The New Iguana In Town

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  1. Hello people of Iwaku! I have come from a land far, far away and have heard a great many things about you. Most of them good. I hope to meet people, make friends, and roleplay like nobody has ever seen. And find a plateful of cookies on the way. Hmm, cookies. Anyways, I've roleplayed, as you may know or learn, and wish to do so with even more people. If you're interested and/or have ideas and/or know of a few really good RPs wanting Sign Ups, comment or PM me. I'm not promising you a immediate response, but you will get one nonetheless. So ends my introduction, I guess.
  2. WELCOME TO IWAKU ME FRIEND IGUANA~! hope you enjoy your stay in here~
  3. Thanks! :D
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  4. your welcome Iguana~! just don't bite my donuts~
  5. I promise. No donut biting will come from me.
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  6. Okay I'll give you a lick on my sugar glazed~
  7. *licks vigorously* Thanks. It was taaasty.
  8. Hello and welcome, it's nice to meet you. ^w^
  9. Ahh... here a cookie~ don't lick it anymore~ XD
  10. Hey, Haunt (its okay if I call you that, right?). And thanks, Greedy, for the cookie. Sorry I raped your donut with my tongue. *shrugs* What can I say, it looked really good.
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  11. Oh, and its nice to meet you too, Haunt (still unsure if that's an okay nick name).
  12. It doesn't really matter what anyone calls me as long as it isn't insulting or racist.
  13. Hiiiii Iguana, welcome to the site!
  14. hurhurhur
    (is currently almost a day old.)
    ^ This means I'm a bit new as well. -u-
    no, sorry. I'll ask normally.
    Would you like to be friends? ;u;
  15. @Diana Hey Diana!

    @HABIT Haunter Haunt Cool, I promise I won't be mean. *smiles*

    @District You gave me a cookie! *hugs her* Of course we can be friends. I'd be stupid not to be.
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  16. HAHAHA

    Dont hate me but