The Music of the Soul: Interest Check

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  1. I want to do some kind of band roleplay. Ideas are encouraged!! I was thinking of something along the lines of a highschool garage band takes off professionally, so there's going to be some drama, naturally.

    I would like it to be a group play, BUT if I don't get the interest then it can just be a 1x1, either is fine with me. For the group play, I would like a minimum of 4 and a max of 6..of course, I'll be taking a character so that leaves 3-5 slots left.

    This is only an interest check/brainstorming session, so if I generate enough interest I'll post a CS skeleton/basic plot/blah blah thread and we can get started on the roleplay.
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  2. ERHMEHGAWD COUNT ME IN!! What kind of band are they? Secretly hopes it's a rock band

    If so, I reserve the character that plays the bass!~
  3. I think this sounds interesting. You can count me in as well. :)
  4. woo! I'm super excited!! This is like...the very first rp I've ever tried to create on my own!! Woot! I'm super stoked lol

    and to answer your question it is a rock band, or alternative, or instrumental, or whatever we decide upon! I think I'm going to send out a message to you both and we can do some brainstorming if you both don't mind?
  5. I would be interested as well. (Btw, for future reference, interest checks usually go in the role play talk section)
  6. oh T.T Sorry!!! Still trying to work my way around this place D:
  7. it's completely fine, you would probably of just gotten interest sooner if it had been put there first
  8. i'm definitely interested!!
  9. So I definitely have enough interest!! I'll work on an OOC/CS Thread!!
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