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    Everyone has their favourite genres, and subgenres to roleplay in. Maybe it's a time period, a world you enjoy fan-based games in, or even a particular type of character.

    But sometimes, we get stymied in playing out our favourite genres. Not because we can't think of a story; plot bunnies abound here! And not because we can't get the character just right; there is no end to awesome characters for this! But because you throw this great party, and nobody comes! Or, even worse, the people who do come just trash the place, and you're left with all your story structure decorations and your great idea nibbles torn down and stomped into the carpet.

    Everyone's got them. There's that one niche genre, or subgenre, that you would LOVE to play, but you don't even bother to anymore, because it'll either be carnage or emptiness. And you can't bear to watch either.

    What's yours?
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  2. I have this roleplay called Born to Kill. It's been redone quite a few times, mostly by popular demand. Yet, I never made it very far no matter how many times I redid it. It didn't even last as a one on one. xD I can't get the commitment I need.

    Maybe not a genre specifically, but it is a universe of its own. You're using an ancient, somewhat magical tools in a modern world. History slowly leaks into said modern world. I've put a lot of heart and thought into it and I'm always coming up with ways to improve it. :]
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  3. Every Mythos game ever.
  4. My niche is a tie between crime and unconventional romance. The obsession with crime definitely comes from the diet of exploitation and crime films I grew up on, but other is from my desire for characters to be more than lovey-dovey wish fulfillment vehicles. There's nothing wrong with romantic roleplaying, it's just every one I've been involved in has left me wanting something more, like there was so much more to dig into with the plot. And what if the couple doesn't end up together in the end? It's the journey that counts, not the destination. Right?


    (Also, I think people get waaaaaay too caught up in shipping but this isn't the time or place for that rant)

    Tangent over.

    I have a pages long document full of crime-related plot bunnies that I'll probably never, ever roleplay because interest for the genre seems so low. :(
  5. Demon x Angel roleplays.
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  6. Persona 4.

    One day, my time will come.
  7. Crime Drama or Detective stories. >:[ Subtle Mysteries. I either can't get enough interest in them, or when I do I get people that solve everything way too fast. D:
  8. Ahahaha, this is funny, because I have one right now.

    This is an RP about giant anime mecha fighting a galactic war between two nations, neither of which are definitively the "good guys".

    It uses a rudimentary stat system in order to determine how a mecha can fight in order to avoid the entire, "WELL, MY MECHA HAS BLAH BLAH BLAH" stuff that drags down action fights and etc, more based on fudging than actual rolls. I halfway think the stats are the reason why no one wants to play it, or maybe no one just wants to be ham enough to play a hot-blooded mecha pilot stereotype.

    Or they just don't want to be assed to try working in an original setting.
  9. Di, I did a kidnapping crime drama once. I got plenty of interest, but I had to practically pull people along by the nose to get them to pull all the clues together. It was so painful.
  11. Anything that requires building an entire culture from scratch. Well, this isn't strictly true, I have had one success, despite my countless trials. But, for the most part, people don't realize all the itty-bitty details that go into making a culture, and when I try and bring some of them up things get complicated and conflicted. Rather than work through it, most people just get pissed and abandon. This becomes especially true when you throw religion into the mix, if the religion is anything at all that is unique. Most of my partners seem to like sticking to the things they know, and wind up reverting back whenever things come to a standstill, often completely contradicting that which has already been established.

    I remember one particular time where there was a race of alien shapeshifters, and my partner kept insisting that they would have no culture, because they would adapt to whatever culture they were in, and would therefore not have any desires beyond personal entertainment. I nearly strangled her...

    Oh, by the way. Should you whole-heartedly agree with what I said in my first paragraph feel free to PM me. :wink:
  12. Demon x Angel, definitely. Either it's a bunch of angst & anime pictures with super OP characters with all the depth of a kiddie pool, or the other person has this really strict interpretation of Abrahamic/Shinto beliefs that I'm neither familiar with nor fond of. :c

    Also anthropomorphic. I want something realistic and biologically sound, preferably set in either paleolithic or medieval times with distinct racism/speciesism and cultural conflict/social strife. It seems like everyone either wants furry sex or catgirls being adorable with sexy loner wolf dudes. ;_;
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  13. I didn't have a niche or a favorite until....last week.


    Gorey, murderous, death, grotesque, morbid and darkly sinister, psychologically messed up and unsettling.

    creepy noises, sepulchres, and archaic skirmishes Moldering Decadence, Daemonic, Preternatural and depressing.

    I always like horror movies but recently i joined my first official "horror" RP.

    I am elated.

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  14. @Fijoli - I was practically bouncing in my seat going "Oh! Oh! I know what RP that is!" I'm even more excited about it now than I was when it started, and I was pretty excited then. ^_^
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  15. @Lady Sabine You may be my new anthro friend! Call me! :chat:
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