The Missing Land

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  1. The Missing Land
    Back Ground
    In a land ravished by many wars, people are left homeless and many are hungry or dead. People start to become bandits stealing from survivors what was still left. A small area called Lora, a very old town that was burned just a few months before another war, was rebuilt. The people there are trying to make their lives anew, but they are few and their guards are weak and need help to make the town up again. They are always getting attacked and robbed by bandits and take casualties from those attacks, their children are also being taken away as "Tribute" to stop a war. The children most of the time are being taken away and are being trained as either a slave (If they are a girl) or a soldier (If they are a boy). The people of this small town need anyone they can get to help them.

    1. You have to slowly gather food and items to survive this harsh area
    1. If you die you can come back in due time, but it might take some time since resurrection takes a while (So feel free just to do something else in the meantime)
    3. You can become what you want to be, A warrior, an archer, a Healer, Or a Mage (Harder to play), or make up your own class (Has to be accepted)
    4. You work in groups with others
    5. You can add your own ideas to help the story
    6. Have your own little life in Lora

    Basic Idea
    The basic idea of Missing Land is to give the rp a feeling of hard times and that you need to work together to survive

    Want To Join?
    1. Character Name:
    2. Character Age:
    3. Character Birthday (Optional):
    4. Little Bit of BackGround for Character:
    5. Class (If You Are Making Your Own Tell Me About It):
    6. Character's Weakness (At least 2):
    7. Character's Strengths (At Least 2):
    8. Character's Dislike (Optional):
    9. Character's Likes (Optional):
    10. Your age (Optional)​

    This Is a Growing Role Play
    So do not think this is all the story
    Most story will be based off the players

  2. 1. Character Name: Natasha
    2. Character Age: 23
    3. Character Birthday (Optional): May, 2nd
    4. Little Bit of Back Round for Charter: When Natasha was just a girl her father server in the army, of course though her father died in the first war and she was forced to grow up faster then the rest of her friends. She joined the final war before the "Tribute" happen and was wounded and she lost her right arm from a war axe. She now resides in Lora with the guards trying to regain the life she had lost
    5. Class (If You Are Making Your Own Tell Me About It): Warrior
    6. Character's Weakness (At least 2): Is missing an arm, hard to talk to, Can't take hits
    7. Character's Strengths (At Least 2): Is very fast, Has good eye sight
    8. Character's Dislike (Optional): Killing Unknown people
    9. Character's Likes (Optional): N/A
    10. Your age (Optional): 16
  3. Character Name: Gaius
    Character Age: 17
    Character Birthday: February 22nd
    Character Background: Deserting the army and its soon fate of crashing into a hopeless battle, Gaius fled and took refuge in the nearest town: Lora. Gaius now tries to defend Lora, the place that gave him a home.
    Class: Warrior
    Character's Weaknesses: Cowardly, runs when things look bad, has a bad case of Multiple Personality Disorder, and often argues with himself or finds himself in conflict.
    Character's Strengths: Multiple Personality Disorder can sometimes help him gain short periods of bravery to overcome his cowardice, also fast moving and agile.
    Character's Dislikes: Varies with his personalities.
    Character's Likes: Varies with his personalities.
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  4. I like it, Welcome!
  5. <character name="">-Name-
    Evan Blackwell
    </character><character name=""><character age="">

    <character birthday="">

    <little bit="" of="" background="" for="" character="">
    -Basic Story-
    Grew up alone, learned to scavenge and hunt from a long dead teacher. Not one for drawing attention to himself, but with the loss of so many villagers around him, the only choice he felt he had was to take up arms and attempt to defend this dying town.

    <character's weakness="">
    Wants to believe there is good in everyone, an undying optimist; Not as strong as he used to be when he was younger
    <character's strengths="">
    Wants to believe there is good in everyone, an undying optimist; A keen tracking sense from much experience
    <character's dislike="">



    If you need more information on the character sheet or just would like to know more details, feel free to send me a PM and I'll edit it.
  6. Your character sheet is just fine XD i Would love to have you
  7. I'm excited to join in, when are you putting up the main thread?
  8. It will be going up soon don't worry i will pm you when its ready :)
  9. Name: Henrietta

    Age: 20

    Birthday: January,18

    Background: Henrietta was born to fend for herself as she grew up in a small village that relied on each and every other person to survive. Her archery was famous for its quick and deadly precision that she was asked to come to Lora from one of the merchants visiting her village, to aid them in their peril. Henrietta agreed to assist them, feeling that she was growing quite bored of her small village and needed a change in scenery.

    Class: Archer

    Weakness: Doesn't do well in close combat, overconfident in her abilities to the point where she would risk anything to prove she's great at what she does.

    Strengths: Has very quick reflexes, and proficient in archery where she can hit almost anything in the most deadliest area.

    Dislikes: Having nothing to do and being bored.

    Likes: Excitement and adventure.

    (I hope it's not too late to join! :D Let me know if there is anything specific I should add or fix.)
  10. Its not to late to join, I would love to have you with us!
  11. So, when are we starting?
  12. Not sure if it's still open to new players (since the rp has already started and all), but the idea seems quite interesting and I'd like to try it. I'll just leave this here, then! Also, I'm not sure about the healer aspect: is it more about the magic or knowledge about herbs and such?

    1. Character name: Fi
    2. Character age: 21
    3. Character birthday (optional): October
    4. Little bit of background for character: Fi liked to consider her life a very lucky one: when she was young, no one in her family died because of war and so she's spent her childhood with her loved ones, caring little to nothing about anything else. Soon, however, the tables have turned, and she was forced to leave her home as the oldest child, since there was no way of keeping everyone alive due to the lack of food. She somehow made her way to Lora, unsure about the future and about her place between the villagers.
    5. Class: healer
    6. Character's weakness (at least 2): little to no experience (fighting, survival); dependable on others to a point where when she's left alone, she might die very, very quickly
    7. Character's strengths (at least 2): she learns fast and is eager to learn new things; she is (usually) able to keep her head in dangerous situations; knows a lot about herbs and various plants that might be used as food and/or medicine
    8. Character's dislike (optional): people who are overly confident (when there's no reason for them to be); being looked down on
    9. Character's likes (optional): steady, everyday life; to think everything happens for a reason
  13. (I'm a big fan of the survival concept.)

    1. Character Name: Azlaya

    2. Character Age: 17

    3. Character Birthday (Optional): December 13th

    4. Little Bit of BackGround for Character: Azlaya was born into a poor family, and later removed by her drunkard father. It's not like it mattered, they couldn't have afforded to keep her either way. She's had to defend herself since she was 12, and as such she has some minor combat and survival skills. She has a few scars from various events, but she won't talk about them unless asked. She came to Lora because she heard it needs assistance, and she needs a place to make her home.

    5. Class (If You Are Making Your Own Tell Me About It):
    Rogue. She isn't a thief because she knows how hard it is to get by. She does prefer the use of two daggers, however. She has slain many an enemy with her hand-carved wooden daggers. She named them, and speaks to them. She has some experience in disarming traps, being a hunter of what animals live on the land. She's very light on her feet, but there isn't anything magical about her. She's just a girl with two wooden daggers trying to make a living.

    6. Character's Weakness (At least 2):
    Often times can be trusting of the wrong people, but she quickly discovers their true intentions. She also has a slight weakness for anything sweet. When I say slight, I mean you basically can seduce her with chocolate.

    7. Character's Strengths (At Least 2):
    She believes in herself because nobody else does. She's quick to learn new things.

    8. Character's Dislike (Optional):
    Namerra Root., an herb from her homeland. It tastes like dirt, but its healing properties are astounding. She has one of them on her person in case of emergencies.

    9. Character's Likes (Optional):
    Weaponry. Despite the fact that she loves her wooden daggers, she would still love to have an improved set of daggers. Knives and daggers seem to be the only things she's truly comfortable around.

    10. Your age (Optional)

    (I patiently await my approval or rejection!)
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  17. Name: Jun
    Age: 18
    Birthday: Sept. 26
    Background: The early years of Jun's life and her family were an ok one, her mother knew how to hunt and knew the best places to find food. So she was taught to do all that just incase something happened to her mother and when her father wasn't around. Her father was a soldier in the war and was hardly around. Jun was never allowed to go outside without the company of her mother, but she never knew why.. Little did she know that both her parents tried to keep Jun a secret because they didn't want jun to be taken away as a tribute. When her father died in the war the people of Lora found out that they had a child and was forced away from her mother. Her mother was then killed after Jun was taken away as a tribute because she keep jun a secret. Jun is now a soldier, yes a girl mistaken for a boy, she was trained for years as a soldier, and is now entering the world of the war.
    Class: Soldier
    Weakness: Everyday has to hide that fact that she is actually a girl, thinks too much of the outcome of things it makes her worry terribly.
    Strengths: Great reflexes, has good agility, been trained as a soldier.
    Dislikes: Hates it when people get on her bad side, when people judge her, arrogant people.
    Likes: She loves the weapons she gets to use, the excitement of the missions she gets.
    Your age: 18
  18. Sounds good to me Midori, welcome
  19. ...How come there's 5 female applications and only two male ones? >.<