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  1. The Mundane Scabbard
    >> Main Roleplay Thread <<

    What defines a hero? To be of heroic stature and capable of awesome feats? To have power to defeat one's enemies? To save others without care for one's life? To follow a honorable path and live a virtuous life? It certainly sounds heroic. But what of the common man. The farmer who tills his field. The traveling peddler who sells oddities to the young. The woman who fills her time with her family. The beggar scrounging for scraps. Can these not become heroes by their own right? If given the chance will the common man transcend his place and become a hero? How will they change if sudden responsibility and obligations were given? Certainly the time for heroes have emerged.

    The era of magic has ended long ago, but not without leaving a few relics behind. Seven swords still lingered. They were old yet untarnished by time. Forged for an unknown purpose they are scattered throughout land awaiting something.

    Now begins the era of man. The single soul searches for purpose. All look towards the future with bright eyed hope. Certainly the time of chaos has ended. The Kingdoms now enjoy a growing peace and stability. But not all is well. Rumors are gathering. Black swords are appearing throughout the lands, especially nearing the edge nations. These strange weapons are inciting something dark. Distant Kings are now searching for them. Tension slowly builds as each nation encounters more. These dark blades of unknown metal are powerful. A single man wielding it is capable of destroying many. Murderers gather with unsettling glee. Many strange groups emerge to topple long held empires. The west is consumed in the frenzy for swords. The north remains untouched due to their mountainous borders, but they suspect it won't last long. The southern deserts tribes shuns these black blades in disgust, destroying all wielders in sight. The eastern countries have honorably refused to succumb to such lowly influences. But the central kingdoms of Arvien have to contend with the growing unrest and coming crisis from the west. No one knows the cause but something sinister is indeed coming.

    The Seven Swords, #006600

    The swords of the ancient past were not particularly special. They had no amazing magical power. They were finely crafted blades made to defeat enemies. No one knew who had created them but they were obviously made by one hand. They seem indistinguishable from similar blades of their kind, but there is something off about them. They do not rust, nor dull, nor break. But that seems to be the extent of their magical properties. Some speculate were not meant to be powerful magical tool, but instead they were tools to seek the chosen ones. To find and aid the several few who must stand above all and bring about justice and peace. Perhaps they once held names. Perhaps they did indeed carry more magical powers. Although time had not dulled away their metal edges, it had certainly dulled their lore.

    Guardian (Sword and Shield)
    Of strong will and mind. To be wielded with blunt determination.
    With a sword in one hand and a shield in the other
    He will defend and protect to what is right.
    To stand ground in the face of all odds.
    The guardian will uphold his beliefs until the end.

    Edge of Destiny the Noble (Longsword)
    Wielder: Zinn
    To represent power and high standing
    The noble will act in the name of his people.
    But can fall into corruption with the same act.
    To wield with a single hand and single purpose
    The strikes are direct yet powerful.
    The noble will become the beacon for hope and despair.

    Arnapkapfaalukc the Duelist (Rapier)
    Wielder: Arden Murray
    To live purely on reputation and excitement
    She charges forth and claims his prize.
    Her movements lithe and filled with poise.
    She stands firmly in the eyes of many.
    Her stings are quick and precise with little waste.
    The duelist defeats her foes with elegance.

    Jingai the Outcast (Katana)
    Wielder: Karena Tuama
    Shunned by all, forced to walked the endless roads.
    Hungering for what was taken and what cannot be regained.
    He is moved by nothing and has little to fight for.
    Forever walking and finding no purpose.
    He cuts without regard, fast and extremely deadly.
    The outcast searches for his final solace.

    Dragon's Tooth the Shadow (Dagger)
    Wieder: Ennis Andrews
    Hidden in darkness, her life belongs not to herself
    She moves silently through the veil of lies
    Devoutly following her mission with cold dedication.
    A single strike, surprising to all, her movements undetected.
    She continues with persistence until the light no longer shines.
    The shadow will serve with utmost loyalty.

    Nanna and Ra, twin Dancers (Two Short Swords)
    Wielder: Raven Night
    Vibrant and beautiful, moving with so much grace.
    Her hand moves likes illusions, dazzling the eyes.
    She carries fire in one hand and water in the other.
    Her body twists and turns like flowing water.
    Yet all will feel the flames of emotion in her sight.
    The dancer will evoke laughter, fun, and joy.

    Lod the Beggar (Stick)
    Wielder: Cahrin T'sir
    Weary, battered and frail, filled with years of toil.
    Yet wise and utterly free of all things.
    He moves with slow and careful steps.
    His strikes are persistent and filled with kindness.
    The roads to all things open to him like a bird in flight.
    The beggar will bring peace, balance, and harmony.

    The Kingdoms, #006600
    The strongest of five nations. Arvien boasts the largest populations and cities in the kingdoms. It's centralized location allows for large mercantile trade between the nations. They have a highly complex court system of nobles. The King is known and the High Lord. There is an instability between the high houses.

    Found in the west, Incyriia borders the great sea of Hantian. They posesse the largest fleet and controls the best port cities. They are the only nation to have access to the Kingdom of the Dead. The entire nation is filled with traders and sailors. The largest black market is also found in this nation as well as the largest criminal element.

    Surrounded by great mountains in the north, Neziik has the strongest fortresses and castles. Most of their cities are built into the mountains themselves and their architects are the most prized in the land. They have the best metal workers and smiths. Because most of their seasons are bitterly cold, they maintain vast underground networks.

    These strange people in the east follows strange customs and strict order. They live in a mostly woodland environment. Their clans hold the oldest recorded lineages of the nation. The Yashin people are disciplined and loyal to their nation. They are known to be the strongest warriors.

    These loose tribes of the desert make up the people of Krosir. They are extremely devout in their religion. Although their land is the largest, they have the fewest people. They have extreme distrust in outsiders and it is said their lands was once the ancient magical empires of the past. They are the best horsemen of the lands.

    Kingdom of the Dead
    This wasteland in the far west across the sea has very few inhabitants. Very little is known about this kingdom, but there are many ancient ruins. Adventurers often die attempting to pry the secrets buried within.

    The Basics, #006600
    Basically you are a commoner. A lowly person of ordinary birth and status. The kingdoms are slowly on edge as the different lands are contemplating war, caused by the emergence of dangerous black swords. But you suddenly come across a strange sword of your own. It has a common appearance, but you feel as if it is pulling you towards something. When you finally claim this sword as your own, a strange figure suddenly attacks you. He is cloaked and something dark gleams in his hand. Although you do not have training of your own, you fight back with surprising finesse. The figure escapes right before you are able to give a finishing blow. Your life is now changed forever. You feel as if you have something great to accomplish. News of a Tournament in Arvien reaches your ears. You are compelled to go to it even without combat experience. You'll have to leave your family, friends, and acquaintances. Without hesitation you pack up and head towards the tournament.

    ((This is an rp with a focus on martial fighting. Magic is not well known and rarely seen. There will be strange ancient creatures and magical races. Exploring the kingdoms and learning the interaction between nations will be key. Be free in filling in specific details of the nations and their people as they are currently only vague templates(you should be able to get the general feeling for each). None of you are swordmasters, but in time you can be. During harsh fights, you will be able to borrow your swords innate ability to fight.))

    Character sheet
    Show Spoiler

    Name: Character's name
    Gender: Your character's gender
    Age: Your character's age. Preferably not too young or too old.
    Appearance: What your character looks like.
    Origin: Where do you come from?
    Background: Your history.

    Sword: Which sword chose you.
    Sword's name: The name of your sword. You personally do not know the name but in time you will learn it.
    Sword's apperance: If you have a picture please use a spoiler. These swords do not look that different from their counterparts. Perhaps an insignia, or a unique style of hilt.
    How did you obtain this sword: Basically intro rp to show a bit of your character and your sword.

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  2. Name: Cahrin T'sir
    Gender: Male
    Age: 27
    Appearance: He has the darker tones of the Krosir people. His body is covered with stylized tattoos symbolizing their gods. His eyes are red and his short cut hair is dark brown. He often wears the flowing white robes of the Tathi, holy man.
    Origin: Krosir
    Background: Born to the tribe of T'sir of the Krosir, Cahrin was raised with the knowledge of his people. Early on he showed potential as a Tathi with his clever mind and sharp tongue. After his hazzak, he was immediately ushered into the ranks of the Tathi. His body was tattooed and he went through the Tathi training. It was brutal and harsh, but he persevered. The amount of knowledge of his people fascinated him. He blessed the gods for his fortune and finally became a full Tathi. Although he was born to the T'sir tribe, he could no longer be with them for a Tathi has no tribe except to the gods. He left his home. For many years he lived the Tathi way. He would go from tribe to tribe, settling disputes and judging crimes.

    Sword: Beggar
    Sword's name: Lod
    Sword's apperance: Imagine a tree with many branches. Now one of these branches falls down. It is thin, uneven, and has quite the heft. It is long enough to be a cane or a walking stick. The wood is surprisingly smooth as if it was polished. There is no blade nor hilt. It actually does not have any semblance to a sword at all.
    How did you obtain this sword:
    For his coming of age ritual, the hazzak, he had to bring something from the desert. This could be anything, ranging from animals, plants, stones, and even nothing. This ritual showed the willingness to suffer for the tribe, and also reveals one's true nature. How long one stays out in the desert also reveals much. Many come back within couple days. Children of hunters would often return with slain beasts while others would simply return with interesting rocks or plants.

    Cahrin wanted to prove he was truly different. He stayed out in the desert for weeks, scrounging plants for nourishment and scarce springs for water. The desert was harsh on him. His body pained him greatly, and his skin was inflamed. He knew he was dying out there. The vast expanse of the desert caused him to lose his way and he ventured into unknown lands. During an especially hot day, he stumbled upon a tomb. The deserts of Krosir contains numerous ruins and tombs from the ancient era.

    Within it's cool confines, he began to weaken. He had no food or water and was slowly dying. Cahrin decided that he would explore this tomb before he dies. He believed his spirit was getting close to the gods and this was a befitting place for his end. After dragging himself into a large room, he noticed there was something strange about the room. The center was shimmering as it was constantly in motion. With a startling realization, he knew it was water. He scrambled closer and began taking small handfuls. Every desert dweller knew not to waste water. It was the blood of the gods and not to be gorged like animals.

    His reasoning slowly returned to him as he filled himself with the cool sweet liquid. He examined the room with his fiery eyes now. The walls were littered with strange symbols, and pictures. He walked closer to a large intricate design. He recognize some of the words. It was from the language of the Tathi. He had been learning the ancient language because it was interesting.

    The strange message read, "The black body of the snake was split. It's skin was made into armor. Its blood was made into poison. And its bones were made into swords." He thought this was strange. The teachings the Tathi spoke did not mention any snakes. He continued. "The snake then sent out it''s warriors, armed with its body to destroy all. Nothing could stop them." Cahrin began to feel fear as he read further. "The land was filled with black. The men were broken. The women were defiled. The children were corrupted." He was about to look away but something caught his eye. "But within the dark, eight lights were drawn. Eight lights of binding. Eight to seal the black. Seven fought the snake. The snake could not die. The last one knew what to do. The last one ate the snake. From head to tail, all was consumed. The black was gone from the world." After that the markings are completely unreadable. He was disappointed. He wanted to know what happen to the eight.

    After resting in the tomb, he decided to leave. Upon exiting the room, he tripped over a large stick. It was sturdy and smooth. He decided to take it and use it to balance on. When he left the tomb, the desert seemed different. It welcomed his presence with gentle winds. The sun did not seem to burn him as much. His hunger was still there but did not seem as important. He traveled without knowing where he was and found his tribe. They rejoiced after welcoming him home. He told his account of his journey and of the strange writing. The Tathi immediately took him for training. Years later he would try to find the tomb, but couldn't no matter how long he searched.

    Many years later. Cahrin was traveling to his original tribe of T'sir. When he arrived he saw fire. He looked around and found only bodies. Emotions welled up within himself, but he controlled it. He was Tathi, belonging to all tribes of the gods. He had to find the murderer, but it seemed to have found him. A cloaked man came running forth. He held in his hand a black blade. The ebony color sparked something from his childhood. He could not recall what. Tathi were no warriors, because no one would dare assault one. Usually the hunters would escort Tathi if need be, but Cahrin had none with him.

    The man performed a overhead blow. Without much thought, Cahrin lifted his stick to block it. He expected the wood to crack and splinter but he felt the force of the attack stop. The man seemed confused. Cahrin pushed the blade to his left and spun with his stick. There was an audible crack as it came across the man's face. The man was now no longer confused. He held his face, but seemed not to care for the pain. In fact, he was grinning. The man now steadied his legs and did short precise jabs toward Cahrin. Cahrin surprisingly parried the blows with his stick. When the man overstepped and swung his blade in a wide arc, Cahrin's stick was instantly at the man's knees, knocking him down. Following his blow, he was about to bring his stick onto the man's head when the man suddenly screamed and swung wildly. Cahrin back away, only the hem of his robe was cut. The man ran off into a building. Cahrin was about to pursue but his body suddenly gave out.

    After seeing his tribe slaughtered, and encountering the murderer in a fight, he had no energy left. He spotted a scrap of paper on the sand. He picked it up and read it. It was an invitation to a tournament in Arvien. Very few Krosirans ever leave the desert, but he decided he must know what was going on. A man with a black blade had destroyed his village. He needed answers. They must be at Arvien. He must get ready first. Cahrin picked up his weary body and began heading towards the Tathi holy grounds.
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  3. Name
    Raven "Luna" Night
    Raven has been a dancer al her life. never shy never alone. her lust for dance was amazingly strong. some would call her crazy others would call her beautiful. but that hide the truth of herself for she is a killer. like no others but she only kills the ones who think weakly apond her and others. she not truly a swords master but she is trying to be one for her people and others she wants many people to belive in themselfs. she is the one who chose to stand up for the ones who are to scared to speak up for themselfs. and they call her Luna.
    Raven has amazing pale skin. her hair is white and is pixce cute.

    (all thought they dont know its called pixce cute) her eyes are golden blue. wich is very hard to find somene with that.

    Dancer (daggers)
    Sword name
    dangers name is Nanna and Ra (named after sun god and moon goddess)
    Sword's apperance
    her two daggers are diffrent from one another.
    Ra [​IMG]

    How did you obtain this sword (need help)

    (someone help need to know how to do that spoiler)
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  4. The sword's name is basically exactly that. Its the name of your swords. Because you have two swords you can name each of them. The name of your sword isn't immediately known. You'll have to earn them, but when you do, interesting things happen.

    Also you do not have to be what the sword's type is. A cobbler can attain the Noble. A priest can get the Shadow. The swords have personalities of their own and they may choose people that fit their archetype but can also choose something entirely different.
  6. Totally read all those demi-couplets in the Soul Calibur announcer's voice. Sort of sad there's no Scimitar, but I think I can make this work...

    Name: Zinn (No Last Name)
    Gender: Male
    Age: 23
    Appearance: The lout might look quite striking someday. While his hair appears brown, it's actually a blonde color - it has remained unwashed for many years. Clean-shaven and short-haired thanks to a dagger and a skilled hand - his flesh is somewhat pale, owing to most of his thiefly acts being performed in the night. He is wiry, looking athletic with almost no fat at all.
    Origin: Arvien
    Background: An orphan since he was four years old, Zinn has lived in the streets his entire life. He took to crime quickly to survive, becoming a rather impressive thief. He took from people he believed deserved it - sinister merchants and cruel bullies, taking advantage of who he considered to be 'acceptable targets' - and he didn't know why he shouldn't - they deserved it for choosing such a path. During a second-story job against a corrupt noble, he came to witness a murder in progress - with a gasp, he was spotted, and the murderer pinned the blame on him. He was, after all, a thief - it didn't take a long stretch for people to believe he was a killer, as well... On the day of his execution, the real killer came to him, and revealed that he was also the one who slew Zinn's parents...

    Sword: Noble.
    Sword's name: 'Edge of Destiny'.
    Sword's Appearance:
    Show Spoiler

    Obtaining the Blade:
    Zinn stood within his cell, in shock at what the man had told him. In response, the man uttered a sickening chuckle, which turned to a shadow's laugh. "That's right," he said, grinning ear-to-ear. His voice changed to a whisper, "This works very well, you know. Not only did I murder your parents... you'll be blamed for one of my deeds... oh, but I wouldn't worry. I'm sure the headsman will take care to take you out quickly... or, perhaps, I will sneak down and blunt the blade, hrm?"
    Zinn growled, attempting to lunge at him through the bars. His intended victim tilted back, avoiding the youth's clumsy attacks - he tilted his head back, cackling as he left the room. Quietly, Zinn turned and slumped onto the floor, holding his head in his hands. There was no way - he was a thief, not a murderer! He would never even consider doing something so vile! He looked towards the wall - knowing that through it, sunlight was shining on the opposite side. People were going about their lives - being taken advantage of. Lied to! He pounded his fist into the stone, tears welling into his eyes...
    "...It's not fair."
    -The Next Day-
    The next day, his head was held high as he was taken to the executioner's chopping block. He had cried himself to sleep last night, in private - but not here. Not among the people. Having resolved to die stoically, he ignored the jibes and thrown objects of those who came to witness his demise. He tilted his head up to see the smug face of the real killer, enjoying wine... a noble himself. Zinn turned away from him, his expression neutral.
    In his black hood, the executioner looked to Zinn, who offered him a nod, "Please forgive me if I get any blood on you," Zinn calmly states.
    "Do you have any last words?" Replies the executioner. Zinn pauses - not knowing he'd be getting them. He turns, looking towards the crowd.
    He steps forward, the jeers of the crowd tapering to a halt as he addressed them, "Ladies and gentlemen of Arvien! Your nation's breast should fill with pride, as mine does to see you all here. Though you come to watch a spectacle of death, the truth is that you have come to honor your fallen noble in the execution of a villain - I see in your hearts not bloodthirst, but patriotism. Just as I believe in our nation - who's streets I have walked since I was just a boy. These stones and winds carry the secrets of centuries among them, one must only close your eyes and listen." The crowd was shocked - as were those in the nobles. Had this uneducated thief just said all that?
    "I do not weep on this day, though it may be my last day. I have wept all I could, and I know now it is not for my own fate. It is for the fate of you all - that you might wither away, broken, under the yoke of gold. To see your sons and daughters slain in the name of nobles that you follow for no other reason than you were told to! That your lives may be so tragic that only the death of someone worse off in the world brightens your day." The red faces of rage among the nobles were visible, motioning for the executioner to kill him... while the embarrassed faces of peasants were just as clear.
    "I once felt resentment, to be raised by no mother or father... but now, I realize. I have far more than that - my father, my mother - is Arvien itself! It always has been! Hail, Arvien!" As he raised his arms, he paused - his arms had been bound a moment later. He looked at his wrists in shock, as a thump collided nearby.
    The sound of steel being drawn shocked him from his reverie. The killer approached him, having jumped from the nobles' area. The people began to scream, and guards approached him from multiple sides. In panic, Zinn fell onto his rump - and yelped in pain: he had fallen on something. He turned to look at it - a sword. As the killer advanced, Zinn drew the blade, and blocked the attack as naturally as breathing. The beautiful sword in his hands glinted approvingly, as Zinn's agility moved him out of the way. The guards advanced as he scrambled to his feet... and stopped, as he gripped the hilt - he stood proudly, not like a common thief... while the noble before him raged and swung like a barbarian. Heart pounding, Zinn's movements balanced between defense and offense... until it seemed clear that Zinn had the upper hand.
    With a powerful strike, Zinn flung his opponent's blade from his hand, and advanced. The blade at the killer's throat, his foot on his chest... Zinn spoke, "You... What do you have to say for yourself?" After a pause, the killer's eyes began to water... and he cried, confessing to his various crimes... Zinn nodded, backing off and motioning for the guards to take him. Numbly, the guards advanced... and as one got too close, the killer struck, getting the man in the throat and fleeing.
    Zinn followed quickly after - following his quarry through other cities. He knew why he chased him - the man who slew his parents, and almost slew him, was still out there... and it was Zinn's fault for sparing the man. Responsibility flooded him - though he knew the man was a superior combatant, simply taken off guard by Zinn's sudden skills. It came to his ears of a tournament...
    "Perhaps... I can improve my skills there. Then, I will be on even footing when I find him again..."
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  7. Name: Ennis Andrews
    Gender: Female
    Age: 24
    Appearance: Ennis is a short, scrawny girl. She has light brown hair that comes just above her shoulders and large green eyes. Freckles cover her light-colored skin and her hands each have a few burns.
    Origin: Hahdrim
    Background: Ennis was born as the 1st child in a family of blacksmiths. For most of her life she was trained to become blacksmith and continue the family business. However, she was very weak and clumsy, making it hard for her to get good at it. Eventually, her parents gave up, seeing she could never be as good as they'd like. She spent most of her time drawing and studying, letting her two younger brothers be trained as blacksmiths in her place.

    Sword: Shadow
    Sword's name: The Dragon's Tooth
    Sword's apperance: Simple and straight with an insignia of a curled-up dragon on the hilt.
    Show Spoiler
    dagger [​IMG]
    Show Spoiler

    How did you obtain this sword: While out exploring the mountainside, Ennis found a shadowy cave. Out of shear curiosity, she entered. After a few minutes she saw a slight glimmer out of the corner of her eye. She approached, finding a small dagger. She fell compelled to pick it up. Slowly she grabbed the hilt. Suddenly, she was attacked. She fell back against the stone wall and, as if her body was being controlled, dodged the next blow. It was amazing; her arms and legs moved on there own, all clumsiness forgotten, stabbing, jabbing, blocking. She stabbed the figure from behind, ending the fight, and ran. Once out of the cave, she realized what had just happened. She ran back to town, clutching the dagger close.
    While running through the streets, Ennis bumped into a man carrying many fliers, scattering them. While helping clean up, she noticed what was on them: a Tournament in Arvien. Well, time to test out her new skills.
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  8. I knew something was missing from the character sheet. Appearance. Can't have people staring at the same person and seeing different things. Anyway sheet is fixed.
  9. Mushishi can you fill in how you found your swords? Thanks. I think I'll wait for one more to join before starting. The rest of the swords can jump in later.
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  10. alright sorry ^^
  11. Name: Karena Tuama
    Gender: Female
    Age: 29
    Appearance: Karena has a tan skin tone. She is tall and slim, with dark hair and brown eyes. Wearing a black cloak, she normally wears a brown, worn tunic and old trousers that just barely fit right. She wears old boots that used to belong to her father. She has tattoos of ancient text found in the ruins tattooed up her arms down her back and on the right side of her face.
    Origin: Kingdom of the Dead
    Background: Growing up in a kingdom where few people lived took it's toll on Karena. She only ever saw her father and her mother died when she was very little. She and her father worked as tomb keepers. They made sure the grave robbers and adventurers never stole from the graves. Her father started to tattoo her when she was quite young. He taught her how to ward off others who tried to steal from the underground graves they were guarding. Though she never saw sunlight in her underground home, she still retained her darker skin tone as her father did. Her father died unexpectedly one day, causing her to leave from her home. She wandered the world, taking in the new world she had never known.

    Sword: Outcast
    Sword's name: Jingai
    Sword's apperance: A simple sword with a black hilt and wave design on the blade. It has a black sheath.
    How did you obtain this sword:

    When Karena was thirteen years old, her father started to act differently toward her. He would touch her and hug her more often than he would when she was young. She blew it off as nothing but fatherly love. With no other family to compare to, she thought it was normal. He would take her with him wherever he went except for the outside. That was too dangerous for his precious daughter.

    One day, when Karena turned twenty, her father took her to his room. He said he had a special surprise for her coming of age. He pushed her to the bed and defiled her. Karena, recognizing that what her father was doing was wrong from the old texts she had read, fought against him. He did not like that and grabbed her after. He branded her with the ancient language on her face. When she looked in the looking glass, she realized what it said. All of her markings were different crimes.

    She felt herself shake as she walked back to her father's room. He was sleeping. Above him was a sword that he had found. He kept it there for 'emergencies'. She took the blade and killed her father. Fleeing, she sealed their underground home, making it indistinguishable from the other tombs that surrounded the ruins.

    She crossed the sea and stepped foot into the lands of living as her father called them. As soon as she arrived, a strange man attacked her. She panicked and pulled out the katana, though she could not use it correctly. She blocked the attack and quickly swung, using the man's disorientation to strike him down. She cut his head in half, killing the man in one blow.

    She panted and felt her tattoo. The one on her face seemed to scream at her. Murder. She picked up a small paper that had fallen and fled.
  12. Can I still join with The Duelist?
  13. Name: Arden Murray
    Gender: Male, can easily be mistaken for a female though
    Age: 26
    Appearance: (ignore the dagger sheath) It's too large and I can't use spoilers so here's a link: american.jpg
    Origin: Incyriia
    Background: Arden Murray lived happily as a child. Her father was the captain of a medium-large-sized merchant ship, on which Arden and her mother also lived. She learned the ways of the sea, and stayed up late talking and drinking with the sailors who worked for her father. Except one day, when she was 12, their merry merchant ship was attacked by pirates. Many of the sailors were killed, including her father, and her mother jumped over-board in despair. A couple of the most skilled sailors were kept alive. As for Arden... when the pirate captain looked into her big, innocent, brown eyes it reminded him of the daughter he'd lost to a sea storm just a week ago. So the pirate captain took Arden onto his pirate ship and raised her as if he were his daughter (pirates are kinda creepy...). Arden actually enjoyed the life of a pirate, plundering ships across Hantian. While she missed her family and old life, the pirate captain treated her fairly well. When she became 18, she obtained her own ship and crew to sail across Hantian as a pirate with. Even as a pirate, she still had a few morals from her earlier life. She'd never kill, or steal from a poor/very weak ship. She is still continuing her exciting journey across Hantian, leading her crew with confidence
    Sword: The Rapier (Duelist)
    Sword's name: Arnapkapfaalukc (
    Sword's apperance: I don't know how to use spoilers, so here is a link to the picture: It has a small blue insignia beneath the hilt, which looks like this:
    How did you obtain this sword: A fight was in full fury upon the military ship. Arden and his crew of loyal pirates had boarded the corrupt vessel, in the hope of getting some great new weaponry. The attack was going worse than expected though, even though Arden and his crew had had the element of surprise- this ship received many attacks, although the previous ones were from people trying to stop it's evil ways. "You picked the wrong ship to mess with, you scurvy scum!" the military ship's leader growled, thrusting his sword towards Arden. After a neat side step, Arden replied "You haven't seen us go down yet, land-lover!" The pair exchanged many speedy blows, and as the minutes passed the two of them edged further and further from the main fight. Eventually Arden and the military leader ended up at the other end of the ship to the main battle, though neither had realized. By some bad luck, an over-passing gull decided the best time to excrete would be right above Arden. The fresh bird droppings in Arden's hair led to a fatal distraction for Arden. Seizing the opportunity, the military ship's leader knocked Arden's blade from his hand, and pushed him to the floor. Arden scrabbled back, avoiding furious lunges, until his back met solid boxes. It seemed the end was coming for Arden, as a large sword loomed above his head. Yet in-between the boxes behind him, Arden's hand met some kind of rapier. Swiftly, Arden grabbed the rapier from the small crevice, and stabbed it into the unsuspecting military leader's heart, just a second before Arden's own life was taken. Pulling the elegant sword from the dying leaders heart, Arden made his way back towards the main fight. Using the new powers he found in the blade, Arden easily won the battle for his crew.
    After the battle was over, and the spoils were taken, a weary crew member approached Arden's office. He knocked on the door, and awaited for Arden to invite him in. Upon entering, the crew member asked "Where do we sail to next, cap'n?" Arden had been considering this himself earlier, and had come to a conclusion after the fight. "I've heard rumor of a tournament in Arvien from allied ships," Arden explained, pacing, "It's time I stayed on land for a while. I'm going to enter the tournament, with an alias so I don't get arrested for piracy of course. You and the crew may either follow me, or sail without me for a while"
    "We've had enough combat experience," the crew member replied, "So you'll be on your own for a while."
    "Then let's drink and stay merry while I'm still here," Arden concluded, shooing the crew member from his office. Now alone, Arden walked up to the rapier laying on his willow desk. He picked it up, letting it's energy flow through his hands, and muttered, "Yes...this is the sword for me..."
    I'll wait until you accept it to post IC.​
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  14. You can and should. Welcome.
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  15. Thanks! I've given myself a short introduction into the IC
  16. Hmmm lol. I just noticed your character was male, but in your background you use feminine pronouns and switched to masculine in the sword story. Just a random observation.
  17. Oh law, sorry! I didn't mean to use female pronouns, Arden is a boy. I apologize for the confusion I was a bit tired.
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