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  1. His name was John, but fear of being attacked made him change his name to Christopher Wilson. He wandered now down the streets of a small town near Hanna-lulu, looking around for the address he sought. He was in fear of being jumped, even here, and he wanted to be sure he would be safe. his eyes constantly darted from alley to alley, making sure he was safe as he almost ran into the area that he needed to go to.
    Making his way into the one street, he knocked on the door to that shop and walked in. Right now he was dressed in a simple t-shirt and shorts, and he was trembling. He was thin and only 5'4", and he looked a little young for age 23. He waited for someone to come and greet him.
  2. Seon was reading a magazine and his ears perked up as he heard someone walk through the door. He jumped over the counter to greet his customer. Seon was 6'0 and around twenty-five years old. He had stopped counting after he hit twenty. He observed the trembling young man with interest. He was wearing a tight black t-shirt and loose fitting jeans. Cloth was wrapped around his knuckles.

    "Welcome to Gung-Ho's Restaurant? May I interest you in some Korean Cuisine?" Seon asked.

    His shop was typically busy during the evening. Seldom did it get visitors during the day time.
  3. John looked around, thinking of where he was supposed to be, "No thank you, I think I may have the wrong address..." Looking around, he saw Seon and thought to himself how odd this was to be sitting here, and he watched him wiht increasing interest.

    "I-I'm looking for a Sweon? Did I say that right?" He handed the man the sheet of paper that had been one a document sent to him, and he watched the mean with interest. This wasn't what it appeared to be, or he had simply come to the wrong place. He hoped it was the former.
  4. "It's Seon. Say-on," He took the flyer from the young man's hands, "Might you be here to train in the ways of Grand Master Jyong-Hee? You want to learn Martial Arts? Well you've come to the right place. You're quite the timid one aren't you? What do they call you?"

    There Seon was again, asking a flurry of questions before his guest even had a chance to answer them all. He had to admit, it was rare that he would find a pupil and even rarer still a dedicated pupil. However, he wondered why this young man was so interested to learn.
  5. "Yes, yes I am intereseted. I am here to learn martial arts. I'm called John, but I also go by Chris in society. No, I am not just timid. I'm petrified." He closed his eyes and shuddered.
  6. "Petrified?" Seon looked around, "What are you so afraid of? Come this way."
    Seon led John to the backside of the restaurant. There were training dummies with white cloth wrapped around what looked to be their heads. They appeared to be well used and worn out.
  7. "Them. The gang. The people who attack me every single day!" He cried out, staring at this place, "What is this place?" He asked finally, staring at him, "This is no restaurant, is it?"
  8. "Oh no, it's a restaurant, but it's all a training academy for Mixed Martial Arts. I'm going to be honest, you are the first pupil I've had since I moved here. No one will come since Master Ip has retired." Seon recalled sadly, "but that has changed since you arrived. We will begin with simple exercises... but don't train in those clothes."
  9. The man nodded and undid his bag, just as his phone call had told him. He quickly changed into the other clothes and stood there, shaking a bit and looking at him, "I-I'm your first pupil?" He asked, a little unsure now that he was doing hte right thing, "I-I hope this works out...I'm sorry I just needed some help and....and...and..." He looked at him, helpless.
  10. Seon gave John a concerned look, "What else do you need help with? Is something else other than the thugs troubling you?"
    Seon furrowed his eyebrows. He was unsure what to think of his newest pupil. He was certainly a frightened fellow. He couldn't help but wonder if there wasn't something that John was afraid of. Seon was confident that things would work out so long as John was dedicated enough to learn Martial Arts, however, he was welcome to stop if it proved too much for him.
    Seon gave another look at John and realized that the word he had been looking for was helpless, but John looked more lonely than anything else.
    "Excuse me for sounding so rash, but do you have any friends? And I mean good friends that you hang out with regularly."
  11. John looked down and he thoguht about what he was saying, "F-friends? N-no sir I don't...I don't have any friends since I finished College..." He sighed again and leaned into the wall, holding his head, "Ah I know I'm not worth anythign but I just need to be able to defend myself...and...yeah I just need ot be able to defend myself..."
  12. "Perhaps after we finish training, I will treat you to something. It is tradition for the Mentor to treat his student after a hard day of training. Now let's see your monkey squat." Seon said suddenly.

    He didn't expect John to know what the Monkey Squat was. He just wanted to know what he was working with. Perhaps it would be best if the two of them started off with some simple exercises before getting into the martial arts.
  13. Of course, John had no idea what he was going to be doing, and he didn't know what he was going to do, "The what?"
  14. "The Monkey Squat. Perhaps we should just start with some basic exercises. We're going to go for a fifteen minute jog and when we come back and cool off you will give me your best punches. We need to strengthen you up before we move on it seems." Seon laughed.
    His laugh was smooth and hung in the air even after he had stopped.
  15. The laugh was actually quite interesting, and he actually enjoyed it quite well, "Y-yes, let's jog!" He ran out after him, not even planning to break a sweat.
  16. Seon stopped John before he could leave the training grounds, "You will be carrying these."
    Seon handed John a pole with two buckets full of water at either end. It was about an extra ten pounds, "We have fifteen minutes to complete two and a half miles. I will see you at the finish."
    He jogged quickly ahead of John and was soon far down the jagged path that lead to the city park.
  17. Looking at him, he shrugged and took them. He knew that it would take more than he wanted out of him, but he was used to running long distances without resting. he took them and he suddenly realized he didn't know what he had bargained for. He grunted and kept trying to keep up. It took him more time then he wanted but he was about am inute late.
  18. Seon had finished his run early and wasn't surprised that John was minute late.
    "You're a minute late, but we'll work on it. Stretch it out. You did better than most people who try that for the first time. Have some water." Seon handed John an ice cold bottle of water.
    "When you've cooled down, I will show how to hit this dummy over here." Seon said pointing to the wooden thing behind him.
  19. John foudn it odd that the man didn't punish him for being late. He thought he'd have to actually fight to try and defend himself, yet he was rewarded with water. He guessed all those days of running from gang members paid off.
    He sipped the water and started to look at the wooden dummy. He thought about it and all he came out to was he'd have some bruised ankles and hands.
    "hit that wodden thing?" He asked, panting a little.
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