The most important Poll EVER!

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  1. Clusterfuck

  2. Shitstorm

Multiple votes are allowed.
  1. This is important. You MUST vote. My relationship with Gibs is riding on the results of this poll. >:[

    When it comes down to the coolest word ever, is it... CLUSTERFUCK or SHITSTORM.

    ...Okay, okay, the REAL topic! XD

    When stuff gets crazy, chaotic, out of hand and out of control - how do you handle the situation? Are you good under pressure or do you crumble?
  2. I have to go with "clusterfuck." I use it more often in my typical work day than I would "shitstorm."

    As for how I handle chaos, at least when it comes to work, it highly depends on the role I play in said chaos. Am I directing it, or am I merely expected to support it? If I'm directing it, I'll pull all the stops to make sure things get accomplished.

    Change what you can, and learn to adapt to what you can't. It's all you can do really!
  3. Clusterfuck.
  5. You can't say a shitstorm of bacon cheeseburgers.

    You can say a clusterfuck of bacon cheeseburgers.
  6. Clusterfuck rolls off the tongue.

    I handle chaos pretty well. I mean, that's pretty much life right there, right?
    I just mentally prepare myself, and that solves a lot of the chaos right there.
    It's not as chaotic if you expected it.
  7. Clusterfuck.

    The word just fits better.

    I think I need music to explain.

    [nomedia=""]YouTube- Spring Awakening - Totally Fucked[/nomedia]

    See? "Fuck" works better. Therefore, Clusterfuck works better.
  8. Clusterfuck, it's actually a word in uh, venezuelan spanish.
  9. You can't say that and not share, Dark
  10. Definitely Clusterfuck!

    Sometimes, chaos is part of the job.. and even though I used to panic at the drop of a hat when something bad happened, my last class has actually helped a LOT with it, so it's not as difficult for me to stay cool and collected now. :3
  11. Cojeculo, directly translates to bumfucking, but it's actually just our word for clusterfuck.
  12. Yay! This made my day better; I'm smiling now!
  13. clusterfuck is chaos yes, but have you eve seen the chaos a hurricane made out of shit can produce?
  14. Yes. It produces the need for showers at most, whereas Clusterfuck would more likely need a trip to the ER.
  15. Whoa, no need for Wikashit.

    But seriously. My bet's on Clusterfuck.
  16. What I really like is SNAFU.
  17. .....Gazuntite? That sounded like it would sound like a sneezy-noise!

    What does it mean!?
  18. It's German for "bless you."
  19. Nah, I mean SNAFU.