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  1. I'm new here but not to rping. I prefer sci-fi to fantasy, and fantasy to modern, but any of those three I'll do. Fandom, I'm not a huge fan of but depends on what the fandom is, RWBY for example I'd hop on board. I think that just about covers it, I think. I haven't done something like this before but I figured might as well.
  2. HI BEO~~~
  3. Hey,
    There is an RP called the New Frontier, I think we are looking for one more to join if you want to check it out.

    - Hermit.js
  4. Sorry, but I make it a point not to do fandom rps. So I'll have to pass up on this one. Best of luck to you though with it.
  5. Hey there! Thought you might like to take a look at my Fantasy group roleplay game Seasonal Island Kingdoms
    Create a character to align with one of the five islands that lie within the magical energy. The first island is called Sprinfata and all year it is spring. The second island is called Sumenoto and all year round it is summer. The third island is called Autunmei and is autumn all year around. Finally the fourth island is Winturof an island battered by a harsh winter all year long. The fifth island is normal and as regular seasons all year. War is looming in the horizons, which side will you choose? :D
  6. If it tickles your fancy, please check out Beatdown! which is a roleplay inspired by old-school fighting games like Street Fighter or Mortal Combat. It's not a fandom RP, however, and requires OCs.
  7. As I've said, I don't do fandom rps. And since this is set pretty heavily in Destiny lore, from what I've read, I will have to pass it up.
  8. Eh, figured I'd try anyways. Good luck!
  9. Let me make a correction to my fandom thing so I don't sound like a hypocrite. If I don't know about it, then I will join it. I say this because apparently a rp I joined is based off of a book and I had no clue. And I refuse to leave it because it's a good concept, and I already made a character for it that I'm excited to play. So, there ya go.
  10. I have an RP that's based on the anime series Chuunibyou Demo Koi Ga Shitai, but as it is a full OC RP it's more like borrowing concepts and setting more than anything but we could really use some more members.

    Tbh though, it'd also be great if some of our current members would finish their profiles too @Crow >.> not saying I have a problem with you being in other groups, but I'd at least like an occasional status update on the character progress since you haven't updated your WIP post in a while o_e
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