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  1. First things first, I'm going to need a lovely male for this RP. A character that's a little more on the dominant side (especially for the sexy fun times), but who doesn't mind switching it up.

    So I have a character that is just dying to be used. She even comes complete with a plot, however it is open to changes so that a partner can also add their own ideas as well. I like working collaboratively with folks. Before PMing me here are a few things I do and do not like.

    I do like detail, as such I would like at least one meaty paragraph if not two per post. There is no limit so if you're inspired go with it, so long as everything makes sense, fits the story, I can understand it... You know, all that good stuff.

    I do not, repeat, do not like one line replies. Call it a pet peeve, sometimes I think my eye even twitches like I'm about to go ape shit when I get one. Please, for the love of all that is holy, try not to give me one. I would love you forever. I don't mind waiting for a nice reply longer than one or two sentences. If you have to think, you have to think, no big deal.

    I do like all sorts of things for my sexy fun times. Best I can say is just run it by me and see. Chances are I'll give it a try if you ask. What's writing if you can't expand your repertoire, right?

    I do try as best I can to give notice if I am going to be longer than two or three days before I can get you a reply. Sometimes things do come up (usually work related) that pull me away suddenly and I don't really have a chance to let you know. The moment I do, I will send you a message.

    I do like when people contribute and help move the story forward. I also don't mind doing some of the heavy lifting on occasion, but if I have to do it all the time I'm going to feel burnt out and lose interest. Twists and turns and random surprises that make some semblance of sense are all wonderful things. Surprise me!

    I do not like being left wondering if you are going to reply or not. Do me the same favour and let me know when possible if you're going to be a while before replying. It would be much appreciated! ^_^​

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    Name: Kita Dobre
    Age: 24
    Race: Human/Gypsy
    Occupation/s: Dancer/Thief
    Personality: Stubborn and determined to do what she wants when she wants and how she wants to do it. She is often distant, doesn't really or hasn't had the chance to truly get close to a person. Her nomadic lifestyle takes her form place to place and she meets plenty of interesting people, but having spent most of her life moving around she never gets close to them. She knows they will only be in her life for the blink of an eye before she moves on to the next place. She is capable of kindness and of caring for a person but since she often doesn't land in situations that afford her the chance to do so, she is usually cold and focused on the task she is supposed to be doing.

    History: Her past is not something she speaks of... Ever. It would take a special kind of person to get past the defenses she has erected to keep those emotions from turning her into a blubbering mess. Needless to say her usually cool, clam, and collected demeanor is the result of losing her family during a war that had engulfed her homeland. A needless war that began because the former King had wanted to rid the land of the gypsies, witches, wizards, and other soothsayers and magic users. His reasons for doing so have long since been forgotten, but people have never stopped wondering. Some say his advances were spurned by a woman who was a user of magic, some say it was because a gypsy told him his fortune and it was an unfavourable one. Either way he led a campaign across his lands, tearing villages apart since Gypsies especially, traveled from place to place.

    The kings knights tore her from her screaming mother's arms before killing her. She, on the other hand wasn't so lucky. She was tossed into a cage and carted off to the castle's dungeon. Many children were, for what reason they didn't know but it became apparent when they were forced to do his bidding, and the bidding of his knights. For the young boys as they grew it wasn't nearly as bad but as the young girls grew and matured it became worse. He also tried to beat their history out of them, to make them forget that they might have magical abilities that could help. Kita never did forget and when she had the chance she used them to escape. People in her land still talk about that night, the night a group of six teens managed to escape and leave several dead knights in their wake. After that she never returned there, became a thief and learned to fight. To infiltrate the homes of nobles in other lands she learned to dance and often mesmerized the people she danced for, man or woman.

    Special Notes: None so far (May change)

    Plot idea:]
    Is currently in another kingdom far different form the one she grew up in; the newly crowned king is far from the monstrous man that still rules her own lands yet his kingdom has close trade relations with the man. They are celebrating the coronation of the new king and she and two other women she escaped with have been hired as one of the groups set to entertain all those in attendance.

    They are of course there for other reasons, mainly to steal the jewels that would be given to whomever the king took as his queen. She is the one who is supposed to take them, and after their performance and the end of the festivities she returns and attempts to do just that but is caught red handed by the King himself. For the first time in the last twelve years she is fearful of what a royal might do with her or whether she would be able to kill him and get away before the knights killed her. Though she doesn't get the chance, someone else tries to kill the King themselves. The person's face is covered and after their attempt, which Kita thwarts for no reason in particular, they leave. She attempts to leave too but is stopped by the Kings knights, forced to choose a life in the dungeons or help a royal unravel a conspiracy that he didn't even know was afoot until now.

    ** Will be updated when new plots are thought up or I want more partners. Stay tuned!**
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  2. This plot and character are still open if anyone is interested. I do have other characters in need of love, just have a looksie at my blog to see. I don't have a specific plot for all of them though, so some plotting will be necessary. I will also list them in a following post, with the links to make it easier.
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  4. If you are still looking for a partner for your Nymph, I may have an idea for a plot
  5. Oh excellent, I am indeed. Send me a PM ^_^
  6. If you still want a nymph or elf princess plot I think I may have some ideas.
  7. Have a partner for the nymph, but not for my elf princess. Send me a PM :-)
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