The Mirror (just interested in some feedback..)

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She looks into the dusty mirror,
her dark eyes so full of hate
it would suck her up
through that whirpool
that is her soul.
A thin smile creeps across
her smudged complexion,
her eyes seeming to contemplate
something unreadable
in everything but that smile.
Her eyes focus on a particularily
dark smear of dirt and grime
on the tip of her chin,
and she frowns, displeasure
marring her pale features.
The mirror begins to whisper to her,
sweet nothings and everythings
for her ears alone.
Her smile returns, both vile and sweet,
and she hums to herself
in tune with the mirrors whisperings.
A slight chuckle escapes her parted lips,
and the men around her
jump unexpectedly.
They shift from one foot to the other
trying to dispel the cold
that has leaked through their metal armor,
it's deathly grip telling of ghosts
haunting the night.
She grunts at the men
and they remove the mirror
from the mount it has hung from
for a thousand years,
her still humming to a tune
they cannot hear.
GAH! That is heavy! I like it. A bit dark, but good. Well done.