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    Pandora made her way out of her crashed spaceship. She wasn't suppose to crash but something on the ship failed. She wasn't hurt, only lost. She knew nothing about Earth. The only thing she did know was that she was told to go to Earth and see what the people were like. It was her job to research the people and report what happens. She followed a path she found in the forest taking her to what seemed to be some sort of open grassy area. A sign said 'park' on it. She went to a bench and sat down. "Now what?" She said to herself. In order to study the humans, she figured she would have to act like a normal human. Would she be able to do that? Would people find out? What would happen if people found out? Friendship? Love? Or will she be rejected?

    This is a RP about an alien girl trying to live a normal life while studying humans. It's a Science fiction/romance RP.
  2. Remmy made his way through Hoolihan park, like always after his shift at Muddy's, A bar that he recently started working once he had turned 21. It was freezing out, in the mid 40's about, the wind gently breezing by. He stopped in his tracks as a quick tremor rolled through. His shaggy black hair got into his eyes, causing him to tumble and fall in the grAss right off the path.

    "Ugh, just my luck." Remmy sighed as he sat up and looked down the path, seeing a figure sitting at a bench, rubbing his eyes to regain his focus. Making out it looked like a female, he went over to see why she was out so late
  3. Pandora heard a noise coming towards her. She turned to see a young man walking up to her. She smiled at him, unsure of what the greetings were on Earth. She remembered learning a few things but this seemed to slip her mind, though it probably would be considered one of the most important.
  4. rin was a sixteen years old and he worked at muddy's with remmy. the only reason he had the job was because his aunt owned the bar. he was going home when he felt the tremor close by. he walked around in the park and found a crashed space ship. "what the hell. is this real." he began running out of the forest and ran into remmy.
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  5. "Huh?" Pandora said when another person suddenly came running into the other one. She gazed at the both of them, to her surprise her and them didn't look that different, just a different gender. She thought that she was going to look weird to them. The only thing was her blue hair and purple eyes, though an excuse can be made for that.
  6. rin looked over at the girl that was right there. she looked weird with her purple hair and blue eyes, but it was a good kind of weird. he brushed himself off and extended out his hand "hi my name is rin. who are you."
  7. Remmy raised a brow as he observed the girl, looking her over, She must've been 19 atleast, but it was only a quick guess. He then came behind Rin and placed his hand on rin' head, like he always did when he saw the young teen; accompanied by a nickname he had given him. "Kiddo! You finally got off, huh?" He then look at the girl. "I'm Remmy by the way, aren't you cold out here girlie? It's freezing!"

    He again looked her over, feeling as if something was off. " anyway, uh, did either of you feel a little quake earlier?"
  8. "Yea it was caused by an alien spaceship that crashed into earth" rin grabbed remmy's arm and began pulling him in the direction he had just come. "Ill show you"
  9. "My name is Pandora." She said to them, she began to think about if she felt cold or not. Did she feel cold? Perhaps she should say yes anyway? "Yes, I am cold." She told them but when they started to talk about the quake and the spaceship that crashed, well that wasn't going to end well. She stood up and laughed a bit, "Spaceship, there's no such thing."
  10. "Rin, Have you been getting into my booze Supply again?!" Remmy scolded the boy as he grabbed him by his ear. In the short time Remmy had worked at Muddy's , he became very close with the staff, like a second family. "Already seeing things and shit.." he murmered as he let go of Rin's ear and took off his warm striped sweater, handing it over to the girl. "Sorry, sometimes kiddo likes to wet is whistle from time to time!"
  11. "Of course you wont believe me, why would you." Rin looked down at the ground "oh yeah remmy can i stay at your house my mom kicked me out again"
  12. Pandora took the sweater and pulled it on over her body. She made a sigh, the good thing was that he didn't believe the other. Maybe she was safe for now. When she heard the next remark it made her think. One, she began to wonder if that was usual to be kicked out. The other thing, where was she going to stay when on Earth, she can't possibly stay in her beat up ship.
  13. "Sure kiddo. I'll make our usual spot on the couch, and you know what? I'll order us some chinese!" Remmy smiled, trying to cheer up Rin. He knew how his mother was; a drug addict and well, a crazy bitch. It was not uncommon that Rin would stay at remmy's one bedroom apartment. He then looked to the girl with a concerned look." -and you, shouldn't you be getting home as well?"
  14. Pandora looked at Remmy with a funny look. "Home?" At the moment she didn't know how to answer that. In fact, her real home she couldn't get to now with her ship so messed up. She needed time to repair it. She had no idea were she was going to go from here. "Are they any places to stay the night around here?" She then asked remembering something that the humans called a hotel. "A hotel maybe."
  15. rin looked up," thanks remmy. i want sesame chicken and lo mien" he was ready to go and looked at the girl. he couldnt quite place a finger on it but something was off about her.
  16. "Huh? Wait a minute." She thought out loud. she had forgotten she needed that green paper humans were so fond of to get into a hotel. She looked in her pockets and shrugged. "I must have forgot the money." She continued to say. "Whoops." It seemed she forgot it back home. If it was in her ship she could have waited to get it but being forgetful she left it back home and it was specifically given to her for her mission too.
  17. Remmy looked to the girl and gave a quick sigh. "Well, how 'bout you join us tonight, huh? I'm sure we can set the table for three." He smiled as he started to walk past the both of them, taking out a cigarette amd putting it to his lips. "C'mon guys, lets get to it!"
  18. She smiled ."Oh, thank you." She then said and began to follow the man. At least she didn't have to worry about money that night. She had to figure something out though, she had to stay there and do her mission.
  19. rin was ready to go he was ready to get some chinese food. he started to walk next to remmy
  20. Pandora followed the two quietly. She didn't know what to say or how to act in front of them so she just stayed silent. If they asked anything she figured she could make somethings up when the time came. She made sure to take note of her surroundings so she could get back to her ship eventually.