The Mysteries of Fantasia

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    On June 5th, 2045 the Japanese gaming company Tri-Game released the Tri-Wear. The new and latest technology in gaming. The Tri-Wear allows players to enter the games they play. The newest game on the market is Tales of Fantasia. The problem? Tri-game is shady company in itself. It's got it's hand in illegal corporations. Such as the Japanese Mafia. The CEO of Tri-game had a dream to create a world that he could rule over in his own ways, to become a king. When ToF was released over 2,000 players were trapped inside the game after logging in. The log out button was gone. The game has now become the player's new life, it's no longer a game it's a way of living. The mafia and other shady people have also been trapped inside the game and work under the king. Some remain neutral.

    The others? They are the ones that are rebelling against the King and know the only way out of the game is to defeat him. But with trouble and danger around every corner it will be a tough task. With death penalties and no way out, even those that kill players for fun. Things just got a bit harder.

    Survive or die, trust or betrayal.

    Welcome to Tales of Fantasia, your new home.


    Welcome to the interest check of Mysteries of Fantasia. This RP will be studded out with more info in the future as I set up the actual thread. Including game systems (Guilds, Parties, Marriage, ect), Skills, Settings and more.
    If you are interested in joining please post below.

    An RP by @T E R R O R and @Nico
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  2. Well this hits exactly what I love... Count me in for the ride if you'll have me. ^^
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  3. This seems interesting. I'm curious about the game mechanics you have planned.
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  4. Sure, I'll give it a try.
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  5. Oh yeah, said I was joining just never got to posting in here. Glad I have four days off work this weekend so maybe then I can post for all my rps... I hope XD
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  6. I'm going to pass.
  7. Awe ok Vio ;c
  8. Awesome, I'm in!
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  9. POLY! :D<3
  10. *Jazz hands my way into da club* Heeey :D
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  11. I'm interested, though I'll make a final decision after we learn more XD
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  12. *hugs*
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  13. Already sounds like a fun rp~

    I can join, but hopefully it does take some time to get the signups started. Still need a short week-long break because of things.
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