The New Avengers

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  1. Plot

    It has been many years since the original group of super heroes was formed by Director Nick Fury of SHIELD, those heroes had fought bravely to defend their world as well as other worlds. They have been through a lot together and have formed friendships, or more like family. Now most of them have retired from avenging, others have stayed on to help recruit and train future generations.

    The new training facility and school has been relocated into the newly renovated Stark Tower, Tony Stark still owns and lives in the upper floor of the facility but the other floors are strictly dedicated to training the new Avengers team. Now not all who are recruited make it on to the team, but there are still other ways they can help out such as working in the labs and on the computers.

    Can these new heroes live up to the reputation the previous generation has laid out? They are going to have to as a new threat is about to come and they best be prepared.

    1. Original characters are most welcome as this is a newly revamped team, but other cannon characters are allowed.​
    2. No killing of others without permission​
    3. This is a PG rating any mature content must be taken into PM if it arises,​
    4. Please respect all players as well as the rules of the site.​
    5. Please if you have any ideas feel free to share!​
    6. Last but not least, have fun. (Yes I know it sounds corny.)​
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  2. It was another day for skipping school for sixteen year old Arial, she never liked going to school despite how well she excelled in her studies. Arial never felt she belonged there, she was different than all those kids. Arial was a demi-goddess, the daughter of the infamous Thor and everybody knew it. They would always ask her questions about her father, teachers and principals would always ask her why she can't be more like him. Arial was fed up with it, she was always getting into trouble with everyone. Arial spent her skipping school days at local abandoned sites tagging them with her grafitti art. She hasn't been caught as of yet but that was about to change only it wasn't the police that would catch her but someone else.

    With "Titanium" blasting in her earbuds she spray paints a picture of a cat before hearing sirens, cursing she quickly gathers her things before running away from the building only to be stopped by a large SUV and coming from it is a familiar face. Arial took out her ear buds and sighed, "the famous Black Widow." She spoke, Arial has met Natasha on several occasions when her father would take her out to Avengers celebrations.

    The new director of the reinvented SHIELD looks at her, "come with me Arial unless you want to be arrested by the cops. Try explaining that to your parents," she told her opening the back door of the SUV signaling the girl to get in. Once Arial was in they drove to the multipurpose Stark towers, she led Arial into the bottom floor. "Take a seat."

    Arial flopped down in one of the loungers, she really didn't have any interest in joining the Avengers. But she knew a lot of the other kids did.
  3. Jackson had to stay home with a cold today. His stomach was turning, his nose clogged up, and his mind felt like it was in a maze full of fog. The pill he took a few minutes ago was really relieving his symptoms. By the time his systems were back to it's normal function, the school already marked him for a full absent day. Might as well go out. He saw a wad of money on the stove with a note saying: Buy the groceries, son!
    Right before his mother had gone to last night, she said she had a surprise for him. Nothing but that had been on his mind. Jackson was so focused on it that he almost ran into the automatic doors at the grocery store.
    When he was done, he found he had money leftover to buy his own things. He saw a book on martial arts shoved in the back of the book piles. It seriously looked legit, why not buy it?
    He threw it in the cart before checking out. Exiting the store, he stepped on the pavement to get to his house right around the block. A SUV coming down the road scared him, though. He retracted his foot and watched it pass. "Wonder where it's going."

    Jackson went inside and started putting groceries away. He opened the refrigerator door and saw a note attached to one of the racks.
    "I... got you in with... the Avengers. What? The Avengers?" It took a minute before the young boy realized what it was talking about. He was no hero, though. Just the sight of fighting made his mind stir with anger.
    "Well, when do I go?" he asked himself, plopping down on the couch. He sighed, closing his eyes for a moment and falling asleep.


    "Please, don't kill me!" yelled on old man, hunched in a corner. A pistol was pointed at his forehead, and the finger on the trigger threatened to pull it.
    The room was stained red and corpses decorated the floors, all done by a pale, skinny man. He wore a mainly black robe, with streaks of bright red and white with bones scattered on it for decorations. His face was covered by the robe's hood, shrouded in darkness. The man's entire existence screamed danger, fear, and negativity.
    "It's too late to be begging for your life. Besides, I need a couple of things from you anyways!"

    A few minutes afterwards (still an undiscovered incident), a young man left the scene in a black hoodie, some tattered black jeans, and a seemingly innocent backpack full with all kinds of goodies. Just as he was walking out, he bumped into a young woman.
    "Oh, sorry about that." the young man smiled. The woman, for some odd reason, seemed to be mesmerized by him. The young man chuckled a bit.
    "Ah... well, I've got to go. My name's Erick, by the way. See you around."
    He turned away from her and started the other way. He was about to cross the street when a SUV zoomed by. It was heading in the direction of the Stark towers. He smirked to himself. He could already envision the Stark towers collapsing, chaos sweeping across the city.