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  1. WELCOME TO MY KINGDOM!!! It starts and ends right here in this thread. I'm really pleased to meet all of you so far! I can only hope that it stays pleasing for everyone involved.

    Straight to the point, I am a roleplayer who gets distracted from roleplay very easily. I have dedicated a great deal of what I consider to be my 'worthwhile' life to roleplay and, specifically, the creation of settings that could possibly be roleplayed in! As such, I don't really talk about my life outside of roleplay or my online interactions all too much. But, I do have one, and I'll mention it a bit for those interested in the face behind Xena.

    I'm a bachelors graduate, majoring in Medical Laboratory Sciences. That means I can do mostly two things; participate in research usually focusing on the analytical study of the human body particularly pertaining to physiology and not anatomy, or perform accurate and precise analytical studies on patient samples to help practitioners diagnose patients, nurses treat patients, etc. I do the latter, working at a clinic laboratory that acts as a hub for several smaller laboratories, so we get a lot of work.

    OKAY! Now that that's out of the way, I have things to say that help say what sorta person I am besides all that real life stuff above!
    • I've roleplayed for years on and off. The time since I've started doesn't matter, what matters is how much time I've actually roleplayed, where I've roleplayed and with who
    1. Probably actively roleplayed for about 9 years? I started earlier than that, but there were a bunch of month(s)-long breaks where I would only be looking for roleplay or taking a break from it.
    2. I've primarily roleplayed in chat rooms like MSN and Skype, and in video games like Star Wars Galaxies, Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy, Warcraft 3, World of Warcraft, etc. I DO have experience in mainly animanga roleplay forums, usually original setting ones.
    3. The most people I ever usually interacted with was usually ~3 people including myself, barring special events that the whole community wanted to participate in.
    • You can read my profile too, but my biggest preferences are all fantastical. Even with the 'modern' genre, I still like a twist to it, like it's futuristic with a modern look or there's some hidden magic/conspiracy, or something.
    • I like trying to develop something interesting with the characters or settings for roleplays. I guess TV tropes calls it Speculative Fiction. "What if souls were X?" "What if this did that?" "What if?" Stuff like that fascinates me!
    • I'm here to roleplay, find new people, share my ideas with people, have them share their ideas with me, and generally have a fun time. I try my best to be approachable and approach others, but I tend to be really hesitant for a lot of insecure reasons. So please, don't be afraid to approach me!
    • I try to be online whenever I'm not working, and I try to focus on roleplay. My hesitation/worries about roleplay tend to make me procrastinate, though, so I end up playing games a lot. Trying to put a stop to doing that too much.

    Um, I suppose that's it? If I think of anything else I could probably edit it in? I doubt it's that important anyway. Just contact me if you want to know more about me! ♥
  2. Welcome to the world of imagination. Enjoy your stay
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