The Monster Who Sits Next to Me (Ice and Chrysalism)

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  1. Harry McKenna sat in his room contemplating his recent actions. It was the first day of school as a senior and Harry had got into a fight with three other guys. Of course, Harry was not fully at fault. The seniors had bumped into him making Harry drop his stuff in which Harry promptly demanded an apology. Once again, Harry's mouth got him in trouble. The three guys then started to harass Harry by pushing him against a locker trying to threaten him.

    These three were part of a 'gang.' They all dressed the same, had similar hairstyles, and vandalized things; but, they never did anything that was a first degree felinely like drug dealing. Although, these gang members thought they were tough they felt like they should 'teach' Harry a lesson. One of the guys pushed Harry against a locker and automatically he felt like he was in middle school again. Those were the times he did not want to relive them, so his instincts took over. Harry threw a punch, with full force, and it made contact with a Gang member's temple. He was out cold. Immediately the other two started to punch Harry. Enduring the hits, Harry elbowed one on the top of his head, which made him crumple to the ground, while the last gang member pulled a knife. Harry had never feared for his life, but when he saw the knife, the little boy inside him screamed. Thankfully, the principal broke them up before it escalated even more.

    Nobody believed Harry when he told his side of the story. They never did. The way he dressed, looked, and the aura he gave off all meant bad news. "This is why I don't have friends..." Harry lamented. Harry had refused to go to school for the fear that he would be hated and others would be even more afraid of him. He sighed and opened the window to let the night air into his room. Looking outside and beneath Harry on the porch was his Aunt, Ashley, his caretaker. Ashley was reading a book enjoying the evening air.

    "Hey..." Ashley said. "Going to school tomorrow? Your suspension has been over for a week." She asked raising her voice a little in volume so Harry could hear.

    "..." Harry did not reply and simply closed the window. He decided he needed to get out as well, so Harry grabbed his wallet and exited the house. There was a small coffee shop near Ashely's house which Harry liked. The shop played live music every evening. Harry made his way to the coffee shop and entered.

    Once inside he heard a woman singing a Nora Jones song while playing the guitar. Harry ordered a black coffee and sat down at a table, alone. The coffee shop was unusually crowded. There were no tables left and Harry assumed it was for the woman playing guitar and singing.
  2. Emily McAdams “Do we really have to go in there?” Seventeen year old Emily McAdams grumbled to the tall, redhead male beside her. Most people mistook her and the boy as twins, the red hair and hazel eyes leading to that assumption. The truth was, they weren’t related to each other at all. Mark and Emily had been best friends since the age of eight when the two shared the same third grade class. What started off as a brief rivalry between them eventually became a friendship that would probably last the rest of their lives. The two were practically inseparable, or would be if Emily’s boyfriend Ray hadn’t entered the picture a few months prior. Ray was not the type of guy that willingly shared his girlfriend’s attention, even with guys like Mark who would have been happier hitting on Ray himself. It didn’t matter to him that Mark was gay, he hated that Emily spent her time with him which was why the two were sneaking out for a coffee while her boyfriend was at his dorm working on an assignment.

    “Yes! You said I got to pick, and this is my choice. Come on, Em. I haven’t hung out with you for like a week. You promised me this was my day.” The lanky male beside her pouted, Emily finally smirking before relenting. “Fine. We’re here. Stop giving me the lower lip treatment and let’s get this over with.” The door was held open for her and Emily swiftly entered, moving to stand in the line of awaiting customers while some woman with a guitar droned on in the front. Emily thought she was pretty good, but the music was much too depressing for her taste. “If she starts singing about some guy breaking her head, stealing her car and her dog, I’m out of here, no matter what I promised.” Mark shrugged, no longer paying attention to Emily as he became enthralled with the music, leaving the teenager to order for the both of them. “A cup of Earl Grey, and a French Vanilla latte, please.”

    She gave the order and handed the money, her back turning to the counter once she was handed her change. Glancing around in search of a table, Emily frowned faintly not finding a single one empty, although there was one that stood out to her. Sitting alone was a boy she’d seen around in school, always alone and usually always in some sort of trouble. The latest rumor running around was about a fight between him and three want-to-be thugs, but from what she could see, the guy didn’t look like he’d been involved at all.

    “Whatcha looking at?” Mark asked, following his friend’s gaze until he picked up on who she was looking at. He sucked in a hiss, releasing it in a low whistle. “There’s trouble. You’re not considering going over there to ask him to sit with him, are you? If so, I might have to suggest that your parents check you into the hospital and have your head examined.” Lips curling up in a halfcocked smirk, Emily shrugged her shoulders and continued look over at Harry, still debating if she should attempt to at least ask if they could sit with him or not. “Couldn’t hurt. It’s not like we’d actually have to talk to him. Besides, I’m pretty sure he’s not going to start swinging at us just for asking if we can share a table.”

    Emily knew Mark was going to try to talk her out of it, but she was already moving through the crowd toward Harry’s table, stopping off to the side of guy and tapping him on the shoulder gently to get his attention. “Excuses me. Harry, right?” She flashed him a small smile, not one of the ones reserved for her friends and family, but the ones she generally gave to people she didn’t quite know. “I don’t know if you remember me from school, but we’re in a couple of classes together. Normally I wouldn’t ask, but I was wondering if you would mind if my friend and I sat are your table. I know you’re probably not wanting company, but there’s nowhere else to sit. I promise we won’t bother you. You won’t even know we’re here.” Again Emily flashed him a small, hopeful smile, straightening up to wait for him to respond.

    She had a feeling that he’d turn her down and she and Mark would have to stand around against the wall with their drinks, but it still didn’t hurt to ask. What was the worse he could do? Call her names and tell her to fuck off? She heard that on a daily basis from her boyfriend; that certainly wouldn’t faze her at all. She’d been dealing with far worse for the past two months. She doubt that anything Harry could think of to do to her would compare to the torment she went through with Ray each time she saw him.
  3. Harry looked up as he saw the attractive redhead approach him. "Jesus Christ...." Harry sighed. "Did my Aunt send you or some bullshit? Or was it Mr. Muller? I told them, both them, I am not coming back to school. I haven't shown up for a reason." Harry pointed at Mark. "Your friend is terrified of me. Look. His hands are trembling and he's avoiding my gaze. Why would I want to go back to that?" Harry eyed Emily curiously. "But you. Emily McAdams. You had the guts to talk to me. You weren't afraid. I like you. In fact I think I love you" Harry very directly. His social skills had never been well-developed, so he saw no problem with what he said. After all, what would one expect from someone who spoke his mind freely.

    Harry's Aunt had always talked about the abstract concept of love. Harry had only experienced it with his Aunt. Harry remembered when he was younger he told his Aunt that he loved her. "That may be true Harry, but there is a different kind of love you will feel when you meet the right person. It's euphoric feeling you only feel once." Euphoria. That is what Harry felt when the soft and sweet voice of Emily McAdams spoke to him. There was something about her that simply did it for Harry. Harry's imagination started to run scenarios where he and Emily were deeply in love.

    Harry quickly cut his wild imagination out from his consciousness as he realized he stared at her in silence for a good minute. Harry spoke in an attempt to break the awkwardness. "Well, Ms. McAdams you won yourself a brand new seat." Harry flashed a brilliant smile. All his teeth were white and perfectly straight. Years of expensive dental work did that for one's appearance. Harry's sullen attitude suddenly changed to a delightful one. "However, I have one condition for your friend. He must look me dead in the eye, and not be terrified of me. Harry took a sip of his coffee eyeing Mark. After setting his coffee down Harry smiled. "I'm kidding. Sit down, but I am still not coming back to school, so don't waste your breath." Leaning in his chair, Harry tapped along with the music. The acoustic guitar had a soothing effect on Harry. He felt more chatty than usual. "Don't you two have homework to be doing or something like that?" Harry asked. "Especially you Ms. McAdams. You have to keep that 4.0 up." Harry flashed another smile at her.
  4. Emily McAdams “Wh…..What?” Emily was taken aback by the accusation that she was there for anyone, let alone the idea that she was trying to convince him to go back to school. If he didn’t want to go to school that was his choice. It wasn’t her place to go around telling people what they should and should not do, especially when they made it a habit of showing little regard for the rules to begin with. “Um…..why would I be doing that? I don’t even know your aunt.” Again she blinked at him, wondering exactly what he was going on about. First he liked her, then he loved her? It made no sense at all, but Emily waved it off as nothing and turned back to motion Mark over, the redhead giving her a curious look before weaving his way through the crowd with their drinks.

    Emily took a seat, still not quite certain what to make of Harry. From his reputation, she’d expected him to begin yelling and cussing her out, but instead he smiled at her rather charmingly and appeared happy to have her sit with him, even if he didn’t seem too happy about Mark. Her best friend didn’t seem too keen to be sitting around with the class troublemaker, but he took a seat beside her and managed a tight lipped smile. “I can look you in the eye. You’re not the boogey man.” Emily rolled her eyes, but Mark quickly turned his attention to the music, leaving Emily to chat idly with Harry, although about what she could talk to him about, she didn’t know. Harry took the lead in the conversation, asking her why she wasn’t at home doing homework. Emily quirked a brow at him, shrugging her shoulders, wondering if he’d realized that he hadn’t been in school for nearly a week.

    “You’d know why I don’t have homework if you’d been in school.” She chastised, leaning forward to take a sip from her tea before settling back in her seat. “What’s the point in skipping anyway? You’re going to end up missing out on graduation if you don’t go back.” Why was she trying to convince him to go back? It wasn’t like it was any of her business. They weren’t even friends. Still, Emily thought that he’d regret missing out on all the things that came along with the senior year of high school, before they were sent off to the world of adulthood, and college. “Whatever you say though. It’s your choice, but I think it’s kind of stupid to let other people make the decision for you. You’re letting the assholes win, and they’re going to start making you look like you’re afraid of them if you don’t show your face at school again.”

    Okay, perhaps a bit manipulative on her part, but Emily hated the guys he had thought just as much as everyone else did. If she could do something to knock their reps down a few notches, that certainly made it worthwhile, but at the same time, she hated to see anyone chased away from school for no reason at all. “But, you’ve got your reasons for not going back. I’m sure you won’t regret it.”
  5. "What's the point of not going to school?" Harry repeated Emily's question in a sullen tone. "I have my reasons. Plus there is nothing for me to learn there. I finished standardized testing last Fall and I submitted my college applications. I'll show up for tests at school, pass, and then leave. I don't need to graduate with you lot." Harry finished his sentence and noticed he was gripping his coffee mug a little too tightly that his knuckles were white. He sighed and loosened his grip. "Those assholes already lost, but I've lost even more already. See, at least they have each other when they face the fearful vibes from others. I am a loner. And I make it worse for myself when I fight other people. I don't have anyone to talk to. That's why I haven't showed up."

    Harry stayed silent. He slowly drank his coffee and looked at at Emily in the eyes. Emily has a look that calmed Harry. He analyzed her look. It was one that had no fear. Harry compared her look to Mark's in which he noticed Mark was attempting to avoid his gaze. Harry started to think he would show up to school just to talk to Emily, but then he remembered one major issue. Ray. He wouldn't like it if Harry was talking to Emily, but then again, why should he care about his controlling personality? If worse came to worse Harry could easily win a fight. Yet, Harry couldn't help feel that Emily would wind up hating him more. Harry ran his hand through his hair and proceeded to crack his neck. He opened his mouth as if he was about to say something. "Fine." Harry said finishing his coffee and got up from his chair. "I'll go." He left the coffee and immediately made a left on the sidewalk to go home.
  6. Emily McAdams Emily took another sip of her tea, letting Harry answer his own question. She knew what was important about going to school, but she couldn’t force him to see things from her perspective. High school was supposed to be fun, and even if she didn’t see much fun in it, she certainly didn’t think so, it was the last time she and her friends would be able to hang out on a regular basis, without hundreds of miles between them. Harry had all but pointed out that he didn’t have any friends, and she certainly hadn’t found any evidence that anyone was fond of him. That didn’t mean anything though. Everyone had at least one friend, some acquaintance they spoke to on a daily basis.

    “Only you can change that. No one’s going to come up to you if you keep glaring at them all the time.” Emily pointed out, her shoulders hefting in a shrug and her head turning to glance over at Mark, who had yet to turn his attention to the conversation. Deciding her best friend wasn’t going to contribute, she turned back to Harry. He wasn’t a complete asshole, at least she hadn’t really thought he was. He had yet to snap at her, and he tolerated the fact that she and Mark had intruded on his peace and quiet without much complaint. She wasn’t sure why he didn’t have any friends, and she wasn’t going to ask him in a public setting.

    She blinked her eyes at his sudden change of heart, a single brow quirking up at him. Before she could say anything to him though, he was up and walking for the door leaving her to stare after him. She debated what to do for a moment, considering just letting him go or actually chasing him down to figure out what his problem really was. In the end Emily quickly told Mark she’d be back and raced after Harry, not at all happy with the way he’d suddenly departed without even saying goodbye. Emily jogged down the sidewalk to catch up to him, grumbling under her breath the entire time. Once she finally did, she grabbed a hold of his arm and gave it a light yank to get his attention. “Hasn’t anyone told you it’s rude to leave without saying bye?”
  7. Feeling a tug at his arm, Harry turned around to find himself towering over Emily. “Hasn’t anyone told you it’s rude to leave without saying bye?” Harry heard in a lecturing sort of tone.

    Harry gave Emily his most terrifying death glare for a split second, but decided to take a deep breath. Emily, Harry had judged, was not someone who he wanted to drive away from him. "Sorry" Harry replied. "That was rude. I could give you some bullshit excuse, but" Harry paused. "Sorry. That was uncalled for." Running his hand through his hair, he looked down at Emily and smiled warmly. "I'm going to go to school tomorrow, but I am actually scared shitless. Will you...I mean can you..." Harry sighed and muttered, "Oh sweet Jesus." Finally Harry spat out what he wanted to ask, "Will you just be my friend and keep me calm tomorrow?"

    Harry turned his head in order to avoid the embarrassment of looking Emily in the eyes. He felt his cheeks turning red. "I feel pathetic." Harry told himself. "But, oddly euphoric. Is this what love is suppose to feel like, Ashley?" Harry asked himself making a mental note to talk to his Aunt that evening.
  8. Emily McAdams Emily thought it was actually kind of cute to watch Harry get all flustered over being corrected, a slow grin creeping over her lips as she watched him struggle with his apology. She honestly couldn’t see why everyone was so intimidated by him, other than the fact that no one bothered to try to get to know him. He was a regular guy as far as she could tell, a little weird, but weren’t all guys? Her grinned softened into a smile when he asked if she would talk to him at school, and she wondered why he was nervous about it. Did he think she’d say no? What was the big fuss about talking? The redhead hadn’t exactly figured out what was going on inside his head, and she certainly wasn’t going to try to guess.

    “I don’t see why not. I don’t see what you have to be nervous about either. If anything those douchebags should be the ones hiding, not you.” Shrugging her shoulders, Emily cast a glance behind her to see if Mark had even noticed her absence, but surprisingly he wasn’t in sight. If he was around, she knew he’d be kicking her butt for what she was about to do, but then again, hadn’t everyone learned that she wouldn’t listen anyway? Digging her phone out she flipped through the screens to the contact list, opening up a new one before holding the phone out to Harry. “Put your number in. I can text you tonight and tell you where to meet me in the morning.” As she waited for him to take it, she knew she was getting herself into trouble, especially if Ray found out what she was doing. It might be innocent to her, for him, it was a totally different story.

    “Umm….I could always pick you up in the morning if you want a ride.” She stated, glancing back at Harry curiously. She hardly knew anything about him. She didn’t know if he had a car, if he rode the bus or walked to school. She didn’t even know where he lived, yet there she was offering to drive him. Mark would have been dragging her away if he had any idea. “I usually leave about fifteen minutes before the first bell since I only live five minutes away, but I don’t mind leaving a bit earlier if you need a lift.”
  9. Harry entered his cellphone number into the cell phone without saying a word. His mind was numb. Nobody, but his Aunt, had been this kind to him. It may have been a mundane gesture to Emily, but Harry thought it was a fantastic thing for her to do. His heart beat was accelerating and he felt nervous by simply being in presence of Emily. Emily had his number and he was going to receive hers that evening. From every romantic comedy he had watched with his Aunt, getting a woman's number was an immensely important step in the process of falling in love.

    Harry returned Emily's cellphone once again saying nothing to her. As she walked away Harry's mind raced with the things he could say to get her to stay and talk; however, before he could say anything Emily glanced back at Harry and asked where he lived. "I live in the slums of town. You sure you wanna pick me up? Anyway, It's apartment 3456 Martin Luther King Avenue." Harry smiled once more before saying, "Bye. I'll see you tomorrow, Emily" Harry turned on the spot and started the walk back to his apartment.

    The next morning Harry woke up at 6:00 to shower and eat. His Aunt Ashely was still asleep, so he attempted to stay quite while going through the house. While in the shower, Harry started to feel a little anxious. He pushed those feelings out of his mind, for the time being. Harry went downstairs and poured himself a bowl of Frosted Flakes. Bringing the bowl to the breakfast table, Harry sat down and waited for Emily to show up.