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  1. Steven was in the training room. He used his father's shield, taking down the degense bots Stark made. He heard the bell go out, and panted. His session was over. Fury wanted to meet them. He always rung that bell when he wanted them. Him and Stark was training them to be the New Avengers. Steven creaked his neck, and went to the meeting area.

    Zaina wasmeditating in her room silently. She used er control of air to levitate herself. All she could hear now was the sound of her breathing. Then that annoying bell went off. She sighed, and jumped to the ground. "The old grumps want to see us...probably another training session. Knowing Rodgers he probably spent all morning training." She said, as she went to the meeting area
  2. Fresh off the plane from Seoul, the first place Chaelin was sent to was the Avenger's HQ. She was overall confused and worried but went with the flow, studying this English-Korean Dictionary to help keep her relaxed. When she came into the building with two suitcases and backpack, her things were brought to a room by an agent and she was ushered off to the meeting room. As she entered, Chaelin bowed her head to the people that were already inside and introduced herself. "Hello. My name is Chaelin." She said with a curt smile and took a seat, awaiting for more people to come or whatever was going to happen.
  3. Steve smiled at the girl who came in. He walked over, and shook her hand. "Hello Chaelin. My Name is Steve Rodgers, Miss." He said smiling. He pulled his hand away and asked "So your a recruit too? I think were waiting for everyone else to come, then I guess were gonna get started." He sat next to her and asked "So what are your powers?"
  4. Nick fury, the elder man and head himself had come into the meeting room--with a new member as well and one that was considered 'of importance'. The blonde sat right beside the man in silence as her hands were folded on her lap and she sat with a perfect posture, back straight up as she looked down at her fingers."I'm not supposed to be here." She muttered matter-of-factly in annoyance."I don't want to either." she added in. Nick ignored her and when he saw Steve and Chaelin."Hello you two." He greeted with a nod before motioning a hand at Vorona."This is Vorona.. Don't let her out of your sight, and try keeping her in this team. Once she leaves--Its hard to get her back. In fact, we've been trying to tag her for years." Nick coughed a bit. "She will also be joining you despite her demands." he stated and looked over at the girl."Well?" he said rhetorically.

    Vorona was quiet, and stood."Name." nick said.
    "Dolores Moreau Caffrey."
    "Your real full name, Don't make this difficult."
    Vorona bit her lip a bit."Vorona.. Belova sir." she said, muttering a bit.
    "Child of...?"
    "Child of the black widow that was never credited and compromised by the original." the blonde snapped bluntly. She took a deep breath in, and sighed."Trained by the red room. Trained to be better then my mother and natasha themselves--Supposedly even if they teamed up." Vorona explained before she took her seat. Her suit was only halfway zipped and she eyed the other members she heard very little about quietly. Nick eyed the russian, now there was a true black widow, Since Steve seemed to mostly take in Captain America's side more then Natasha's.
  5. Kyler and Katherine Richards
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    Both Kyler and Katherine had been in their bunkers when the bell dinged. Katherine peeking over her sketch book, meeting Kyler's gaze, before sighing. "I was just getting into the groove," Katherine complained, placing her pencil and book down on her bed.

    "You'll live," Kyler answered, jumping down from his own bed. He wore a plain black shirt, and some dark jeans. His sneakers were also black, and his blonde hair was ruffled in a lazy manner. His sister wore a light blue hoodie, with black leggings, and a pair of mismatched socks. Kyler watched impatiently as she pulled on her white sneakers, and threw her long brown hair into a high pony tail, topping it off with her favorite black bow. "Ready to go?"

    "Almost," Katherine said, reaching for a jar on the floor. She opened it up, pulled out a sucker, discarded of it's wrapper, and then stuck it in her mouth. "Alright, let's head out."

    The duo made it's way through several hallways before reaching the usual room where the team met. Upon arrival, they discovered that Steven, Zaina, Chaelin, and Nick Furry had beaten them there. As they walked in, Nick could be heard saying:

    "This is Vorona.. Don't let her out of your sight, and try keeping her in this team. Once she leaves--Its hard to get her back. In fact, we've been trying to tag her for years."

    Kylers eyes landed on the girl Nick was referring to, Vorona. He opened his mouth to greet her, but before he could get a word out his younger sister was saying, "So we're forcing people to join us now? I thought this was a voluntary thing."

    Heaving a sigh, Kyler nudged his sister with his elbow. Sometimes she just doesn't know when to keep her mouth shut, he thought. His eyes flickered over to the door, and he couldn't help but wonder where Desmond was. It wasn't unusual for him to be the last one there, since he is after all a Stark, but he would probably want to be here to meet their new teammate.

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  6. [​IMG]

    Desmond didn't wake up late, actually he was the first one up. Almost everyday Desmond would be in the cabin at the back of the house where he would work on his inventions and try to get the mark 42 up and running, Desmond was a very busy man and a drink would help for the moment. He then jumped off his seat and exited the cabin walking to the house.

    When he got in he saw Nick with a new girl, he didn't know who she was, but damn she was beautiful he thought. "So Nick your forcing kids to come here now, you know that's kidnapping right?" Desmond smirked as he made that remark, opening the fridge he took out a soda pop then closed the fridge door as he was heading back.

    "I think i am speaking for everyone on this, when can we go home? Because i really can't stand sleeping in the same room as those freaks." Des raised his eyebrow then added. "No offense Rodgers" He smiled then exited the building as he walked back to the cabin.​
  7. { this is the last time I'm gonna play nick ._. I mean he's a NPC guys oAo }

    "Did you guys not listen?" Snapped nick."Shes from the red room--We technically saved her from Russia. Therefore shes pretty much under our custody." He sighed."The red room was supposed to be shut down decades ago." He stated."It was better then being hunted by them--So really it was the best option..idiots.." Muttered Vorona as she looked at the other members. She assumed they were more annoying and looked around.

    As des said something about staying in rather then attend the meeting, she grinned."Freaks? You're one to talk since you're in this group too." She said wittily before stretching her arms up in the air and crossing them over her chest.
  8. Kyler and Katherine Richards
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    It wasn't long before Desmond came to get a drink. Despite how brief his presence was, he managed to get on Katherines nerves. It seemed like he always did. "Oooo," Kat grumbled, balling her hands into fists. She took a step to follow Desmond, and give the arrogant male a piece of her mind, but Kyler reached out to stop her. Annoyed, she turned to look at him, and he simply shook his head once. With a huff, Katherine relaxed her muscles, grossing her arms over her chest.

    'No offence Rodgers' Kyler thought with slight amusement. He wondered if Desmond meant that he and his sisters were not freaks, or if he simply had the most respect for them. Kyler quickly decided it didn't really matter, and he turned his attention back to Vorona. He found it odd that she accepted this as the best option, and still seemed very angry about the whole thing.

    Since she wasn't able to go after the source of her annoyance, Katherine turned her attention to the group. "Was this the whole point of calling us to the meeting room?" She asked, shaking her head to move her bangs from her eyes. All she wanted to do was get back to her sketch book and finish her drawing. Again, she was elbowed in the side, and she looked up to Kyler.

    "Don't be rude, Kat," Kyler muttered, shaking his head at her. He then focused his eyes on Vorona once again, taking a step towards her. He held out his hand, a kind smile finding it's way onto his lips. "I'm Kyler Rodgers," he introduced himself, before nodding over his shoulder at Kat, "And that's my younger sister, Katherine."

    "Kat, he means. Everyone calls me Kat."

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  9. Steven got mad and stood up. "Yea? I may be a freak...but at least I have powers. I dont need a suit to save people." Steve snapped at him, his fist was tight. He sighed and sat down. Steven didnt like Stark, not after he found out what his Desmond's dad did in the Superhuman Civil War. He was iffy about joining the Avengers, but agreed to join because its what his dad wouldve done. He then asked "So Fury whats our first mission?" Steve smiled at the siblings. "Its nice to meet you two..."

    Zaina rolled his eyes at Desmond at calling them freaks. She was a mutant, and heard that saying all the time. She didnt mind it now. Her father wasnt a fan of people who called them freaks. But her parents still protected humans. SHe then rose a eyebrow as Steve looked like he was gonna kick the tar our of Desmond. She wouldve liked to see that. Zaina yawned, and creaked her neck. "Can we not fight? We just became a team..."
  10. Desmond just walked out the door when Steven spoke, he and Steve constantly got into fights, I think everyone has gotten annoyed about how much we fight, he thought. Des walked back and rolled his eyes. "You really think those powers came naturally in your ancestry, your father got his power from a machine, he's no hero, and you aren't either." Desmond looked over at Nick. "Can't believe you want kids to fight your battle." Desmond walked out the door, he hated it their and missed Stark Tower where he could do what ever he liked.
  11. As corona sat, the first to approach her was Kyle. He was also blonde and simply introduced himself to her, to which she had to be civil and took his hand."I'm Kyler Rodgers," he introduced, before introducing her to his younger sister to which she objected. Vorona smiled and nodded."Nice to meet you two... Um, I guess there's not really a point or meaning to reintroduce myself... Is there?" She inquired before quickly averting her attention to des and steven's argument..

    Seriously, the first day and this bull crap was happening? Nick did warn her about two certain bloodlines who were both competitive and best friends for life and she sighed."Oh.. I see, it's their bloodline." She muttered releasing Kyler's hand.

    "Sorry--We'll talk later--I promise." She said then looked back at him."Besides, you're my first comrade as of now. And one I'll probably favor and be sane with more." Nodded the blonde definitely.

    Vorona was getting agitated herself and looked at steve."
    You--don't let anger posses you. That's what makes you dead during a task. And don't think I'm going to lecture him--F*cking men! Always bickering--Just SHUT UP. you can hate each other, fight later even, but be civil and not waste others time when we're together!" Snapped Vorona as she stood and pushed her seat back angrily. Now to get mr. Genius.

    "I'm gonna go get prissy pissy missy--Bitch about me Steven and I will make sure to arrange that mouth of yours." Vorona threatened. Nothing was probably scarier than a woman's wrath comparible to a mother's wrath. The blonde stormed out the room to retrieve Desmond. Just a few minutes and she was already annoyed by the two.

    Eventually, the female found Desmond and jogged over to him."Hey--HELLO!" She yelled for his attention. Seriously... Ignoring her? Vorona huffed and ran in front of the male as she walked backwards glaring at him."And you--Quit being cocky. Your head is way up over your ass and during a task you could be done for getting in to deep!" She snapped immediately."And--Would ya quit walking and listen!?" The fiery blonde complained, pushing Des back to stop as her hand rested on his chest. She then pointed at his chest."Be civil when a group is around and go back into that room! You don't need to apologize--Just keep it out of other people's time!" She said as she glared with her icy cold eyes and put her hand down."Or should I have to sadly bribe you to go into that room!? What do I have to do? One date? Kill someone off? What? I noticed you staring at me differently the second you entered!" She hissed.
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  12. Steven anger hit his point. He was fine with the man dissing him, but mot his father. he stood and stormed over to Des. 'i know my power came from a machine....but my dad was a hero. he foughtagainst people who couldve killed previous avengers. My dad inspired hope in everyone and led the avengers perfectly.' He glared in Starks eyes "if you think your a big shot, put on the what a big man you are"

    Zaina stood and followed both boys. she was tired of them fighting. Zaina pushed both boys back using the air. "stop this now. We need to be a team. We dont need a cocky asshole, or a team member with a short fuse." She said glaring at them both. she then turned to Des. "From what my parents told me about your dad...he seems normal compared to you.' she glared "but Im putting my feelins aside. If we want this team to work lets get along."

    A agent who was uncormfotably watching the fighting, had a envelope of their first mission. it was to infilitrate a possible HYDRA warehouse, and find out anything they can
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  13. Kyler and Katherine Richards
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    Vorona: "Oh.. I see, it's their bloodline."

    Kyler's eyebrows scrunched together as he tried to figure out what she meant, and he quickly realized she most likely meant Stark and Rodgers. He was going to say something more, but Vorona quickly excused herself, and his chance was gone. He stepped out of her way, causing Katherine to take a step back as well. Feisty, he observed, watching her exit to chase after Desmond.

    "Why didn't you stop her from going after Des?" Katherine asked, agitated. "That's not fair."

    "She's not my little sister, that's why," Kyler responded, rolling his eyes. "If she wants to go around picking fights, that's her own business." The two watched as Steven and Zaina went outside too, and Katherine took the opportunity to slip away with them. With a gruff, Kyler followed after her.

    A smile smile stretched across Kat's lips as she watched everyone have at it. Vorona calling Desmond, Steven challenging him to a fight, Zaina pushing the two boys apart. "And to think," Katherine said, watching the whole scene with an amused glint in her eyes, "This all started because Desmond called us freaks."

    Kyler rolled his eyes once again, turning to go back inside. He wasn't going to engage in a petty argument. It was then that someone caught his eye, and Kyler recognized him as a S.H.E.I.L.D agent. It had been the one who recruited him and his sister. With one last glance over his shoulder, Kyler made his way over to the agent. "Can I help you?" He asked, eyeing the envelope in his hand.

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