The Most Perfect Of Romance...

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  1. Once upon a time, there was a beautiful young girl who loved a handsome young boy. They confessed their love for each other, had many romantic adventures, and lived happily ever after. The end.

    Wow, I think I may have gagged just hearing myself tell that story.
    I am brain-dead right now, I have hit a rock in my story (Which I plan on posting on my Figment page >_\\), and I really don't know much of the romantic sorts. I, myself, do not have a very strong love life, though I am in High School where love is most important to girls my age.
    Anyhow, I haven't had a serious relationship in my whole life, so what is to expect from a girl with no experience?

    So I want to hear all the lovely ladies' (And mens', of course!) romantic and exciting dates, or maybe even the small, casual ones. More than anything, I want to hear many, many details about them for you who are in the age range 17-25, which is where my newest plot bunnies have set their age range.
    (I guessed that this would be the best place to post this, since it isn't for a RP)
  2. sadly i do not have an airship, so that one's out.
  3. -sighs- Ehh

    I had a date once at the pier, it was fun and exciting...but that's the past

    I had another date, first date ever actually, at Bush Gardens and it was magical! We did the roller coasters and everything and then it rain, we ran in the rain and kiss. blah blah blah...
  4. OHHHHH. I quit.
    I tried to write some out, but, ... ehhhh quitface.
    Also, I truly feel the adorable-est dates have yet to come.

  5. i have some...but one sticks out, but im not sure if its what youre looking for.
    But about three years ago I was in college and spending some time with my fiancee (he wasnt my fiancee then). Well, my birthday was going to be the next day and he couldnt be there because it fell on Good Friday and he had to drive eight hours to go spend the weekend with his mom for the holiday. (they are Catholic). Well, the night before it was really late and I was chilling out in his dorm room. We had been playing video games and stuff with some of his friends and lost track of time. So, it's about 2am and his friends leave and i'm getting ready to go back to my room. He stops me and asks me to stay for just another minute. Lol he had the goofiest smile on his face that night. We were both really poor (yeah, poor college kids, its classic) and so werent gonna do anything for our birthdays. Well he reaches over into his mini-fridge and pulls out two pieces of cheesecake in my favorite flavor, and he's smiling. There are two forks and he hands me one and tells me happy birthday. I turned twenty that year, I just turned twenty three. And so far, it was the best birthday present that anyone has EVER given me. Cuz in a romance, its the small things that build up and matter, not the big things
  6. I've pretty much struck out in the love-life factor...and can't really say i've had 'romantic' per say dates ever really....closest thing I ever had to a 'romantic date' was when my one boyfriend surprised me on christmas with tickets to see Phantom of the Opera. I got to make myself all pretty and go see a kick ass musical.

    I suppose my most recent ex had nice intentions as well. I was having a rather lousy week and so he offered to get us food since usually I was the one either a)reminding him to eat or b)getting his dinner. So we went to the store together and bought stuffs and went back to the frat house. He made burgers and set up a dinner table outside the house for the two of us complete with a dinky little candle in the center and a CD player nearby to play some nice music. Though my fav part at that time was the gallon of long island iced tea he'd bought me....but that's beside the point. The food was good. I enjoyed my company at the time, and it was a nice little gesture he did for me.

    Honestly though for me it's true that really in a relationship sometimes the little things make a difference. I don't need some extravagant fancy date for romance. Just a simple dinner for two (or even picnic) can be enough. Though I suppose it depends on the girl because some girls like the overindulgence romance complete with scented candles, rose petals, and an over the top romantic evening. While others are okay with a simple picnic in the park or dinner and a movie. Love doesn't have to be the completely romantic type. Love can be for family, life, whatever you make it. Love can come from mutual respect of someone else, or a deep rooted friendship. If you have a close friend, family, companion those are all forms of love. You can draw upon those experiences to help you find that inspiration.

    anyways i'm tired so this is mostly just rant but yeah...*flees*
  7. The best date is the one you don't see coming.
  8. My most sugarycute date of "d'aww" was when I was a sophomore in high school. We took the train downtown and from there, he blindfolded me and guided me through the streets (which was a bit disconcerting, really!). But he ended up taking me to a little amusement park tucked away. Nothing big and special, but it was cute enough!