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  1. Sydney had woken up a bit earlier than usual this morning. Something was very off about the day. She felt it in her bones that something was going to happen but just couldn't put her finger on it yet. She walked on the tip of her toes towards her best friend's room, Shasta and shook her until she woke up. Sydney eyed her and parted her lips to speak. "Hey. Something is going to happen today and we need to find out what." Sydney went into Shasta's closet and picked out some clothes, throwing them on top of her and muttering. "Put these on and get a move on it." She exited the room and bumped into their Supreme.

    'Oh, shit.' She thought to herself then looked up at Supreme Melba, who was really towering over her or she was just that scared and it seemed that way. "Going somewhere, Syd?" She spoke and Sydney bit her bottom lip with a nervous chuckle following. "Well, I just feel like something is going to happen today and didn't want to go outside alone so I invited a rather sleepy Shasta to tag along." Sydney spoke her answer fast as Melba looked her over then turned heel and walked away. 'Was that really it?' Sydney thought then shrugged her shoulders while making a run down the stairs and towards the kitchen, where they're maid was preparing breakfast.

    The maid eyed Sydney and she returned the favor. 'Bitch.' Sydney thought to herself while going to the stairs and standing on the bottom step, calling up to Shasta. "Come on, girl! I don't have all day!" When she spoke those words, a knock came over the door and the maid walked over towards it but Sydney stopped her. "Maids don't get the door unless told. Go back to making your concoction of a breakfast."

    The maid, whose name she never really bothered to learn, did as she was told. Sydney walked towards the door and turned the knob, opening it and revealing an older male along with two younger males beside him, on each side. "What?" Sydney stood at the door with her arms folded, scowling them all as she eyed them, too. Something wasn't right about them and she could just feel it. Maybe this is what was suppose to happen today. Meeting the new neighbors.

    - & -

    Jeremiah didn't want to relocate their coven in a town where witch hunting was known for. What if a new witch hunting counsel rises up and suspects them, then what. Did anybody ever think about that? Obviously not. The whole trip to the new housing was a long one but when they finally arrive, the neighbor seemed nice and friendly enough for them to stay. At least for now.

    Their high warlock, Bane, spoke, basically welcoming them to their new and much larger home as Jeremiah's eyes reviewed over the place and raised a brow. "This is only temporary though, right?" He asked while looking towards Bane and it seemed as if everyone stopped and turned to face the two of them. Bane chuckled and walked towards Jeremiah. "If it was temporary, I wouldn't have brought a house. Hm?" Bane spoke then patted him on the back while walking past him now.

    Jeremiah rolled his eyes and walked up the stairs, seeing that each room had two beds in them. He saw all the other boys already have picked their roommates and he walked into one where there was a bed left. When he saw his roommate, he shook his head and thought to himself. 'Great. I have to room with Lava Boy.' A slight chuckle came over his lips as Bane knocked on their door.

    "You two. Come with me to meet the new neighbors before you unpack." Bane ordered them as Jeremiah was about to say something but kept it to himself then looked to Keval and shook his head. "Best not to say anything, Firestarter." Jeremiah followed Bane down the stairs and out of the house, going door to door and with a fake pleasant smile, introduced himself then introduced Jeremiah and Keval as his step sons.

    Jeremiah made a scrunched up face then relaxed it a bit as they came to the final house on the strip. It looked really old and like it hasn't been touched in centuries. "No one lives here. I hope." Jeremiah protested as Bane looked back at him. "Only one way to find out." Bane knocked on the door and a girl appeared. She had a bit of an attitude problem, too. Of course, Bane overlooked that and responded anyway. "We're new to the neighborhood and thought they we'd come over and introduce ourselves." Bane spoke. "Is your mother home?" Bane continued to ask as another female appeared beside her.

    Jeremiah's eyes were fixed on the new female that had appeared and even smiled a little. Of course, he then went back to his usual frowned face, too. As they wanted for someone to say something, Jeremiah was getting a little bit impatient with them and finally spoke. "They probably live by themselves." Bane turned his head towards him and Jeremiah looked down at the ground then Bane turned back towards the girls.

    "I'd like to meet your mother, please." Bane spoke softly towards them.
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  2. Hiding in plain sight was one thing, but relocating to a town known for its clan of witch hunters just seemed stupid. For the last several weeks, Keval had done everything he could to try and wrap his mind around Bane's decision, but acceptance was always just out of reach and frustration continued to grow within the young warlock. Once or twice, he had thought of leaving the coven, striking out on his own and seeing if he could make it, but a strong dose of logic always stopped him. Existing in the real world, by himself and without any kind of training was a death sentence, sure to needlessly cull their already dwindling numbers. In the end, he had no choice but to move with Bane and the other boys.

    The house didn't seem like any kind of sanctuary, and stepping inside one sunny morning, Keval let his brown eyes wander around the foyer after dropping his suitcase at his feet. He had always been the type to travel lightly, having come from nothing to begin with, and there were few things that he had grown attached to. His personal practice was the opposite of his classmates, or family, as Bane as insisted. Watching as the others filed into the house and getting smacked with the sides of a few suitcases, Keval hoped to choose a room before they were all gone. The last thing he wanted was a roommate who cramped his style.

    Before he could even make it up the stairs, Jeremiah stated the obvious and Keval found himself quirking an eyebrow at the nickname. His way with fire was no secret, but he highly doubted Jeremiah's words were a term of endearment. “Take a break,” Keval retorted, still wrapped up in his offense when Bane entered the room with an equally ridiculous request. Introducing themselves to anyone seemed not only pointless, but dangerous as well. Silently questioning the leader had become more commonplace for him over the last several months, but Keval didn't have the stomach to actually speak his mind.

    In the end, he followed the other two door-to-door, wearing a polite smile to whichever neighbors they came across. Keval was almost positive that this would be his first and last encounter with the neighborhood, and didn't bother to try and make friends. Living with the other guys was excitement enough, and the thought of making new friends was immensely unappealing. Regardless, Keval breathed a quiet sigh of relief when they finally came to the last house. It was a rundown looking place, peeling paint and patches of high grass that some retentive housewife had surely already reported to the city before. Keval pursed his lips and waited for someone to come to the door.

    Some people were meant for mornings, but Shasta wasn't one of them. Being woken up before she was ready never went over well, and although she and Sydney may have been friends, Shasta was nothing less than royally pissed. With a huff, she pulled on the clothes that had been tossed at her, jeans and a simple green t-shirt, comfortable compared to her hostile mood. Dying to go back to sleep, Shasta carded a hand back through her hair, giving the thick tresses a toss before deeming herself acceptable enough. Melba was sure to question her appearance, but that lecture could wait.

    It was hard to tell what was so important to Sydney, but Shasta hoped that it was good—like really, really good, a big surprise that would change all of their lives. Yawning behind her head, she heavily walked downstairs, mentally willing herself to put one foot in front of the other and just get on with the day. Down by the door, her brown eyes fell onto the friend in question and three oddly placed strangers. The oldest man had a leer to his eyes, something that just felt off and the other two seemed just as out of place. Over the years, the house had seen some odd visitors, but this was something new entirely.

    In an annoying way, Sydney had turned out to be right.

    Coming to stand in the doorway next to her friend, Shasta looked up at the oldest man. “Why do you want to talk to our mom?” she asked, not impressed or amused by whatever this was. “If you're selling something, we don't want any. Have a nice day.”

    We're just...” Keval spoke up and then paused, sensing a familiar energy from these girls, “new. In the neighborhood, I mean. We're introducing ourselves."
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  3. Sydney arms folded over her chest when the male basically demanded to talk to their mother. She shifted her weight to one side then listened to Shasta speak. "Yeah, we don't wait want any." Her eyes shifted towards the male that had spoke as she rolled her eyes. "Well, you introduced and nice to meet you, blah, blah. Goodbye now." Sydney said while moving Shasta out of the way so that she could close the door, which she did. She turned to face Shasta and look at her in the eye. "So, they were cute, or nah?" Sydney said with a giggle as she started walking towards the living area and sat down on the couch.

    "So, what are we doing today?" She'd ask towards Shasta while flipping through a magazine, sitting back on the couch now, legs folded over each other. "Hope we not staying in this house all day again. That's starting to get old." Sydney groaned while leaning her head back then bringing it back up to have her eyes stare at her. As she waited for Shasta to say something, the maid, whose name no one bothered to remember came in and told them that breakfast was served.

    "About time." Just as Sydney threw the magazine down on the small coffee table before her and got up from the couch, walking towards the kitchen, Melba stepped in front of her with a raised brow. Sydney gasped and held her heart as the cold eyes of Melba stared at her then to Shasta. "Ladies, what did the men at the door want?" Sydney bit her bottom lip, not really wanting to answer that question. She looked over towards Shasta then back at Melba with a gulp. "Well..." Melba pried as she continued to eye them.

    - & -

    Jeremiah jumped at the sudden close of the door in their faces. His eyes jumped to Keval then to Bane, who was smirking. "What's that smirk for?" Jeremiah asked as Bane turned around and started walking down the small steps that lead towards the house. "Because, Jeremy, we have our selves a house full of witches." Bane responded as they walked back towards their house. Jeremiah was a little bit confused as he didn't get a vibe from them but then looked at Keval and wanted to know what he was feeling.

    "Mind if me and Keval ride through town, Bane?" Jeremiah asked as Bane stopped in his tracks and turned to face them both but then eyed Keval. "Is that what you want to do?" Bane raised a brow as out of the corner of his eyes, he looked at Jeremiah, who was nervously biting his lip. When Bane looked away slightly, Jeremiah nudged Keval and gave him a look for him to say yes.

    Bane looked back at the duo of boys then waved his hand. "He waited too long to answer. Go. Go but be back around supper time." Bane instructed as Jeremiah cheered, really. Bane tossed the keys to Keval as Jeremiah scurried over towards the car, waiting for Keval to unlock it so that he could get in. "Yo. I saw some honey's down at the shop we passed on the way up here. Should we go and check it out?" Jeremiah asked while getting inside of the car and buckling up his seat belt.
  4. Despite the abruptness of Sydney's actions, Shasta could still feel something behind the closed door. She got the sense that the men were lingering there, unable to be heard through the thick wood, but their energies was palpable. Divination was an art, so much more than just reading tea leaves or playing around with Tarot cards; it was an intuition and the dark-haired girl couldn't deny that she was intrigued by the three who had come to visit. Whether or not they were actually there to introduce themselves was one thing, but the truth was sure to come out in time. All they had to do was wait.

    Unfortunately, that was easier said than done, and Shasta found her brow furrowed as Sydney flounced herself into the living room. Moving away from the door, she listened to the other's complaints, unsure of what was so bad about staying close to home where it was safe. Those hunters meant business, and Melba embellished a great number of things, but the ways in which a hunter would kill a witch wasn't one of them. The lust for life that the other girl had was somewhat contagious, however, and Shasta always found herself a little more bold when her best friend spouted off with a big idea.

    “What do you want to do?” Shasta asked, joining Sydney in the living room. She watched as the other girl crossed her legs on the couch, a magazine poised in her hands that would surely be left unread. Shasta herself chose to stand, lazily walking toward the grand piano placed at the side of the room. She tickled her fingers over the keys and let a few haphazard, sharp notes filter into the air. “We could go into town. I have to pick up some herbs anyway,” she suggested a moment later, looking back to Sydney. However, their planning was cut short by the appearance of a certain ghost, a poor being who had likely gone made long before their death. At least, Shasta would have been the same if she was tethered to a house full of girls for the rest of eternity.

    Breakfast sounded and smelled delicious, however and Shasta felt her stomach rumble. Walking away from the piano, the two friends didn't make it to the dining room when Melba appeared. She had that way about her, sneaky and mysterious, something that Shasta had come to envy. Her cold stare was enough to send chills down her spine, but her question sounded innocuous enough. A hunch about male witches wasn't something to report, Shasta thought, and although lying never won a person any points with Melba, it was worth a shot.

    “Just some Jehovah's,” she answered dismissively with a wave of her hand. “You know, trying to save us. Nothing exciting, right Sydney?” she asked, and tried to scoot the other girl forward. Slipping around Melba, Shasta continued to breakfast, hoping the Supreme wouldn't ask too many difficult questions over waffles.

    That introduction had gone less than smooth, but Keval was curious about the girls. Bane's words moments later proved that his assumption had been right, that the electric and otherworldly energy coursing through the air had meant one thing—witches. It was exciting, or at least, that was how Keval saw it. The two sexes may not have gotten along very well, both sides looking down on the other for various reasons, but Keval had never met a real witch before. They may not have been very different from the two men standing in front of him, or all of the boys who inhabited the house just up the block, but he wasn't going to let logic tamp down his excitement.

    The last thing he wanted to do, however, was aimlessly drive around town. Giving Jeremiah a look, Keval wondered what the hell was wrong with him, why he wasn't more interested in their new neighbors. Too many times Keval had been on the outside looking in, and while he and Jeremiah may not have been the best of friends, he was still someone to hang around with. Turning down this weird olive branch may be the last straw between them and the idea of living with a pissed off roommate wasn't ideal.

    “We will,” Keval promised moments later, keys in hand as he unlocked the black sports car. It was nothing short of amazing that Bane was letting them take it into town, but he wasn't going to give the man time to change his mind. Jeremiah's words, however, almost made him go back inside. “Do you really talk like that?” he asked in a laugh and wasted little time getting into the driver's seat.

    The town was historic, lined with trees and old homes, cobblestone streets and little markets every hundred yards or so. It was a change from where he'd come from, the last city so run down and dirty-looking. This was positively picturesque. “Where do you want to go?” he asked, stopping for a red light as his fingers drummed against the steering wheel.
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