The New Me ! ^~^

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Ello everyone!
I am not new, I have been around for quite some time, but I took a well needed break, due to school and work. I have finally returned and am ready to get back into some roleplays.

If you are not sure of who I am, I will fill you in on some of my names---I am name changing whore, I do apologize.

And now of course I am

I plan on keeping this name for a good while, since I have recently fallen in love with Robbie Kay's version of Peter Pan from
Once Upon A Time, he is the perfect Pan, I don't care what anyone says honestly. The dark Pan that has to steal kids shadows to remain young is just beautiful to me. The darker Disney characters seem to speak to me much more than the regular old boring ones.

Now, I am up for any kind of roleplay. I am into many different fandoms, so if you throw some ideas out there I am sure we can come up with something we could both enjoy. My muse for Pan is HIGH right now however.

Small List of fandoms I am into, not naming them all just a small list.

Once Upon A Time-Neverland
Jurassic Park
Star Wars
Bates Motel
Heroes Reborn
Halloween Themed
Anything from Horror
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