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  1. I have been reading this book for a while called The Fall of Lucifer by Wendy Alec. Then the idea came to my head, I want to do a RP about The Fallen Angel Lucifer. Everyone knows the story, he was jealous of Gods love for us humans. He killed millions of people and fall from the heavens forever having to roam the earth as nothing more than angry and hate full constantly plotting to kill the human race. Well what if he fell in love?

    I want to write an RP about Lucifer falling in love and slowly learning about the good that can be the human race. This is a MxF I will be playing Lucifer, but it is up to your character to teach him how to really love and learn about what good the human race can be.

    I am not a Christian I am throwing that out now, so this rp will have a lot of negative notions against Christianity in a character wise. Not to portray how I feel about it, it will not be my own personal views. I am writing as the sense of Lucifer himself and how he how feels about God and the whole religion.

    Not my own personal views

    Now that that is out of the way what I expect from you as my leading lady
    • I need someone who has prior knowledge of the story of Lucifer
    • You must be able to chat and talk about plot ideas every so often to keep on track. If you are the type to talk once then never again then that will not work. I like continuing to talk about idea's and where certain scenes are going to go.
    • I would like at least a minimum of 4-6 paragraphs. Detail is important, if you can't at some points 3-4 I understand that happens to me sometimes if the scene does not call for that much. I like grammar, but if it's not perfect and there are grammar mistakes I will not chew you out because it will happen to me too.
    • You must never be afraid to speak up about how something is going to go. If you think you have a better idea for a scene, that is great. I would love to listen then maybe we can continue to build off it.
    • I can not come on a a lot, I usually respond once to twice a week. If you are going to be annoying and nagging me to respond please move on. -~- I have work 8-5 and it is very physically asking. So I tend to fall asleep after work a lot. Wednesday I do not have work so you can expect a response then or on the weekends. I do not mind friendly reminders if you have waited more than a week or two weeks because I forget sometimes but do not nag me cause I will drop the RP if you get on my ass.
    • Also, because this Rp does have religious concepts, if my character saying negative things about Christianity or Catholic religion is going to be hard for you then this is not the Rp for you.

    Now that that is out of the way, I have the concept but I am excited to work with someone on a plot and come up with an Rp that is amazing and fun! ^^
    Hope to hear from you~

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  2. I am SOOO tempted. I am on a huge "Lucifer" Kick. But I don't know if I could do the full requested 4 paragraphs. I really depends on how 'creative' my mind is at the time.
    But I hope you find someone because I have found these to be amazing RPs.
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