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  1. Oh god, oh god.
    How do I introduce myself to all those cool people?
    I'm really bad at this.
    And saying that just make it even worse -- [Congratz, genius!]
    Maybe I can start saying I'm a blue bunny.
    And I like pressing enter after periods.
    Tell me if it's annoying.
    Ok, well, most importantly, I think I should say that I've never been in any of this kind of forum.
    In fact, I've never RP'ed at all -- If ignore most of those games people call RPG. Too little RP, too much G.
    Which means I'm an absolute newbie when it comes to this.
    So there is still a lot to learn.
    But this whole community seems pretty nice and fun.
    Yeah, that

  2. hi Don!
    You sound really cool and I would love to get better "Acquainted." - I love that word!

    If you want to maybe start a roleplay with me, send me a PM and we could talk over ideas!

    Welcome to Iwaku!
  3. Hello Dony and welcome to the community! Please feel at home! I am Rina/Raimy but since scifi month already pass I am Rain!
  4. Hi Don welcome to the forums... with that arkward intro...
  5. Welcome to Iwaku. I'm October nice to meet you.
  6. ey, you nice people, thanks for the warm welcome! =3
    I've been reading the stuff I could find here about this whole RP'ing thing and it amazes me how incredibly clear and clarifying it is
    I don't think I'm ready to actually start something yet, but thanks for the invitation, Boo =D
    I think I still need some lurking, hehe.
  7. What sort of things are you interested in?

    Favourite authors? Fave genres? Your favourite book?
  8. I don't think I have a favorite genre or author, each of them have their great and their not-so-great works, so I avoid generalizing my own likes and dislikes in that way -- so I find it really hard to answer those questions -- also because I honestly don't know any of them well enough to be able to comfortably have them as my favorite genre or author.
    But when it comes to a single book, that's not so hard! *phew*
    Currently, I can say my favorite one is "Musashi"
    How about yours?
  9. I love romance, and fantasy, but I have recently taken to writing and reading Gothic fiction, and I really like it, so it is moving up my list of faves.
    My favourite book would be Twilight - I can never stop reading that! Although I do love Wuthering Heights.....
  10. Hello incredibly awkward guy! 8D Welcome to the community!
  11. hmm, Twilight and Wuthering Heights, I must say I've never read those, sadly.
    Something that I do enjoy quite a lot is a book with a historical background -- be it fictional to some extent like Musashi or just plain history like, for example, a biography or a book of some period/event/something.
    But that doesn't mean I don't like fantasy and fiction in general.
    I think my taste in general can be summarized in "I like everything that is good"
    Uber conclusive, I know.
  12. Welcome to Iwaku! :D Such an original welcome right? >.<
    That's all I can think of.. sorry D:
  13. Forza Gremio!
    Welcome to Iwaku and such.
  14. This was the most interesting intro ever. I am so amused!

    Hello there, Don! Welcome to our forum! Join us on the cool side of the rp bed~

    Ready to get your ass in gear and join rps? Well, you can do that easily by jumping in a
    Jump In! No signups! No bios! Just join and play! If there is anything else you need or such, send throw me a PM at my face me!
  15. D'aaaw, "most interesting intro ever".
    Can I blush yet? (o'_'o)
    Thanks for the welcome, people!
    I'll sure give it a try at the jump in thread!
  16. And apparently I need to write a 6th post to tell this site that I'm not a newbie anymore, so here it is.
    haha -- he is that easy to deceive?
    Pssht, don't let him know >.>
  17. WHY hello there Don! Welcome, welcome to Iwaku!
    If you're new at RP'ing, there are some threads, and the group the Iwaku Role-Playing academy that will help you out if you're looking fer it.

    Otherwise enjoy your time here! hope to RP with you at some point!
  18. Teehee, hello to you indeed.
  19. DON!

    I also tend to press enter after period!
    It feels more natural!
    It's as if I was breathing as I spoke....!

    Lurk, lurk as much as you wish-
    I'm Selenite, pleased, pleased to meet you.

    Have a cookie, and see you!