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  1. [BCOLOR=#000000]What a boring life is it in the city, huh? Sometimes you wish you could just be taken away...not in the way of death, but as in taken away to a land of freedom where you can be recognized for who you are. A land where you can earn names and titles so those across the mountains and oceans will fear your name. A land where you actually have a purpose...a destiny. What if I told have a chance to start over and begin a new journey along with a new life?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]This is the New World.[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]A land full of magic, sword mastery and powers beyond those that you can imagine. Adventures await you in the vast lands of this world. Quests that need to be taken care of. How exactly do you plan on completing the quest? Perhaps you're the lonewolf...or maybe you may come across some allies that will assist you on these quests. What are your goals in this land?[/BCOLOR]

    [BCOLOR=#000000]Is it to be the greatest warrior you can be? Perhaps the most recognized Wizard throughout the land? This is your destiny. This is your story.[/BCOLOR]

    This is pretty much a free roam fantasy world. You can do whatever you want (as long as it's not against the rules). You'll be able to pick your own way of starting. You either start in a modern day city and somehow end up getting teleported to this "New World" or begin as a citizen whom already lives in this New World. Relationships can and will be formed with others whether it be friends, close friends, siblings and boyfriend/girlfriends. Through your adventures you will be taught new abilities while also learning/unlocking some. If this is your type of party go ahead and fill out that CC!

    1. If you would like to fight with someone or make "Romantic" moves on them please contact them beforehand to see if they will allow it.
    2. Everyone starts as a weak newbie with very basic powers. ALTHOUGH, you character can have past training as a swordsman or wizard, but it will have to be basic stuff.
    3. I don't mind language at all as long as it's controlled. Don't go overboard and swear every second you get.
    4. Romantic moments are accepted. Sexy time is not to be described. A simple "they spent the night together" or "they showed their love for one another that night" something along those lines.
    5. The post limit is three. Meaning you must wait three posts before posting the continuation of whatever you're up to UNLESS you're in dialog with another character then you're good to keep posting so you csn continue that dialog.
    6. Don't make yourself entirely over powered...I mean yeah sure you can be strong as heck and even your friends may think you're the "Savior" of their team, but don't stop others from shining either.
    7. Keep the posts lenghty please. I'd say atleast 3 sentences per post. No one liners.
    8. "Death" in this roleplay is different depending on how you started. If you wish to kill off your character and he/she was already a citizen of the new world then they just die regularly. If you started as if you were teleported from the modern day city, you don't "Die" you return to your world and can't come back.
    9. Guilds can be formed with other fellow players.
    10. HAVE FUN

    Character Sheet:
    Backround: (Optional)
    Choice of Entrance: (Modern World/Already Citizen)
    Other: (Any other bits of info you want to add?)

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  2. Name: Seladra Mullain

    Age: 29

    Appearance: Tall and awkward-looking, she has a lot of scars from her rough-and-tumble lifestyle. She can use spells to change her facial appearance quite easily.

    Personality: Despite her background in dark magic, she's rather friendly and outgoing

    Background: Mercenary witch who is often called on to deal with goblin infestations and the like.

    Already citizen

    Powers: minor shadow magic and necromancy, capable of casting illusion magic, though it takes a lot of energy.
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