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  1. Reira was wandering through the dark alley and was trying not to make any noise. After a while she saw the entrance to the bar called “Scrapping the Barrel” and sighed.

    The mission was indeed strange. She was an assassin, a very well trained one actually, and was always assigned with the most dangerous missions. This time though it was different. This item that her boss told her to find was a chip, and that the entire criminal underworld was after it. Yet her boss didn’t even tell her what it does. The reward was indeed the greatest she was ever offered, but Reira didn’t know from where to begin. A few days ago she heard that “that” person, her long sworn rival was probably the only one that knew where the chip was. She had to take a chance and meet him, although for some reason he always ended up irritating her. He was probably searching for the chip too, but the fact that he was still inside that bar made Reira think that there was something holding him back.

    She stepped inside, scanned the place and saw him sitting in the corner table, drinking his drink and a trashy dressed waitress with blushed cheeks that was trying to make a conversation with him. Reira removed her cloak, revealing her black outfit headed over there, took a chair and sat right across him .“I’ll have a Straight Brandy, if you please” she said to the waitress with a strict voice and she, stressed with her demanding tone, run off to get her, her drink. Then, Reira grinned and said with a supposedly innocent smile “Good to see you there, Orion.”
  2. ”It's been a long time reira” Orion said taking a sip from his drink. He looked reira over, she was as beautiful as she was deadly. He paid the waitress as she brought reira her drink. ”So, how can I help you” he said looking into her eyes
  3. Reira knew that she had to be careful to abstract her information without looking desperate. “Well, you see, I was assigned with a mission… And a little bird told me that you may know something about it…” she said and took a sip from her drink without losing sight of her rival’s hazel eyes. “It’s about the chip, Orion.”
  4. ”Ah, the chip. Well, you probably know that almost everyone is looking for it. Even with my information, it has been hell trying to search for it.” He said holding reira's gaze. ”I'm getting paid quite a bit of money to keep quiet and find this thing” he said taking a sip of his drink. He knew that she wanted the info he had, but he wasn't about to give it to anyone that easily
  5. So that’s how you want to play… thought Reira and smirked. He was going to give his information to the highest bidder, but she wasn’t going to give in. “That is why I’m offering you the chance to make this hell of yours a little bit more delightful” she said while touching her Brandy with her fingertips and placing them on her lips, noticing that she managed to catch his attention.
  6. ”I'm listening” he said watching her closely. He knew her to be persistent, and this information was obviously important to her
  7. Reira smiled and said "I'm offering you a temporary alliance, between you and me. Why not make our lives a lot easier and use your information and the combination of our skills? You've seen what I'm capable of. Once we get the chip, we fight for it then. What do you say?" her eyes showed determination but she knew he wouldn't trust her. At least not right away.
  8. ”It's an interesting offer, but how do I know you won't try and kill me the second you know where to find it” he said finishing his drink. He knew that he couldn't trust her, but he also knew that he could use her
  9. Reira sighed, she knew that they would come to this at some point. With a quick move,careful not to let the people in the half empty bar notice, she pulled out her black revolver, a fine machinery ,with which she never missed . Because of this weapon, her codename was now "The Black Revolver" and almost everyone in the criminal world had heard of it. For a moment she aimed at Orion, but then she placed the gun on the table and pushed it towards Orion's side . "The decision is yours. I'm giving you the possibility of killing me with my most precious thing in this world. If I trust you in that way, then why can't you?" she said with a smooth tone, not letting her sight escape his.
  10. Orion looked the gun over and gave a small smile. ”Nice, I never was much of a gun person though” he said sliding the gun back to her. ”Fine, for now I'll work with you. But if you do anything that makes me feel I can't trust you, I won't hesitate to kill you”
  11. Like you could kill me... thought Reira to herself. She took the gun back wtih relief, knowing that altough they were rivals, they wouldn't kill each other for no reason. "Right, I forgot how much you love your sword and dagger. So. Partners?" she said raising her glass, offering a toast. She knew that at that point they were both thinking of the same thing He'll never fool me...
  12. ”partners” said Orion as he lightly tapped her glass with his own. So it was settled, they would work together and find the chip. Once it was found, they would return to being rivals
  13. The minute their glasses met the bar’s door aggressively opened and five people entered the bar. They were all dressed in black but Reira knew every each one of them. They were also paid assassins. “Well what do we have here? Both of our rats inside their trap. How lovely…” the man in the middle said and revealed an AK-47, loaded and ready to kill. The people in the bar screamed but they stayed still once the other’s aimed their guns at them. “Hey there Rodger. Did you lose weight?” said Reira with a smooth tone, trying to reach her revolver with a discreetly way.
  14. Orion saw that reira was trying to be suddle, but he was truly not in the mood for their games. He stood up and walked over to the first gunman. ”Lets not make things complicated, no blood needs to be shed” he said looking the man in the eyes
  15. "But blood needs to be shed... Especially yours... We'll get paid tones of money when we kill you rats... Now, no funny business, put your hands where I can see them" said Rodger and aimed at Orion. He knew that Reira and Orion were two of the best assassins, and even though he seemed to have the upper hand, nothing was yet concluded. Reira stood up and raised her hands in a theatrical way. He looked at Orion, waiting for his signal.
  16. Orion pulled Rodger's gun close but made sure the barrel was aimed past him. He turned Rodger around and pulled his dagger. ”Drop the weapons or this fucker dies!” Said Orion as he pressed the blade hard against Rodger's throat
  17. Reira was lightly laughing as Orion took the lead. She then grabbed her revolver and while aiming the other assassins she was walking towards the door "Well everyone the show is done, thank you for your wonderful visit. Sadly we need to get going and this guy" she said looking at Rodger " is coming with us." As she was walking the cloaked men looked at each other. They didn't want their leader gone so they stepped aside. .Newbies... Reira thought. "Don't worry he'll be back in a few days. Orion, are you coming?"
  18. Orion pulled Rodger along with them. ”Any attempts to follow and I'll gladly send him back in pieces.” He said taking a final look at the assassins then following Reira
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