The New Red Bands at Ocean Park Hospital

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  1. Wyn Handerhan walked through the doors of Ocean Park Hospital. He had been there several times as a young child as he went through countless tests and other uncomfortable, stressful things. This was the first time that he'd be inspected as a live-in patient. All because he fell at home.

    Wyn was a young man who stood at a comfortable 5'8". With spiked brown hair that was hidden behind a beanie, an over-sized sweater along with a pair of skinny jeans, Wyn sat comfortably on a clinic bed. He was going to be checked by Dr. McAndrew. As he waited, part of him wondered what would happen. He was only 19, but from what he knew this would be a long stay.

    Dr. McAndrew walked through the door and took a seat across from where Wyn was sitting. His tone was calm and matter of factly as he asked, "What happened?" Wyn already knew that Dr. McAndrew had an idea of what happened and just wanted his opinion.

    "Nothing really. I just fell. It's no big deal," Wyn stated as he shrugged his shoulders. Already Dr. McAndrew was looking at him skeptically. Wyn knew what was coming. He stood as if to show Dr. McAndrew that he was fine, but just as he stood his leg spasmed and he was falling. Dr. McAndrew was quick to respond. Wyn was rather confused at what happened and was breathing heavily. "I'm fine," Wyn stated again after realizing what had happened. He hated to live in the hospital, but after this episode, he knew he would have to.

    Dr. McAndrew got Wyn into a wheelchair and began his physical tests. It wasn't long before Dr. McAndrew said, "Sorry, Wyn, but you're going to have to stay for a while. We need to monitor your state and make sure you're not deteriorating." Wyn knew what was going to happen. He was going to be stuck in a room with another pitiful creature and tested day and night to ensure that his parents had something they could call a 'son'. Wyn didn't look at McAndrew as he was taken to his new residence.

    Wyn's parents had packed a bag that would last him three days. They were told that Wyn would be staying at least two months. By the time Wyn was being checked in, his stuff had been moved into the new room. His clothes were being placed in drawers and his laptop on the side table. The only thing that was left on his bed was his was a pillow that had always accompanied him when he went to the hospital.

    When Wyn got to the room, he was happy that he was allowed to walk there. Dr. McAndrew didn't want him to, but Wyn needed to know that his body still responded...even if it was sporadically. Nurse Jackson smiled at him as she greeted him like an old friend. She was someone that Wyn loved. Not only was she great at her job, but she had a way of making him feel welcomed. As he took a seat on his bed, Wyn glanced over to the other side of the room. Obviously there was someone already living in this room. Wyn smiled as he noticed that his parents dropped off his trombone as well. They were good to him and he knew that they loved him dearly, but he hated their pity. He sighed heavily as he thought about what would happen over the next two months.
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  2. The other side of the room was papered in photographs. Everything from people, to animals, to small bugs, weird angles of statues and a lot of nature and flowers were papered over the walls. A nice camera sat on the table next to the bed and on the ground lay a few bags, one was open while the other was shut tight, a few small key chains hanging off the end of it. It looked lived in and it was. Riley had taken good care to try and cover up as much of the hospital walls as possible so she did not have to look at them.

    Speaking of Riley she walked into the room and looked at the boy who was now sitting on the other bed. She offered a small smile and held out a hand to him so that he could shake it. "You must be my new roommate. Pleased to meet you, I'm Riley Miller." The redhead introduced herself proudly and gave a firm handshake.

    After stepping back she crossed her arms over her chest and looked at his things. She noticed the instrument case and her eyes widened. "What do you play?" She questioned him curiously as she surveyed it. Riley had never been a musician herself and was always jealous of those with the talent.
  3. "But dad...." This has been the third time that she started of a conversation with her father , and this has been the third time that he replied the same. "Autumn, we discussed're staying in the hospital..." He had said it more sternly this time and his partner, her other dad, looked at Autumn and smiled. "Don't worry sweetie, as soon as you get better we'll come and get you okay?" Autumn looked up to she her tall brunette dad and his blonde partner with a small frown. But everything she wanted to say she didn't, for the main reason that the only reason that she was here was because her dads felt like they couldn't take care of her at home anymore.

    They had all walked on the hospital together, she had said her few goodbyes and they gave their goodbyes. Then walked out of the hospital without her. Autumn looked around the blank walls and sighed seeing that no one was on the other side of the room and it looked like it had just been cleared away. She smiled and wished luck to the person who had been released and hoped that she had that same luck. But she had to get into more pressing matters, like how was she going to upack her stuff.

    Autum pulled herself off the bed and looked down at her two suitcases that surprisingly for all her stuff in, she tried to bring her cat Poe but she couldn't sneak him into her purse before her parents noticed. "Okay...suck it up Autumn, you're in here now so maybe you'll make some friends.." She mumbled it quietly to herself and reached down pulling her bag on the bed and began to unpack her drawings and paintings so that she could put them on the walls and remind herself that she wasn't in a hospital.
  4. Wyn looked at the other side of the room and took in every picture. They were all so beautiful, each one holding a certain finesse about them. He loved photography. It was a hobbie that his mother had when she was younger. Even now she'll find something to take a picture of and just go crazy. The more he looked at the pictures, the more relaxed he felt. With so much color and enthusiasm coating the walls, Wyn didn't feel like he was in a hostpial any more. When the girl came in, Wyn stood to greet her. She was rather intresting to look at. Not only was her hair a bright red, but she had a special type of aura that made him feel welcomed. "Nice to meet you too," Wyn replied politely. He was surprised by her firm handshake as he continued, "Wyn Handerhan." He smiled warmly to her as he replied to her question, "Trombone. I'm not very good though." He knew that he was a long ways away from where he should probably be in terms of technical skill, but Wyn enjoyed it.

    As Wyn finished his small talk with Riley, he noticed someone else who walked by their room. Due to the big open glass wall that made it easy for nurses to check on them, Wyn saw the girl walk by. She had pink hair. Maybe that's why he noticed her so quickly. Without saying anything to Riley, Wyn poked his head out the door. "Do you want to say hi to our neighbor?" he asked glancing back to Riley. He smiled to his roommate as he walked over to the next room. "Do you need some help?" he asked seeing that the new girl had just arrived with her two suitcases. Walking into her room, he noticed how cold the room felt when it was emptied out. Wyn added, "It's rather bland in here. Don't worry, I just moved in too. Maybe we," nodding to Riley, "can brighten up your room."

    For the most part Wyn was somewhat excited about the new adventure. He liked the idea of having two cute girls around to keep him company, not in the sexual kind of way, but as friends. Ever since he was young, people walked on egg shells around him and tried to keep him in a plastic bubble as to not 'break' him. At least now, in the hospital, he can be less of a hazard sign and more human. With a warm smile, Wyn welcomed the next few months in this hospital.
  5. "Wyn. I like that name." Riley decided with a smile that was bright and reached the corners of her eyes, making them crinkle slightly. She looked at the case that held the musical instrument and she nodded. "Well, you can always get better with practice. I'm sure you can make time to fit it in." Her eyes fell on the door and she noticed the girl that was there, nodding at her as well.

    Riley had noticed the bright pink hair and was instantly intrigued by it. People with bright hair usually had personalities that matched the brightness and she hoped that this was no exception. She hopped out of the room and followed Wyn over, grinning politely behind him.

    "Wow! These are incredible." Riley slipped her way into the room and walked over to the bed so that she could look at the drawings that were laying there. Each picture was stunning, she could not keep her eyes from scanning over all of them. "Did you draw these?" She asked, keeping her hands in her pockets so she was not tempted to touch what wasn't hers. That had always been a problem for Riley, she liked to grab and look at everything.
  6. Autumn sighed realizing how much stuff she had and jumped slightly when she heard the voice of a guy and saw the bright red hair of a girl. "O-oh...yeah it is pretty boring in here..." She mumbled and pulled her sleeves over her hand. It had always been a nervous habit and she was always nervous around new people. But she looked over at the girl and saw that she was looking at her drawings.

    "You mean those, yeah I drew them, just a hobby though, I don't think I'm that good" Autumn pushed some light hair pushed her hair behind her ear. She was about to have a nervous break down with so many unknown people in one room. "You guys don't have to help me, but if you want...but I could use it I have so much stuff it's no even funn-" her voice started to pick up the pace and she walked back over to her bags and ended up tripping over her own feet. She had always been a klutz and this was a fine moment to show that off perfectly in front of people she hadn't even known. "Geez I'm such a klutz...well that was embarrassing"

    Autumn sighed and stood back off the floor and brushed the imaginary dust off of her. "Oh by the way I'm Autumn" she added chuckling and pushed some more cotton candy pink hair behind her ear. They both looked like fun people though and that was all she needed. Cause this hospital was bland and boring but she felt like it would be easy to brighten up the hospital and definitely her new room.
  7. "Wyn," he said in reply as he offered a hand to her. She seemed rather nervous and excited. It was common since they just barged in, uninvited. Despite this Wyn smiled and said, "I'd be happy to help you unpack. My parents helped unpack when they were admitting me. So I have tons of free time." He knew that adjusting would be difficult for Autumn. It just showed in her actions and how she carried herself. Hopefully things would get easier. Wyn looked at Riley and glanced at the pictures. "They're amazing. What do you mean you're no good? These are awesome! Maybe we can hang them up; cover up these boring walls." Wyn was rather energetic today. He liked the idea that they were all in the same boat...sick. He wasn't sure what each of them was in for, but he didn't care. They were all stuck here for a while.

    Nurse Jackson appeared in the doorway and smiled, "Good to see that you all are getting along. Wyn you're physical therapy session will be in about 3 hours. I just wanted to give you a heads up." With that Nurse Jackson took her leave. She was going through rounds and wanted to make sure everyone was adjusting well. She had faith that Riley would help them adjust quickly. Wyn would probably be fine, but she worried about Autumn. Putting the thought to the back of her mind, Nurse Jackson continued her rounds as she filled medications and wrote out charts.

    Wyn knelt down to help Autumn take some clothes out and place them in drawers. She had a lot of stuff. He knew that girls often had a lot, but he never imagined this much. Then again Wyn wore the same thing for days in a row. He wasn't worried about his appearance. Looking to the girls, he wondered how long they were staying. Taking the initiative, Wyn said, "I'll be here for at least two months. My parents are coming tomorrow to drop the rest of my stuff off. It's not that much, but maybe you can help me unpack when they get here."
  8. Riley heard the introductions going on next to her and she decided that now would be a good time to exchange names as well. "My name is Riley. Pleasure to meet you." She grinned brightly and crossed her arms over her stomach, an odd habit that she had formed as just a young child. It was one of her self regulators. Everyone had them. Some bit their nails, others chewed gum and she wrapped her arms around her belly.

    "These will be a wonderful addition to this place. Trust me, the bright colors will help with your mood. At least they do for me. For some reason anything bright reminds me of hope." Riley shrugged her shoulders and she looked between Wyn and Autumn. A frown turned her lips down and she sighed softly. "I'm in here for awhile but I'm not sure how long exactly. They don't like to tell me, only my parents who also don't tell me. They say it will stress me out too much. So, as far as I know. I'll be around that long too."
  9. Autumn had looked down to see that the guy was actually pulling some of her stuff out and smiled softly. Most people had never really offered to help her for the main reason that she wasn't the most normal human being out there. She had always said and done weird things which normally pushed people away. When she had heard the girl, Riley, speak again Autumn chuckled covering her hand over her mouth. "I was originally a red head but I dyed my hair light pink before I came to the hospital for that same philosophy" she looked over at her paintings and sighed putting some more of her clothes away eventually finishing the first luggage.

    Then she felt the aura of the room shift and looked up at everyone. He had asked how long everyone was staying. That could be a horrible topic in its self but Autumn cleared her throat and looked at both of them taking a seat on her bed. "I-I actually don't know dads told me that if they had said then I would get stressed out and it would be bad for the heart blah blah I can't even estimate a date" her smile has faded a bit but she quickly perked up and pulled herself off the bed.

    "But let's not talk about that, as much as I hate being in a hospital when I could be at a library or a comic book store...we just need to stop thinking like we're in a hospital and worrying about stuff like when we're going to get out" Autumn had become jumpy all of a sudden go try and block out the sadness she felt. She knew first hand that it was bad being in a hospital as a kid, and still being in one as a teenager. But Autumn, being herself, tried to never let stuff like that get her down. So she passed it on and tried to make sure that no one else felt down about being in a hospital. "Why don't we all go and explore...I can come back and unpack the rest of this stuff later"
  10. Wyn listened to the other two. He stopped unpacking to listen to Autumn. As she spoke he thought to himself. Feeling the sudden change in atmosphere, he didn't say anything afterwards. Wyn knew that people delt with things differently and understood that Autumn was one of those who didn't like to deal with the hardships. Noticing that she had become jumpy, Wyn held his tongue. He had a contratictory feeling about being in a hospital. While he didn't exactly enjoy being in a hospital, there was something relaxing about it. You were there to heal, so no one was judging you. There was no need to impress anyone, you could just be yourself. But then again, he wasn't there because of a behavioral reason, he was just a sick kid.

    Smiling, Wyn got out of the awkward feeling and stood looking at the clock. He wasn't sure if exploring was the best idea, but he shrugged and went along with it. "Sure, where would you guys like to go?" he asked being polite. Glancing down at the rest of her stuff, Wyn decided that he'd help later if he had the time. His parents taught him to be polite in every situation as well as considerate. He wondered what they were doing right now. Part of him hoped they would stay away for a while. It wasn't that he didn't like them, but rather he didn't need them doting on him.

    Wyn looked at his cell phone and noticed that he had a few missed alerts. They were mostly friends who were concerned. He didn't really care about getting back to them because they could wait. He had friends, they weren't in masses, but rather a small group. They were cool for the most part; sometimes they were cautious around him. Wyn understood why people were cautious around him, but he didn't like it. Putting the phone back in his pocket, Wyn turned his attention back to the girls. He hoped they wouldn't go too far, not only was his physical therapy in a few hours, but he wasn't much for running around everywhere today. Nevertheless, he'd keep up and not complain.
  11. Riley felt her brows knit together and she shrugged her shoulders at the thought of exploring. Although she had been at the hospital for awhile she had never liked being there. Nor had she liked walking around the other wards. She knew a few places they could walk outside to get out and about, maybe another time she could suggest that.

    "You know, I think I will pass on that for today. I'm going to go back to the room and hang up a few more of the pictures that my parents brought for me the other day. I'll see you both around though. It was nice meeting you both today." Riley waved and exited the room, walking back down the hallway to her and Wyn's shared room. She walked over to her wall and began to post a few more pictures up with the rest. They were of her family, her mother, brother and her sister.

    Riley did not mind being alone. She actually craved it. Not that she minded having Wyn as a roommate but she had always been that way, independent and different. Riley knew that from a young age she would not be like the other kids. She always played with boys and had more fun with them then the girls in her classes. It was soon after she realized that she was attracted to girls. It had been hard telling her parents but they had supported her through and through. Not everyone was as accepting and cool as they had been but most were.
  12. Autumn had looked from them both and felt happy once Wyn had said yes, but a little depressed when Riley had said no. "Alright..see you later Riley" she had shouted behind her and looked over at Wyn smiling. "I guess that leaves us huh...but I don't wanna exclude her I feel pretty bad..." Autumn had always been like this thought. Everytime someone had left before the fun started she always put it off. Mainly for the thought that she hadn't wanted to exclude anyone like she had always been excluded. It wasn't because she didn't want to make friends but because no one wanted to be her friend.

    "Oh you don't have to help me finish can go back to your room I think I can handle this last luggage" Autumn chuckled pulling her sleeves back over her hands and pulled her last luggage on her bed. It had the rest of her clothes, then her sheets, pillows, and sadly her favorite stuffed animal. She had never been ashamed of still sleeping with her stuff animal but other people found it embarrassing. Even her own parents found her saying it embarrassingly funny.

    "But thank you a lot, really I mean it...people find me pretty...not normal so most people don't approach me but you and Riley did... I think you two will make this hospital trip more manageable, tell her I said thank you by the way...since you live with her" Autumn chuckled and pulled her sheets out heading over to the hospital closet throwing the luggage in there with her clothes and shoes. Then she folded out her chibi marvel comic book sheets laying them on the bed.
  13. Wyn watched as the two backed off a bit. They seemed to have things to do, so he decided to walk around a bit. He was a very personable guy, who loved to interact with people. As he wandered, he found families waiting in rooms, huddled together to hear the doctor. He saw kids attached to IVs as they slept soundly. Passing by the chemo therapy room, Wyn glanced in to see a variety of people sitting quietly. There were young and old, of every ethnicity. Nurses were helping to set up a young girl to an IV to start treatment. It was obvious that she had done this before, becuase she was extremely quiet and patient as they worked.

    Wyn decided to move away from the hospital aura and found himself on the roof. Up, above the city, Wyn felt free. He went over to the edge of the building and spread his arms wide as wind blew past him. It messed his hair a bit and pushed his sweatshirt back slightly. Breathing in the air, Wyn felt his lungs fill with fresh air. A smile appeared on his face; one that stretched from ear to ear. He loved the feeling of being high up. Moving around to the other side, Wyn got a feeling for the entire view. He loved it and wished to spend the rest of the day there. Leaning against the protruding stairwell, Wyn cloesd his eyes. He would have at least an hour to soak in the splendor of the view. As he relaxed he felt himself fall and everything went black. Wyn didn't know what was going on. He was on the ground seizing. This went on for a good 8 minutes before his body went limp in a rather uncomfortable position.

    Nurse Jackson started looking for Wyn after being informed that he didn't show up for physical therapy. She knew him and was worried that he missed the assigned time. It wasn't like Wyn to disappear suddenly and skip out on his appointments. She went to his room and asked Riley, "Have you seen Wyn? Do you know where he is?" She also glanced into Autmn's room. She was getting worried about his location. There was a feeling that she had when things weren't right. At this point that feeling was more like an alarm bell that was going off. She needed to find him, but she had no idea where he could have gone.
  14. Riley had been cleaning up her side of the room, putting books away when she heard Nurse Jackson from the doorway and turned around to look at her. "The last time that I saw Wyn he was in Autumn's room. I'm not sure where else he could have gone." She frowned and brushed her hair back that had fallen on her forehead. It tickled and she was tired of moving it out of her eyes when she did that.

    Riley walked out of the room and checked Autumn's with her. She had just met Wyn and she wished that she knew more about him so that they could figure out where he was. Her stomach twisted into a weird knot. What if something bad had happened to him? Swallowing hard she looked down at her hands and checked the watch on her wrist. "We should keep going." She murmured and continued to walk, searching here and there for her new lost friend.
  15. Autum hasn't know exactly what the whole hype was about. But as soon as she finished setting her bed with everything Nurse Jackson had come to her room asking about Wyn. Of course she hadn't thought it was serious, until Riley came in her room looking for him. "Y-you mean he didn't get back to your room..." Autumn, of course knew that answer but where else could he have been. Then guilt set in and she felt like this was all her fault. Why hadn't she just gone with him to explore the hospital instead of bailing on him.

    "Oh man I hope he's okay...maybe we should spilt up...we'll spread more ground like that right?" She caught up to Riley and looked at her nodding her head. She then started to jog a bit to see where he could have been. But she hadn't even known the hospital so trying to find her way around was like a blind mouse trying to find cheese in the dark. Autumn sighed then got on the elevator thinking of a room and put of nervous panic clicked all of them starting from the roof down.

    Once the elevator pulled up to the roof she got out and looked around taking in the view. It was beautiful and serene and Wyn seemed like that type of person so it was a good idea, right? Autum walked out pushing her cotton candy hair behind her ear as she looked around. "Wyn....Wyn it's Autumn! Everyone's worried...Wyn!" She called out then walked over to the edge hoping that he hadn't jumped. He wasn't suicidal so that wasn't a good thought, except her head filled with horrible scenarios and she found herself becoming more guilty and more worried. Then she found him and her eyes widened with her worry sort of flying out the window, until she saw his position. "Wyn! Wyn please still be alive I don't need a potiental friend dying on me!" She shook him a little then breathed out grabbing his hand. "I'll go and get you some help okay?" She smiled and with that she was off, back down the elevator to the hall she last saw Nurse Jackson on. "Riley! Riley! Someone! Nurse Jackson! I need help I found Wyn!" She was running around the halls like a mad man trying to find someone to help her.
  16. Wyn was slowly coming to as he heard Autum talking to him. He wasn't sure what was going on. His body was sore and in a rather uncomfortable position. Moving slightly, Wyn tried to push himself onto his side and into a more natural position. Succeeding, Wyn stayed there for a moment, closing his eyes and relaxing. His body ached and was still spasing out slightly. He hated this feeling. Something told him that this wasn't going well for him at all. When he opened his eyes again, Wyn noticed that the world was sideways and he was on the ground. This wasn't good. Pushing himself up slightly, Wyn gave up when his body failed him and he hit the ground again. At least this time wasn't as painful. Lying there helplessly, Wyn drifted back into his mind. He remembered when he was younger and the home cooked meals he would get every night. They were so good and wholesome. Even now, years later, Wyn could still smell the spices as they cooked in the rice dish.

    Dr. McAndrew was the first to encounter Autum. "What?" he asked at first confused at her statement. By now the entire hospital had gotten the code and had been on the lookout for Wyn. As his mind registered the statement, Dr. McAndrew sprung into action. Waving a few other nurses over to get a wheel chair, McAndrew followed Autum to the roof. There he found Wyn passed out. He checked Wyn's vitals and immediately moved him onto his back. McAndrew was careful as he made sure Wyn was breathing. When the nurses got to the roof, they carefully picked Wyn up and placed him on a bed. McAndrew disregarded Autum as his first priority was to ensure that Wyn was alright. He disappeared down the hallway to another part of the hospital to run tests.

    Nurse Jackson was the one who told Autum to relax and go back to her room. She found Reily as well and told her the same thing. Once the two were in their rooms, Nurse Jackson assured them that Wyn would be alright and that they would be informed on Wyn's condition. She then disappeared as well, tending to another patient.
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