The Nightbreed Council; rulers of the shadows

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  1. (( Been awhile since i've tried to start an Rp, lets see how this idea flies, eh? ))

    Time heals all wound...

    Or so they said...


    A world full of Liars... thats all it ever was, wasn't it? For afterall. what is a man...

    But a miserable Pile of Secrets.

    The Raven flew high over the city. day was giving way to night. the sounds of police sirens and firetrucks in the distance distracting the denizens of the alleyways and slums from how eerily silent it was this afternoon. the avens feet land soundlessly on a cardboard box behind the chinese rstaurant. A younf mans voice echoes gently off the wet stone walls.

    "I told you last week Karlov. I can't allow Fae in my establishment. The Iron wolves can't cntrol themselves, My place will be ripped to shreds every night. that kind of publicity isn't good for any of us." He says. nervous. holding onto a small dog.

    "If you can handle it for one month, I can convince the elders to label your place Elysium. no danger there, and you stand to make alot more money." Reasoned the older gentleman in teh frock coat beside him, smoking a cigarette through a little ivory holder. he let out a puff, smirking. "And your debt will be forgiven as soon as that happens. " he added.

    The Raven watches them step closer. a satin gloved hand juts out infront of Karlov. the young man looks down the alley, back to Karlov. shivers and moves the dog so he can pull out his hand. "I.. i think-"

    With a swoop of feathers the two men reel backwards from eachother as the raven slips between them, grabbing the ivory cigarette holder fro Karlov's hand, scratchign at his face as it flies off into the smoggy skies, leaving the two men speechless.

    Half the city away, laying backwards on a stoen gargoyles wings is a man with eyes white as snow. starign over the city upside down. the raven drops the ivory holder, the cigarette still lit. it lands in his hand as he brings it to his lips, smelling the smoke. the raven lands beside him, flutterign and balkign as it sinks into the mans dark black cloak, part of it returned to its source.

    "Karlov...Pick your business partners more carefully." he says, a smile juttign over his teeth. canines extending into long, dangerous fangs.

    A flock of ravens flies over the city, sweeping up to a tall coorporate skyscraper. the luxurious suite at its top.


    ---THE PLOT---

    IT is the far future. the supernatural races of mages, vampires, werwolves, and fae changelings are common knowledge tot he citizens of the world. but far from open about their dark dealings, The NIGHTBREED COUNCIL works int eh shadows. the governing body that holds the races together. territorial disputes are solved with blood, money, or both. deals made centuries ago finally cash in as a new high councilmember becomes crowned 'king' of their race. The plot encompasses the nightbreed council of the ENTIRE WORLD, who meet in a different city each meeting.

    Council meetings will be twice a year, with timeskips inbetween where influences degrade, or level up depending on other character interactions.

    Can you survive the politics of the long lived races? Or will you be DEVOURED.

    ---THE RACES---


    vampires have been rewritten a thousand different ways before. but the truths are simple. they live indefinitely, they need to drink blood, and they are deathly allergic to sunlight. it will fry them (at best) in a minute flat.


    Though not as long lived as vampires, werewolves are reported to live at least 600 years, their bodies aging slowly though they remain deadly. they can with concentration change their form between wolf and man and anythign inbetween and are heavily shamanic in their magics.


    Mages subscribe to the rules of the nine major arcana, or paths of magic. most mages learn many arcana, but specialize in only two schools. But cannot specialize in opposing forces such as life/death, spirit/matter, space/forces.


    spirit- governing familiars and binding, speaking, and sensing spiritual forces.
    prime- magic itelf, barriers, dispelling. levitation.
    life- lifeforms and plantlife. purifying and causign disease.
    forces- the major elements- water, air, earth, fire.
    space- warping dimensional capacities,
    time- self explanatory. bending, shifting, and altering time on oneself and others.
    Death- domain over the dead, control of degrading powers. caustic.
    Matter- rocks, buildings, steel, etc. bending, merging alloys, transmutation.
    fate- turning the 'odds' luck, curses. divination.


    taken as children or young adults from our world and trapped int he fae realms, they are transformed byt he magics of that world and become somethgin else. infused with animal traits, or elemental powers. made into ghoulish creatures or forced to aid the earl king in his hunts. made into puppets or other strange creatures. the entire range of 'fairy' beings fits into this catagory. so long as magic sustains them, they may live forever by taking the power of other creatures emotions and bolstering their existance with it.

    ---Character sheet---(rough draft)

    NOTE- characters will be given 7 points to throw into stats at character creation. after that, they're earned through character interaction. BE CREATIVE!

    Character-(info about the person themselves. )
    STATS- (social and political 'tools' the character has at their disposal.)

    Name- ( please think this through. some creatures have given themselves names and earned titles. )
    Race- ( vampire, mage, changeling, or werewolf )
    Arcana- (mages only)
    ( apparent and actual both. )
    Appearance-( picture or description, both always prefered.)
    Background-( important for roleplayign purpose. if an elder creature, nationality can play a significant role in their influence.)

    STATS-(chose seven individual traits and influences)
    Influences- ( Businesses, coorporations, people, places, things. all MAJOR assets the play has pull with.)
    Traits- ( basically powers. you are an elder being, or a very influential one, so be specific about powers and such. )
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  2. I'll throw my interest here as well. I'm a huge sucker for stories involving vampires and werewolves and other races similar to that. It sounds like an interesting world, although I'll need a day or two to come up with a character for it.
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