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  1. We at Iwaku's newsletter are always looking for new ways to server you, the community. With the forum switch back this Spring we lost our auto script for new roleplays. While this was handy, it's loss just means we have to be more creative. Thus we are announcing our recruitment drive to find more article writers, namely in Feature Roleplays!

    What are Feature Roleplays? The idea is that one reporter is assigned to our four main genre subforums (Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Modern & Miscellaneous) as well as one reporter for Jump Ins. Each reporter picks a new Roleplay (less then two months old) that is excepting new players and write a one to three paragraph synopsis about the roleplay. When ever possible we would want to feature an RP that was not on the last radio show and member GMed, not staff GMed.

    This next one is for our artists! Would you like to have a short comic featured in the newsletter? We are looking for multiple artist to continue the Adventures of Dust Bunnies. We want multiple artist because then we can showcase multiple talent that we have on site! What about the plot? There is no plot. These are little one shot comics done in 1-4 panels. You can submit multiple comics but I can not promise if or when they will be published. Also please keep in mind that this is for the whole site so nothing graphic.

    Any questions, please leave a comment below. If you are interested in being a reported please PM me and tell me which section. We need people that are dedicated to doing a feature once a month so please keep that in mind as many people will be going back to school shortly. If you have a comic for the newsletter, PM that to me as well.

    Thank you all, and may the Muse be with you.
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