The most important Poll EVER!

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  1. Clusterfuck

  2. Shitstorm

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  1. This is important. You MUST vote. My relationship with Gibs is riding on the results of this poll. >:[

    When it comes down to the coolest word ever, is it... CLUSTERFUCK or SHITSTORM.

    ...Okay, okay, the REAL topic! XD

    When stuff gets crazy, chaotic, out of hand and out of control - how do you handle the situation? Are you good under pressure or do you crumble?
  2. I have to go with "clusterfuck." I use it more often in my typical work day than I would "shitstorm."

    As for how I handle chaos, at least when it comes to work, it highly depends on the role I play in said chaos. Am I directing it, or am I merely expected to support it? If I'm directing it, I'll pull all the stops to make sure things get accomplished.

    Change what you can, and learn to adapt to what you can't. It's all you can do really!
  3. Clusterfuck.
  5. You can't say a shitstorm of bacon cheeseburgers.

    You can say a clusterfuck of bacon cheeseburgers.
  6. Clusterfuck rolls off the tongue.

    I handle chaos pretty well. I mean, that's pretty much life right there, right?
    I just mentally prepare myself, and that solves a lot of the chaos right there.
    It's not as chaotic if you expected it.
  7. He expected more from you.
  8. didney does have a fair share of IPs but a fair deal of us seem to be aiming for a one rep per IP kinda thing.
  9. We are?
  10. Aside from a whole Marvel Universe, of course, but that has its share of seperate IPs and stuff.

    Save for Marvel Universe, I don't see repeat IPs anywhere. A curious case.
  11. Most movies only really have one stand out character. also people have their own personal preferences. I get what your saying, but I think you might be reaching.
  12. I mean, I could list those who have repeated IPs but we'd be here all day, lol.

    I tend to take from the same IPs for NPCs, usually.
  13. clusterfuck is chaos yes, but have you eve seen the chaos a hurricane made out of shit can produce?
  14. Yes. It produces the need for showers at most, whereas Clusterfuck would more likely need a trip to the ER.
  15. Whoa, no need for Wikashit.

    But seriously. My bet's on Clusterfuck.
  16. Zephyr declared, "Agreed -- follow me!" He led the group back through the tunnels toward the surface as Raven and Ember sent out streams of lightning and fire respectively at the Arancol to cover their escape.

    Four tendrils of protoplasm lanced toward them from the darkness, like ichor-tipped spears. Ocelot leaped at Chiaki, barreling the small girl over and out of the way as a tentacle slammed into the wall. "Watch out, Mockin'bird!" he said.

    "Th-thanks, Ocelot," the young idol breathed. Then her eyes widened. "Look out!" She extended a palm, blasting a second tendril away with a cone of shrieking sound. She gasped out, "G-guess we're even, huh?"

    "Oi, pet your pussy later!" Erika barked out brusquely, channeling her will into her muscles and giving herself a surge of strength beyond that of human capability. She dug her fingers into the ground and, with a prolonged grunt, ripped out a club-sized piece of rock. With a mighty, reckless roar, she parried two incoming tendrils whipping at her. Eventually, she stabbed the rock into the ground, pinning the tendrils down. For good measure, she unleashed a psychic blast, tearing them as the stone to pieces. "C'mon, you hentai reject! Bring it on!"

    In an irritated tone, Raven shouted, "Erika! Stop antagonizing the Cthulhu monster!" She punctuated her statement with an arc of lightning to keep the tendrils at bay. One of them, however, snuck past and headed toward Zephyr. "Zephyr!" she warned.

    The black youth instantly turned incorporeal, the deadly appendage slashing through thin air. He reappeared a moment later. "Thanks for the warning, Raven."

    "Call her Preybird," Jill added out of the blue. At the others' confused looks, the brunette shyly explained, "Well, the Knights all go by their cool superhero names. And we spent time coming up with ours...."

    Raven tried not to palm her face. "'X-change,' can we do this when we're not fighting the giant Cthulhu monster?"

    "I can buy us some time," Natalia said, extending a hand. At her silent command, the walls of the tunnel came together, sealing the Arancol behind tons of stone. She frowned. "That won't hold him long."

    "Long enough to get a head start," Ember said.

    "Em, cover us," Zephyr ordered, once again leading the way out.

    "On it!" The southern belle squared her footing as the others ran past. Before her, the impromptu wall Natalia created quaked as the Arancol battered against it from behind. Cracks formed. Pebbles fell. Then the creature itself broke through. "All ya'll get movin'!" she shouted. "Fire in the hole!" Out punched her fists, sending the largest ball of flame she could muster. Her skin warmed and her eyes watered at the intensity of her own blast. She didn't stay long enough to see the results of her attack. She ran after the others, already hearing the roar of the Arancol behind her.

    "You know," Jill muttered to Raven as they fled, "bravely fleeing wasn't what I had in mind when we became superheroes...."

    "How about bravely staying alive?" the alchemist quipped back.

    "No one's going to bring up the fact that we just got possessed by ghosts?" Chiaki blurted out, panting as she ran. She clearly wasn't as robustly built as the others.

    "Well, Mockin'bird, it ain't the craziest thing that happened to us today," Ocelot griped. "I mean, we do have that vomit-lookin' bugger on our asses....."

    "Our lives aren't normal," Ember summarized.

    Natalia kept her comments to herself. She could sense that the banter was just the others' way to deal with the adrenaline and fear surging through each of them. They had never faced a creature like the Arancol before. And certainly the Magic Girls hadn't ever been forced to retreat in the past. But now here they were, fleeing from the only enemy they hadn't simply barreled over. It left a disquieting taste in the blonde's mouth.

    And there was still the matter of Sam. Whoever Panacea was behind his mask, Natalia somehow knew in the bottom of her heart that he was going to bring her friend nothing but pain....


    Pain lit up across Sam's face as Panacea continued to slip through his defenses, striking repeatedly with jabs, crosses, and uppercuts in a dizzyingly relentless onslaught of viciousness. And the mercenary couldn't do anything about it.

    How could he raise a hand against his own son?

    The shock of that revelation kept his hands down, shattered his defenses, and removed any semblance of center or balance the puissant martial artist once had. Panacea, all feral rage and brute strength, pummeled him when he was able to dance around his larger assailant mere seconds ago.

    The mercenary grunted as he was pushed back into the side of the cliff. He sidestepped just enough to avoid a crushing punch from Panacea, whose fist blew a small crater into the rock. Sam bounded back with feather-light steps, putting some much-needed distance between them.

    To the side, Echo watched the emotionally-charged duel, eye wide and full of conflicting thoughts. A girl with her abilities would certainly read every nuance in this fight -- including every unspoken thought and silent regret. And it left her paralyzed. She could join either side of this duel, yet she stood there, watching.

    But in the end, she was just a guest observer. Sam focused all his attention on the main event.

    His son.

    " How is this possible?" Sam breathed. "I found your remains...."

    "I heal, father," Panacea spat. "My limbs regrew. My body healed. But first someone had to save me. And I was saved that day. While you -- while my parents -- left me for dead, one man took me in."

    Sam's heart chilled. There were very few who could have walked out of the assault on the Bamingui base that day....

    "Lorentz was more of a father to me than you ever will be," Panacea declared.

    The mercenary cried out, "He's a monster, Gray! He's a murdering psychopath! He's going to turn you into one, too!"

    Sam should have seen the stone coming. But this entire fight left him so very off-balance. "Shut up!" Panacea barked. The rock he threw clipped across Sam's helmet, stripping off paint and leaving a sizable dent across the eye. "You abandoned me! He took me in, taught me to fight, taught me to win! And everything he taught me...I'll kill you!"

    Panacea grabbed a nearby boulder, hefted it overhead, and hurled it at Sam, who rolled forward across his shoulder to avoid it. He stayed on one knee with both knuckles against the dirt. He didn't lift his head when he said quietly, "I don't know what lies Lorentz fed you, or what dark magic he employed to make you more susceptible to them, but I am telling you the truth: your mother and I believed you dead. We're your parents, Gray. We loved you -- your mother...she still keeps your end of the apartment just the way it always was. We haven't abandoned you."

    He stood slowly. To Echo, the fierce warrior suddenly looked very, very old, as if the entire world weighed on his shoulders. No, not the world. Just one man's lifetime of regrets. Sam finally looked up, dark eyes behind the metal helmet suddenly lit with determination and clarity that wasn't there a moment ago.

    "Gray, for good or for ill, much of who I am today is because of you. That is how much you mean to me. And no matter what lies Lorentz gave, it doesn't change the fact that we are family."

    Panacea cracked his knuckles. "I have only one family now, Skullman."

    With that, he charged....

    "Very well, Gray."

    ...and Sam was expecting it.

    Echo was riveted. There was a shift in the mercenary's shoulders and knees, a position of preparation. He was going to move. But what would it be? She had already seen his backfist, his reverse elbow, and his spin reverse sidekick. What would be his answer to Panacea -- no, Gray Ebayan?

    "I'm sorry it had to come to this, son. But I will save you --"

    Echo's eyes widened. Panacea's hulking form dropped to the ground, suddenly quite still. A pained groan escaped the younger Ebayan's lips, proof that he yet lived. Dust settled around Sam Ebayan's feet, the only indication that he had moved.

    "-- like I should have done seven years ago...."

    Echo's mouth worked, but no sound came out of course. However, it was testimony to her shock. What just happened? He moved so fast -- she didn't see the strike! She tried to replay what she had witnessed in her mind., he didn't move any faster than normal. She broke down the charge, Sam's footing and position, the timing between Panacea's attack and him dropping.... Yes, she was certain Sam moved at normal speed. So what was the difference?

    And then it hit her.

    Sam used the same technique he employed against her.

    He knew the attack that Panacea was going to use, down to each stride and movement...and found an opening to counter.

    But that would mean....

    "Yes, that's it exactly," Sam said, not turning to face her but obviously addressing her. "You read it perfectly, Echo. Just as I knew my style inside out -- and used that knowledge to defeat did I know Gray's. Lorentz is an old enemy of mine, a magic-user and a psychopath. And he fights with the same brutal recklessness that Gray does."

    Sam knelt beside Gray's unconscious form, stroking the shaven head tenderly. Suddenly, Echo could believe that he was indeed a father. "When he told me Lorentz took him in, I knew how to defeat him decisively. I've fought his teacher many times and I know the openings in their style. Gray lacks the spells and killer instinct Lorentz has. In some ways, it was easier to beat him."

    The mercenary ran a gloved hand across Gray's sleeping face. For once, it looked peaceful. "In was the hardest thing I've had to do."

    Echo walked over to him. He looked up at her. She got the impression that he had a wan smile behind his mask. " will fight me next?" She nodded. "I admire your loyalty to your friends. Gray was right to call you family."

    He stood. Echo tensed. This was a man who actually bested her once before. This was a man who defeated one of the largest and strongest men she'd ever met -- and in a single blow. This was a man with a career written in blood and battlefields. This was not a man she was going to take lightly.

    "Ladies first," he offered demurely.

    Echo hesitated -- actually hesitated! -- for an instant...and then shored up her courage and fighting spirit. No hesitation! No retreat!

    She advanced a step, prepared to strike....

    "There ya'll are!"

    ...and stopped at the familiar voice.

    "Ah! Echo-san!"

    "Oi, don't shout so loud, Mockin'bird! Or turn off your powers, at least!"

    "Oh, gomen, gomen, Ocelot!"

    "I don't speak gibberish, short stack...."

    "Ya'll fight like cats in a bag -- and that might actually be literally in your case, sugah...."

    "That's enough." Zephyr led both the Knights of Repose and the Magic Girls up to the kivas, looking worse for wear, but alive. Echo took another step to advance, but this time, it was toward Zephyr rather than Ebayan. The tall young man saw this and smiled. "Hey there, Echo. We're back."
  17. .....Gazuntite? That sounded like it would sound like a sneezy-noise!

    What does it mean!?
  18. Rorschach I improved Durability by one, You should know, under previous Epic staff discussed an odd Rorschach curse... Sees things for what they are, a kind of truth thing. Approved.

    Christian is approved kind of . I think I know where you are coming from, but I'd like more explanation on the ranged power please.
    Alexi... Awesome character, awesome story... makes me nervous as hell. Would it be possible to nerf two things. The amount of time needed to fully assimilate, perhaps based on the amount of material being digested ? And the amount of time his body can fully contain said objected, perhaps also based on size ?
  19. Nah, I mean SNAFU.