The Near-Abandoned Asylum

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  1. Cray held his bleeding hand close to his chest, staring angrily at the madman who had caused the injury. Cora, his young sister, sat in the chair across from his curled up in a little ball, crying. The old man who had cut him held up the bloody instrument, examining it in the flicker of the dim lights. His lips curled into an ugly smile.

    "Perfect. Just perfect." he looked at Cray. "Now, tell me, what happened last summer?"

    "Damian... killed my parents." Cray replied, his voice shaking.

    "No, no he didn't. Cray, you killed them. So did Cora."

    "I didn't kill Mum. I didn't kill Dad." Cora said, her voice muffled.

    "Cora, you killed them. You have violent outbursts sometimes. So does your brother. And if neither of you listen, I'll have to cut you again."

    "Please don't hurt me. It wasn't me who did it. It wasn't. It was Jezebel."

    "Cora, it was you. Stop denying the truth." he brandished the knife. "Or I'll hurt you."

    "Don't you dare touch my sister!" Cray shouted.

    "Heh. As if you could do anything about it."

    "Leave her alone!"

    (Both Cray and Cora have split personalities.)

    (p.s. Cray looks like Aidan Turner, except his hair isn't curly, it's like Kili's, except WAY shorter.)
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