The Ninja Guardian

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  1. Tenchi-Roku Ryu

    Sometimes your average teenager, or maybe just your same old highly excited boy. But either way, this is a story of his secret life as a ninja; shinobi if you want to be thorough. He derives from an ancient unamed clan of ninja, that mastered the use of the elements, weapons, hand to hand combat, and many other requirements of survival. Tenchi was the best out all of his people to grow the strongest in all branches. As well as picking on a way to mannipulate and create fire at will with his power. But enought background, lets get to the story.

    He was knocked out asleep in his room, his long black hair sprawled over his face. His room was a mess and he was feeling lazier than usual. Three weeks from now he was to be named Genshizu of his house hold. Genshizu was a rank among nnja that only the greatest of responsibilty are given. You must be of great respect, wisdom, power, and body in order to be leader. Unfortunately, Tenchi didn't not have the most important one of those factors: Wisdom.

    "Tenchi-kun!" called out a small sqeaky voice from down stairs.

    "Not now! Araih-chan!" replied Tenchi with his shout muffled by his pillow.

    Unexpectedly, Araih Ryu, his little five year old sister, ran into his room and started jumping on him. "C'mon, Oni-chan! It's time for school. What's mom and dad gonna say if you flunk out of the Ohara Academy?" he sqeaked at him.

    As much as he wanted to deny it, he couldn't flunk.

    "OK ok, I'm up..." he said with an sluggish tone. He got out of bed and went over to his closet, his sister holding on to his back as he moved. He grabbed his indigo school uniform and was on his way.

    "I hate school in Japan...."