The Mystery of the Pokemon world

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  1. [​IMG]

    Name : Oscar

    rank : champion

    His pokemon

    [​IMG] Teshi, female, level 87, Venom fang,sludge wave, screech and toxic

    [​IMG]Shadow, male level 87, draco metor, screech, shadow claw, flamethrower
    [​IMG]Razor ,male, Level 88, close combat, arua sphere , Extreme speed and Calm mind
    [​IMG]Tylo, female level 89, Night Daze, dark paulse, shadow fang and torment
    [​IMG]Ginger, female level 88, electroweb, thunder, bug bite. take tears
    [​IMG]Draco, no gender , level 90, flame thorwer , Dark paulse, Calm mind, extreme speed

    Oscar was walking down the road toward the fifth gym where he and his pokemon serviper where going to gym that the firth gym leader was last seen but they had vanished. The Campion was digused as like any other trainer and smiling as his pokemon slithered next to him and he walked around the gym looking for any trace of the gym leader. as he was there he hears foot prints and eyes looked over seeing a girl in there and she was a trainer, that he could tell with her pokemon. He thought she was here to test the gym leader,

    "Hello, sorry about this but the gym leader has gone missing, I am Oscar and I am here to see the mystery of the gym leaders all over are seeming to vanish out of nowhere" said slowly to the girl as his serviper hissed gently and stayed next to Oscar slowly. Oscar could be her oppenet if she so wished but he couldn't grant her a badge in till the gym leader was back and knowing his pokemon much higher level it was an unfair battle.​
  2. Kagari.png
    Name: Kagari Kaya

    Rank: Trainer

    Pokemon- Nicknames(gender):

    Dewott- Dew(F)
    Talonflame- Talon(F)
    Victini- Valor(M)
    Vaporeon- Vapor(F)
    Glaceon- Azura(F)
    Froslass- Frost(F)

    Kagari was a simple female trainer on her way to her next gym battle with a serious look. Her Glaceon, Azura, whom she favored most was out of it's pokeball and following beside her. When she finally reached the gym she saw another trainer standing outside of it which immediately made her frown. So far she had been the first to challenge the gym leaders today and she wanted to keep that streak going. She stopped behind the trainer and was about to say something when he turned around and basically shut down her possibility of telling him off. "Uh, you're kidding right? Who the hell would bother kidnapping the gym leaders especially when they have their pokemon with them?" she asked the strange trainer since that was just hardly believable to her.
  3. "who knows but in till those gym leaders are found there will be no gym battles, unless you want to battle me and if you win you can get agym badge when the gym leader gets back" he shrugged gently as he has his zoroark came back and held out a small blue crystal and he took it looking at it in the light of the sun as the crystal glows pure golden color and smiles gently "Alright good job" he praised his illusion pokemon and smiles gently and it grinned happily. The snake pokemon stayed silent eyes looking at the champion.
  4. Kagari was getting upset at this. Her daily streak was going to be ruined because some bastard had to pick today to swipe gym leaders. Although one thing did cross her mind "How did you know the gym leaders are missing elsewhere if you're here? I just recently got here from my last gym battle and the leader was there." she says then crosses her arms when she saw the Zoroark handing over a crystal. "What praytell is that? You're not providing me with a whole lot of answers ya know..." she pointed out with a serious yet unhappy frown.
  5. "whoever is taking the gym leaders want higher gym leaders meaning they want powerful gym leaders and hopefully not the eliet four. How do i know ? I know because I was told from people from fifth gym and all the way to eight that the gym leaders have vanished." said slowly as his zoroark cackled gently turning into a glaceon and barked gently tail flicking side to side. "its a crystal, this gym doesn't have crystals and this comes from the icy mountains so the gym leader kiddnapper came from the mountains of the snow" said slowly as he pet the xoroark that shifted to normal form.
  6. Azura growled a bit but when Zoroark turned back to normal she calmed down. "So what do you plan to do about it? From what you've told me there's no way you can be a normal trainer." she deduced from the information given to her even if none of the aforementioned information had to do with the male period. "Who are you really?" she asked with a serious expression then fixed her glasses on her face.
  7. "that doesn't concern you" he said slowly as he looked around gently "Well i must be off" he said as he put his pokemon back in their balls and then allowed one out, an Enti that roared deeply its flames shine around its body. he smiles as he got onto the large pokemon back that barked happily and looked around gently "If you like to join the adventure you can" he said knowing he would regret that sometime later.
  8. "Like hell it isn't. You're someone of importance and if you won't tell me who you are then I guess I will tag along on this silly little quest of yours." she states then throws out her pokeball containing her Talonflame. She leaps onto Talon's back and Azura follows behind her. "Lead the way mystery man."she says then waits for him to make the first move so Talon can follow.
  9. The entie shot off like a bbullet down the paths of the routs. it ran like a bullet hard to keep up as it barked and ran through and went toward the next town jumping onto a building and on the rooftops running past the town eyes looking at the road up ahead and nothing else. the champion smiles gently and content.
  10. As soon as Entei took off Talon darted off and followed close behind him from the sky of course. Entei may have been fast on the ground but her Talonflame was the fastest in the air and the training she put her through made sure of that from the moment Kagari caught her as a Fletchling. She did however wonder where he was leading her since she thought his story was just some made up bullshit to keep her from challenging the gyms.
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