general, they do seem to lean more on Modern American Liberalism when it comes to social policy, Socialism when it comes to fiscal ideology, and Modern American Conservativism when it comes to fiscal practice.
    Note though that my political views are, at the moment, kinda malleable, so really my statement here with regards to my political beliefs may be rather, er, inconsistent.

    I am a Protestant Christian, and though I consider myself to be a fairly pious person, I often seem to be contrarious to this fact, as I greatly lack in practical virtue, and I am quite used to thinking in modes a bit too....Classical for Christian values; and so, in these terms, a lots of times I find myself locked in conflict. In general, I believe myself to be fairly tolerant of differing spiritual beliefs, but fairly intolerant of a lack of spiritual beliefs (ie agnosticism and not atheism, as atheism I view as somewhat spiritual, being a firm belief in the lack of anything spiritual, and not something that, to me, immediately seems like a mere lack of thought on the subject); spiritualism is, in my opinion, a necessity in all people's lives, and people who do not give even a tiny poop about it are, in my opinion, lacking in a full acknowledgement of their own humanity.
    Also, I absolutely hate people hating on religion because of all the bad things it has supposedly done, for two things: first, to me, they often seem to forget that many more good things exist because of religion, an example of which is science, which, however stunted in growth by the Catholic Church in the Renaissance and Enlightenment periods (and, in certain fields, even now), could not at all have existed without the actions (which were primarily motivated by a belief in God and not merely a sense of curiosity) of medieval monks; second, they also forget to distinguish between a religious system and the religion itself, blaming both instead of solely the fallibly human system alone, as the religion itself, ie the set of beliefs it defines and encompasses, is always, regardless of specifics, made and formed for the benefit of humanity and beyond.

    Music? I dunno, though my beliefs on it are in a sense way more comprehensive than on the above topics, they're not really as impassioned, and so they'd seem rather awkward if I presented them here. I will say this, though: I consider myself an eclectic, but I sort of have a general aversion to Alternative music that's too experimental, modern mainstream pop music, deafeningly loud dance music, Heavy Metal (and variations thereof, such as Death Metal), Progressive Rock, and Hip-hop with awfully meaningless rhymes; I have, meanwhile a general attraction to Romantic Music (not music about love, but music by Brahms, Wagner, Strauss, Mahler, et al.), 60's rock, Vocal Jazz, and perhaps Folk Music, though really I listen to music more by artist than by genre (with my favorite artists being, primarily, Björk, Joni Mitchell, Richard Strauss, Johannes Brahms, The Beatles, U2, and Ella Fitzgerald).
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  8. Also, at first I really thought this thread was a discussion on the sexual harassment of kids (or Troy).
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  9. Wasn't it started as a joke though?
  10. I don't pay attention to bureaucrats, religious heads, or music makers.
  11. ''The "Flying Spaghetti Monster" was first described in a satirical open letter written by Bobby Henderson in 2005 to protest the Kansas State Board of Educationdecision to permit teaching intelligent design as an alternative to evolution in public school science classes.[6] In that letter, Henderson satirized creationism by professing his belief that whenever a scientist carbon-dates an object, a supernatural creator that closely resembles spaghetti and meatballs is there "changing the results with His Noodly Appendage".''

    A little wikipedia quote, yes @Ocha the religion was created in satire.
  12. Sarcasm removed at mod's request. Apologies for offense taken.
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  13. Yup. Kay.
    Anyway @Ocha just google it, you can find it out on your own.
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  14. I was born and raised as a Christian, though recently I have renounced my religion. Currently, I do not believe in any deity. I do not judge people for their beliefs, be they Buddhist, or Hindu. Each religion teaches an important lesson that people can use in their everyday lives. I don't think I plan to believe in anything, but I want to learn about every religion before I even decide to choose one.
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  15. I'm beginning to see why they're considered "No-No" topics, but I'll answer regardless.

    In terms of politics (or at least the political compass), I'm a libertarian with a fairly strong left lean. I won't air any specific views, but that term and description should be enough, I think.

    Religion... Yikes. Quite the dangerous topic. I, too, am an ordained Pastafarian minister, blessed be His Noodley Appendages and the Holy Work they hath wrought. Ramen. And yes, the religion itself is one adopted by those of us with a satirical bent towards organized religion. In short, yes, it was started as a joke to mock Creationists. That doesn't stop me from donning my holy pirate garb when I perform marriages, baptisms, divorces, or burials (the latter two with the consent of the deceased).

    Of course, I'm also an ordained minister of the Universal Life Church. My official title as per my certification is "Grand Master Brain Wizard". In addition, I consider myself a loose adherent to the Erisian school of thought.

    Music is an easy one. While I was born and raised on classic rock such as Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, The Firm, and Uriah Heep, I find myself drawn to all genres at one point or another. Some days I prefer the dulcet sounds of lounge jazz, others I want lively electroswing or house. I've even been known to listen to a handful of rap songs or country, the two genres which a lot of "geeks" seem to revile for some reason.

    To be perfectly honest, I don't believe these should be "no-no topics", at least in an ideal environs. The sad reality is that, such as the example above, people can and will take offense to any perceived slight towards their beliefs or tastes.
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  16. Mention religion on the internet and drama will follow, natch.

    That aside, let's see.
    Religiously... I don't care. People can do what they want as long as I'm not being bothered; not like I can stop them. If someone wants to believe that there is a man in the sky watching over them, and that makes them happy, or whatever they want to believe -- well, that's fine, isn't it? So long as they're happy and not actively going out of their way to harm other people, it's just fine.

    Music... meh. I like what I like, and I dislike what I dislike. I've got no business criticizing others' taste in music when I listen to breakcore, speedcore, gabber and the like.

    Politics... I have no idea. Just don't start a nuclear firefight and everything'll be a-okay.
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  17. I don't go by a particular religion, but I have many pagan friends and enjoy listening to them speak about theirs. I also enjoy my best friend's Buddhist mother and grandmother teaching to me. I live in a set christian community, where a lot of hate rules. So It's nice to hear kind of hippie-like kindness, but I seek it out on my own, if others wish to believe in their faith they are welcome to and I won't go against it. That being said, you cannot just cast aside facts for your religion, facts are still just that, it's annoying to listen to people rant about how facts can't possibly be true because their religion says so.

    I particularly like this conversation though because music IS one of those things that's totally controversial! I listen to a TON of different music, and people nag me all the time about it even when I can hear it and not them. I listen to Japanese pop and Japanese metal, 1930's Jazz, dub step, rap, and child-like hip hop. Occasionally I'll listen to Ke$ha or Miley Cyrus, and even though it's not all the time I get stereotyped as a "Teenage white fangirl" because I listen to one or two songs by the artists. I'm suddenly street trash because of it. Which is bull. Then when I listen to my Japanese music I'm considered an "Anime nerd" who goes to cons and must totally know everything about anime and manga and Japanese culture. When I listen to dub step people think I take drugs and go to raves. It's so stupid, and all of these questions are real life things people mention to me after looking through my iPod or maybe I turn my music up too loud and I have to turn it down and they go "What is that?!" I personally hate country music, and living in a small christian town there is a lot of it. That being said you don't see me going "Wow you must drink a lot of beer and have a mullet listening to that kind of music" to people, so why would someone else say something to me.

    Anyway, I thought it was good you brought that up. Normally when people think of controversial things they think of human rights, politics, and religion. But music is also something that people have a problem with!
  18. You forgot Number Four, Bathroom Habits.

  19. Don't forget whether you want your TP roll to be over or under! Or whether or not it's OK to pick the stall right next to someone if there are others open...
  20. Here in Canada, there are two major political parties. The Liberals, and The Conservatives. The NDP caused a big stir a little while ago, but I haven't heard much of anything out of them in a long while. Either way, I will always vote Conservative. (Keep in mind that canadian Conservative is pretty fricken liberal by most standards). I don't agree with a lot of what they're doing. Honestly, I don't agree with most policies either of the parties tries to pitch. But I know that when Liberals are in power, they do everything they can to fuck over the western provinces (excluding BC). Even with the conservatives in power right now, the west is getting the shaft. At least when Conservatives are in power, its a more balanced playing field.

    Music wise, I listen to just about everything. Lyrics and meaning have a lot of influence over whether or not I enjoy a song, with the music secondary. I don't really care that your rap has a sick beat that makes me want to get up and move, you're singing about objectifying women and how rich you are. Skipped. YOU on the other hand are rapping about rap and comparing it to a cigarette addiction, though your music is slower and heavier. Faved. Just using rap as an easy example, but it applies to all genres.

    Religion. I'm not gonna shun or dislike you based on what religion you follow. I have friends who are from different branches of christianity, and they're all awesome. I have friends who are buddhist and wiccan, agnostic and atheist, and heck even one satanist. They're all kind and wonderful people. As long as your religion doesn't make you act like an ass towards other people, in and out of your religion, it's fine. As for me? Personally, I don't believe in anything. There could be nothing, there could be a whole pantheon of gods, or there may just be one almighty being of awesome. What I do know is that, whatever is out there, it doesn't need my faith in it to keep doing what it's doing. And when the time comes, and it condemns me for not believing in it? Then it was never worth my faith in the first place.
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