The New Journey w/ Jessica and Smell

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  1. This is a kingdom type setting, where one prince has always wanted this one princess for more than one reason.

    Name:Princess Sofia Roads
    Age: sixteen
    personality: Sweet, funny, caring, puts others before her needs, Persistant, and jumpy, plus she can be very stubborn if she wants to be.
  2. Name: Marcus Availren

    Age: 18

    Personality: Marcus for a while now, pretty much sense he turned 13, has been taking a lot of different matters to the extreme. Marcus knows that despite his own personal opinion and attitude towards it, that even if he didn't feel this way, that people should follow up themselves on some of these tactics instead of pinning it on or expecting someone else to do it for them, one thing being people keeping their responsibilities in check, and another thing being people living and following good morals when interacting with others, an example of this being that each of the individuals showing respect for the other people they are hanging around with.

    Marcus has never known what changed in him when he became a teenager, but has known himself to become quite critical at times, him having realized this as he was reaching his older teenage years, each year waking him up even more to seeing the way he has been because of his own personal opinion, despite how important the tactics that he views so strongly towards probably should be to others. But given the good morals tactic, he knows that he feels strongly towards others following up on it, but Marcus knows that it's important that he live up to that tactic himself, as he's sure he's had to have gone overboard with at least several people in the last 5 years.

    Name: Evan Availren

    Age: 4

    Evan is one of the two of Marcus Availren's much younger brothers. Being 4 he doesn't have much experience in a lot of things therefore he likes to do many things but he personally loves seeing anything related to or participating and getting involved with anything relating to nature.

    Name: Roger Availren

    Age: 4

    The second one of Marcus's younger brothers and Evan's twin. Like his twin brother Evan does, Roger likes to participate in a lot of things, being 4 to where his interests are spread out in all directions. But unlike Evan has done, Evan finding that he has a particular interest in nature and favors that interest over many of his other interests, Roger hasn't found a specific interest of his yet that he favors over any of his others.
  3. Sofia had been told just now that there was a ball soon, and the enemy kingdoms princes were invited. Sofia was upset at what could be going wrong with her parents mind. Sofia had gotten into a pretty dress with some help. But then her maid fixed up her hair as the guests began to arrive. She knew that she loved to ride in nature but she didnt know that she was going to have to stay in the ballroom.

    Once she came down she smiled as she thought. She was very happy. She saw all the guests coming in she had her tiara on, maybe her father is celebrating for winning so far. Sarah smiled and spotted the pronces she quickly went to go into the ballroom t go sit next to her dad. She hoped nothing bad was gomna happen.
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  4. Marcus enters into the lobby through the front door of the palace. Coming up and entering the palace lobby behind him are his much younger 4 year old brothers Evan and Roger. Marcus had gotten invited to the ball as well, as he was a friend to one of the princes that was attending the ball. As his parents were rarely around though, Marcus often had to take his two 4 year old brothers pretty much everywhere he went, including tonight. He had bought some new outfits for him and his two younger brothers so they'd have the appropriate attire at least, considering they don't attend that many royal events, unless they are with the prince friend of Marcus's already that day and an event Marcus's prince friend's attending takes place while they are still hanging out, or unless Marcus get invited by him to the events, to which Evan and Roger would most likely be joining him there.
  5. Sofia looked around seeing two little boys. She loved little kids. She looked at her father him motioning her greet all of the guests, so in order to do so she walked around greeting them and asking if they needed anything. Sofia tilted her head before finally stopping by marcus," hello im princess Sofia, and you are?"
  6. Marcus looks to Sofia and says "It's nice to meet you princess. My name is Marcus Availren."
  7. Sofia looked over at him and smiled, hearing his name, but then she realized that they were rivals. She blinked as she looked over thinking.She was their rival, she knew the plans of the war, only because her father told her. She looked at him and said, " Nice to meet you." She said to him. She looked at his brothers, " aren't they just darling." She smiled lightly.
  8. Marcus looks over at his brothers and says "You mean them? The two of them are named Evan and Roger. They are my little brothers. They're 4 yrs old."
  9. Sofia nodded as she looked over at him as she smiled. She tilted her head and nodded, " Well that's cute." She then said, " Well have fun here. " She said and went to walk off. She smiled as she loked at them thinking. Sofia then went to go over to the thrones and sat since everyone was having fun.
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