The Never-Born Fosterling

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  1. Mamoru Chokichi was always a person of extreme patience, empathy, and generosity to the point of naiveté, even toward those deemed irredeemable by the rest of society. As an adult, it led him to become the head psychologist and supervisor of a mental health institution known as Crow’s Nest.

    He actively made it his personal goal for years to try salvaging the lives of individuals whom everyone else had given up on.

    Then he receives his toughest case yet: Faulklin; an undersized, volatile, gruesomely scarred youth convicted of a shocking sixteen counts of First Degree Murder from a single night and diagnosed criminally-insane, with a mindset that all of human kind is worthy only of total eradication. To complicate matters, the boy lacks even a single record to suggest he was ever born.

    Suspect to being a victim of severe abuse and human trafficking since infancy, Mamoru works closely with the foul-mouthed, physically scarred, and emotionally unstable adolescent, in the hopes of both uncovering the boy’s origins, and derailing his twisted logic so he might gain the chance at a healthy future.

    On account that Faulklin wants absolutely nothing to do with his help and will go to any means of destruction against not only others, but even himself, to prevent that, a lot easier said than done. Their relationship is tested many times over, facing betrayal both perceived and legitimate, tragedy, relapse, and deep-rooted trauma from the past. A past which Faulklin full-heartedly believes is better left buried forever, even whilst persistently being haunted daily by unhelpfully opaque waking memories and brutally vivid nightmares.

    Both are dead-set on reaching opposite outcomes.

    In his steadfast endeavor to salvage what he can from Faulklin’s shattered life, Mamoru also struggles between his obligations of professionalism and his own human weakness; a struggle that may run the risk of losing him his career in the process, but what could equally determine the loss of a life that could be saved.

    A loss that Mamoru is not willing to allow.


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