The Mute of Words

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  1. Evening, my name is Heather and I am new to this site but defiantly not new to RP. I like to see myself as a more of a serious role player, but that does not mean I'm rude and demanding. Roleplaying doesn't have a require,went, everyone can do it, therefore I will play with anyone.
    Don't worry, I don't punch hard ~

    More about me personally: 5`1" I'm a shortly but no fret.
    For a living I work in cars doing body work and switch with secretary work at a shop.
    I speak more then one language.
    I'm basically allergic to everything... T-T But doesn't stop me!
    70% Blind in my right eye.
    (Shrugs) I'm friendly? Haha
  2. Welcome to the board! I gotta say, honestly I'm digging that avatar for some reason!
  3. Thanks! You have an interesting one yourself haha. :-)
  4. Welcome to Iwaku, Heather!

    Haha I think I've seen Journey change his avatar like two or three times already since he got here a week or so ago! But yes, that avatar is beautiful. The red hair is really striking (I always wish I could've been born a redhead).

    Anyways, hope you enjoy your time here. Feel free to take a look around the boards, and let me, or anyone else know if you need anything!
  5. Thank you Fatal.
    Well some people like variety haha. But thanks one of my best avatars. Hey... Could always dye your hair, no one has to know!
    Will do~
  6. I imagine an Asian girl walking around with deep red hair might draw some weird stares, lol. And while I don't really care what people think about me, I worry whether I'd like the way it looks =P
  7. Ok good point.Nothing wrong with being different. Maybe try temporary dye, like those wash out next say stuff. My hair use to be a black-purple then it turned to a red someone how haha.